Syrian Rebels Destroy Russian-Built Helicopter With US-Made Missile

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Early Tuesday morning, a Russian Su-24 jet was shot down by the Turkish Air Force along the Syrian border. Turkey claims that the aircraft had passed into their airspace, and they had warned the pilot multiple times on its approach before one of their fighter jets intercepted it and shot it down. Russia has since denied these claims, though a leaked letter from Turkey to the UN suggests that the jet violated Turkish airspace for 17 seconds.

Following the incident, two Russian pilots managed to eject from the plane, one of who is confirmed dead after Turkish militiamen fired on the pilots as they drifted to the earth. Now the FSA rebels are claiming that they shot down a Russian built helicopter that was attempting to rescue the pilots. They used a TOW missile to force the aircraft to land, before they fired another missile which destroyed it. The FSA has since provided footage that claims to show their successful attack on the helicopter.

By all accounts, the crew had already left the helicopter before it was destroyed. Though the footage isn’t clear enough to determine the nationality of the aircraft, the rebels can be heard saying that they had shot down a Syrian helicopter. Russian officials have since admitted that one of their search and rescue helicopters was damaged in a separate incident after it was shelled by rebel forces, and at least 1 Russian marine is confirmed dead.

The TOW missile used by the rebels is an anti-tank missile manufactured in the United States, and supplied to her allies. The missiles have been given to the rebels by the US since at least 2014, and their usage has increased by 800% since Russia started its air campaign over Syria.

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  • golchie2

    That has got to be one of the most cowardly things you could do; shooting at pilots that cannot fight back while parachuting

    • Razedbywolvs

      I would…. and that’s why I’m anti-war.
      All your ethics/morals/ humanity will take a back seat to whatever yields the best results.

      • BW83


        If you ever find yourself in a fair fight it’s because you screwed up.

        • golchie2

          Shame on both of you! You are both obviously young and don’t’ understand the “old school” rules of sport, life and battle!

          • Razedbywolvs

            There is a good reason they don’t make duelling pistols any more.
            Life sport and battle are enjoyed by the living.

          • golchie2

            Which makes Andrew Jackson our greatest President! Not only did he win three duel’s but he successfully held off the Banksters from implementing a central bank in the US!

          • Razedbywolvs

            The original Democrat… are you kidding me?

          • BW83


          • BW83

            “Old school” rules? Like lining armies up facing one another and taking turns shooting back and forth before charging? Massive infantry-centric pushing battles (phalanx warfare), or fighting where the advantage always rested on the shoulders of the bigger, stronger guy? What exactly is noble or glorious about any of that? Yeah, great of your the commander, not so great if your the glorified meat shield.

            People have always searched for the advantage and upper hand. Hell the Art of War suggests the same thing, don’t fight fights you can lose. It’s considered one of the most influential books on strategy, still to this day, for a reason. Keep your “old school” rules, I’d rather be alive than maimed, crippled, or dead.

            This isn’t a boxing match, or an after-school fight behind the bleachers. There’s no such thing as fighting fair, or a fair fight. Playing by an arbitrary set of rules, that the other guy may ignore, is foolish.

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  • John Henry Bicycle Lucas

    Ok, so how do we know a US TOW missle downed the chopper? Or is it just a good guess? (I know that they have been supplied with US weapons)

    Just sayin…

    • Ya just gotta have faith! I sure don’t though so they need to get rid of me.

      • John Henry Bicycle Lucas

        I do have faith. In one. But, he doesn’t live here 🙂

  • Mike

    duh, the US government has been arming terrorists for almost 50 years if not longer. The US government created terrorists so they would constantly have a war to fight somewhere to feed the global war complex.

  • Bobby Brown

    When are we going to shot down Russian pilots who violate California and Alaska airspace?? – Like B. Hussein Obama says – Turkey (and presumably the US) has the right to defend its airspace!

    • John Henry Bicycle Lucas

      They are just probing weak points. Has been going on for many years, it only comes out in the MSM when they want to fear monger the masses.

    • none

      And now you know why, we are letting in all those refugees.

  • SP_88

    Seems like they are trying to bait Russia into doing something about it. They want to escalate the war with Russia.

  • RandyJ/ProudSurvivor

    US allies must be getting anxious, considering how apparent it has become that the US is provoking Russia at every turn. Does anyone-other than Obama-really want a war with Russia?!