Syrian Endgame: Saudi Arabia And Turkey Poised To Invade?

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As we speak, the most decisive battle in the Syrian Civil War is being waged, and it’s a make or break moment for the Assad regime, and for Putin. Forces allied with the Syrian Army such as Hezbollah and the Iranian Revolutionary Guard, have surrounded Aleppo, a hotly contested rebel stronghold and previously the largest city in the country. Thousands of civilians are fleeing the city en masse as these forces close in, while the Russian Air Force pummels the area day and night.

If the Syrian government takes the city back, it will be a devastating blow for any rebel forces in the country, ISIS or otherwise. It will be marked in history as a major turning point for Assad and the Kremlin, and a massive rebuke to the demands of the United States and her allies.

As for those allies, they may not be willing to take this defeat sitting down. Under the guise of fighting ISIS, Saudi Arabia has announced that they intend to put boots on the ground in Syria, if the US agrees to it.

“Today, the Saudi kingdom announced its readiness to participate with ground troops with the US-led coalition against ISIL, because we now have the experience in Yemen,” Brigadier General Ahmed Asseri told Al Jazeera.

We know that air strikes cannot be enough and that a ground operation is needed. We need to combine both to achieve better results on the ground.”

Asseri didn’t elaborate on how many soldiers the kingdom could send.

The Iranians didn’t seem too amused by this announcement, and not just because they are bitter rivals with a regime that has provided material support to the Syrian rebels. Iranian general Ali Jafari replied to this call to arms, by explaining that the Saudi military is too conventional to deal with an irregular fighting force like ISIS, before adding “This will be like a coup de grace for them. Apparently, they see no other way but this, and if this is the case, then their fate is sealed.”

But Saudi Arabia may not be the only anti-Assad country to join the fray, at least if the Russians can be believed. They claim that Turkey, which has long been accused of supporting ISIS, may be preparing to invade the country.

MOSCOW — Russia has serious grounds to suspect Turkey of preparing for a military incursion in Syria, where Russian jets are bombing rebel and jihadi fighters, Defense Ministry spokesman Igor Konashenkov said on Thursday.

“The Russian Defense Ministry registers a growing number of signs of hidden preparation of the Turkish armed forces for active actions on the territory of Syria,” he said in a statement.

The ministry also hit out at Turkey’s refusal to allow Russia to make an observation in early February over Turkish areas adjacent to Syria, saying “no specific explanation” was given by Ankara.

“The Russian Defense Ministry regards these actions of the Turkish party as a dangerous precedent and an attempt to hide the illegal military activity near the Syrian border,” it said.

Now that it appears the rebels are about to be faced with a crippling blow, delivered by a coalition of nations that are determined to snuff them out, it seems that the rebel’s benefactors are preparing for one final push to save their war against Assad. Which means that before this war is over, there may be a massive escalation of tensions on the part of all parties involved. The US is certainly playing a role in this escalation.

On Wednesday, the FSA’s Northern Division, one of the 39 anti-Assad militias backed by the CIA, uploaded a video showing one of its soldiers firing a TOW missile at half a dozen or so unidentified uniformed men gathered on a rooftop of a building. The video, uploaded at 5:57 GMT, named the targets as Russian officers but gave no details about the exact location of the attack apart from noting that it was somewhere near Syria’s coast—the region of the country where Russia has recently constructed forward operating bases and airfields. There was little doubt that whoever was on that roof didn’t survive the resulting blast.

About an hour later, Russia’s state-owned TASS news agency reported that a Russian officer who had been advising the Assad’s army had indeed been killed in Syria—not by U.S.-backed rebels but by ISIS, which allegedly hit a military garrison with mortars on Monday. No location for this attack was given.

The Russians won’t admit it, but the evidence suggests that the rebels killed several Russian and Syrian military officers with an American made TOW missile. The reason why that is so important, is because whenever the US gives weapons to any nation or group, they come with strict stipulations. They have rules about how they’re allowed to use these weapons and who they’re allowed to kill with them. So in all likelihood, the US government just gave these rebels explicit permission to target Russian forces.

With that said, this war has already touched base with World War Three on several occasions. It’s probably the most dangerous war being fought in the world today, due to how many entangling alliances are involved. Now that a decisive moment in this conflict is upon us, and every nation that’s involved is escalating their presence, there will likely be plenty of close calls in the near future.

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  • Dow Jones

    Time already to reduce the fecal filled feudal cesspool of Riyadh and the Caliph of Carnage, Recipe (for terror) Erdogan to smoldering rubble. We all know that Russia will have to do it sooner or later anyway.

    Onward to apartheid occupied Palestine, the real source of the sickness called I$I$!

    • What would a fecal-free cesspool look like?
      Putin is waiting until it becomes reciprocal and self-defensive, so that his allies in Iran and China will be involved, making it an existential peril for all the supporters of ISUS, the proper name of ISIS.

      • Broos

        Prolly like the Flint River water “treatment” plant.

        • I wouldn’t want to live somewhere where their water treatment plant looks like their sewage treatment plant.

    • Reverend Draco

      If you’re smart enough to understand that Israel is the source of the problem. . . why are you agitating for it’s victims to be reduced to rubble?
      Brainwashing that hard to overcome?

      • Broos

        Wouldn’t wanna trigger the USraeli Samson option.

        • rhondareichel

          Sampson died too

          • Broos

            Even nuclear-“immune” Simpson will die!

            It only takes 100 of the Zionists’ 300+ nukes to destroy life On EARTH (as we know it)!

          • the Colosseum is full

            along with all his enemies 🙂

      • spartacus

        got any proof genius ?

        • Reverend Draco


  • Rick E.

    “Saudi Arabia has announced that they intend to put boots on the ground in Syria, if the US agrees to it.” WTF??? How in the hell can the USA give permission to Saudi Arabia to invade a sovereign country such as Syria without the permission of Syria?? Who in the hell do our so-called leaders think they are?
    They think that Russia would just sit there and let it happen? No, they know that in all probability it would start WW3 at the worst, and a huge and horrible regional war at the least. This is some sick, war criminal threshold shit, and it has to be stopped!

    • paulgilpin

      Who in the hell do our rulers think they are?

      fixed it.

      • Razedbywolvs

        Or “Who are our leaders”
        If i want to invade Mexico what form do i fill out. Do i ask the DMV or EPA?

        • Reverend Draco


          • the Colosseum is full

            no the DOT lol 🙂

    • the Colosseum is full

      lol 🙂

  • The entry of Turkey into Syria would constitute an attack by NATO, and could easy begin a ground war encompassing all of the middle east and Europe, a la WW3.

    • rhondareichel

      or a nuclear war

      • You could make a lot of money if you have a plan to have a nuclear war that won’t turn into a world war.

    • the Colosseum is full

      that sounds like fun from here! 🙂

      • Where is here?

        • the Colosseum is full

          where I am! 🙂

          • The Beatles did a song about you: nowhere man.

          • the Colosseum is full

            before me time 🙂

          • There have always been and will always be nowhere people.

          • the Colosseum is full

            For the poor always ye have with you; but me ye have not always.

          • HUH?

          • the Colosseum is full

            Jesus! 🙂

          • I don’t recognize what you posted as anything he said.

          • the Colosseum is full

            ye have not always.. lol 🙂
            but we do have him in the Holy Ghost,,. 🙂

          • I am a Christian atheist, and I do not believe in the existence, or the need for, a deity, to accomplish anything that Jesus Christ (of whom I am a follower) ever talked about. I have yet to hear a description of the Holy Ghost that dissuades me from believing that it is anything but the consciousness that I know pervades the universe.

          • the Colosseum is full

            you are free in this here country to cut yerself off if you like..
            you cannot receive the kingdom of God in the manner of thinking that you have provided.. .. there is no other way. 🙂

  • Broos

    Yeah, the fall of the House of $audomy and the final collapse of the Ottomans! Are they Nuking FUT$?! Russia would enjoy eliminating the competition :

  • Nexusfast123

    Great idea. Replace clapped old weapons with ones that don’t work.

  • frankw

    Let them try. It will be interesting to watch the beat down they get fron Syria,Iran and Russia.

  • rhondareichel

    I hope Putin bombs them if they dare try to invade…..they have been ISIS enablers and aren’t there to fight ISIS

  • Saudi and turkey support ISIS, how can it fight it’s creation

    • the Colosseum is full

      isis is Saddams children gone ape on us ! 🙂

  • Joan Camara

    “this war has already touched base with World War Three on several occasions. It’s probably the most dangerous war being fought in the world today, due to how many entangling alliances are involved.

    And THAT my friends, is why Damascus is going to cease to be a city…mark my words.
    Damascus is going to be in ruins!

    You ask how I know that? Prophecy, dear watson. When God says something is going to happen, then it IS going to happen. Wait for it…it’s coming. Oh, where is that verse, you ask? Why, right here!
    Isaiah 17:1 The burden of Damascus. Behold, Damascus is taken away from being a city, and it shall be a ruinous heap.
    You may read different words in your book, but basically it all means the same.

    • Meltonmark

      My understanding is that Isaiah Ch19 and Revelation Ch17 & Ch18 refer to America.

      • the Colosseum is full

        that’s very poor understanding…

    • the Colosseum is full

      I feel the same as you do about the Guy.. I blame Obama the enabler on this issue… There is Assad, who though an enemy of Isreal , still allowed the evangelization of Muslims in his country with no repercussions fer their conversions to Christianity .. which was very before the rebellion started…

  • icetrout

    oh boy,just watch the body count when Assad starts using weapons of mass destruction he inherited…

  • Mr Reynard

    Yehudi Arabia & Turkey to invade ??
    Mazel Tov to them.. They will need it !

  • the Colosseum is full

    those 35’s er crap Aye’m told! 🙂 lol

  • That is why they are having the war, to use up the old weapons, as justification for making and selling new ones, in pursuit of continuing military-intelligence complex profitability. As Smedley Butler said, war is a racket.