Syria Has Officially Defeated ISIS — but What Happens Next Could Be Even Worse

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(ANTIMEDIA Op-ed) – On Saturday, Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin issued a joint statement vowing to defeat ISIS — after the Syrian Army had already issued a declaration that it successfully defeated the terror group.

The Syrian army’s capture of ISIS’ last main town in Syria, known as Albu Kamal, marked the end of its so-called caliphate and the final demise of its territorial ambitions.

“There [are] some fighters left but they’re few. Small numbers is all I can say,” said a Syrian army commander of the remaining militants near Albu Kamal, Reuters reported. “Some were killed and some ran away. They went towards eastern or northern villages.”

This victory sealed “the fall of the terrorist Daesh organisation’s [ISIS’] project in the region,” an army statement said.

However, Reuters notes that this particular success will open up new doors for further confrontation in the country as the different entities vie for control of disputed territories. According to ReutersSyrian officials and a senior advisor to Iran have indicated the Syrian army will now stake its claim to Kurdish-held territory.

The drums of war are currently beating against Iran and Hezbollah, two entities that have significantly bolstered the Syrian army. A Syrian allied commander told Reuters that Hezbollah fighters played “the key role” in defeating ISIS in Albu Kamal, yet Washington and its allies continue to view Hezbollah as an arch-rival even as it wages Donald Trump’s supposed anti-terror campaign for him.

In July of this year, a senior Kurdish official also warned that ISIS’ defeat as a territorial entity would, in fact, entail its transformation into something akin to “al-Qaeda on steroids.”

Clearly, ISIS’ defeat is something worth celebrating in both the local and international spheres, but it is what is coming next that should put ISIS’ defeat in perspective. The U.S. appears to have laid the groundwork for something worse than ISIS to take its place considering the scale of civilian suffering it helped inflict in its efforts to take down the group.

Further, a think tank founded by the Tony Blair Foundation concluded in December 2015 that if ISIS were defeated, there are at least 65,000 Syrian rebels who share its ideology and would gladly take its place.

Rather than Russia and the U.S. making agreements to defeat a terror group that is almost all but defeated by the local militias taking part in the battle, perhaps their focus could instead turn to how best the international community can serve Syria after leaving such a criminal legacy of death and destruction in the country.

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  • NonYo Business

    I love it when the CIA loses. Good for Syria.

    • Even when they are beaten, they will never stop fighting.
      It will be interesting to see what happens when the alliance of Saudi Arabia and Israel comes out of the closet. The former is nearly bankrupt and operating under a coup d’état. The latter may be forced to use their covert nuclear arsenal to save themselves, but if they do, they will be reduced to a landscape of craters.

      • NonYo Business

        Why do you think America is putting a full time base in isreal?

        • Because they have been acting as Saudi Arabia’s protector since 1974? It would have to be one of the last countries where there hasn’t been an American base for some time.

          • NonYo Business

            Soon to include Isreal.

          • It has never been about Isreal (sic), but Zionism.
            If those in the middle east don’t get the fascists in Saudi Arabia back in their cage, they will be living in a land of nuclear craters before too much longer. If America gets involved, so will we.

          • NonYo Business

            Its ALWAYS been about Isreal. Ask yourself. How many countries does the USA deliver Billions to Anually? Spoiler- Only 1; Isreal. Now we are going to give them the gift of a military base with resources on hand 24/hrs and we foot the bill, again.

          • It would largely depend on whether you are talking about cash or goods.

          • NonYo Business

            I would appreciate some linked info. Googling isn’t giving me anything worth reading. Not saying your wrong, just would rather read it for myself. Thanks

          • I doubt that you are going to find any accurate information online, being as how our government is quite fond of printing and classifying written documents along the lines you are looking for. Much of the cash is routed through NGOs that don’t keep records for a reason.
            You might want to give a shot.

  • John C Carleton

    Washington Dc is the bitc# of Tel Aviv.
    There will be no peace as long as Tel Aviv is not a big hole in the desert.
    ISIS is the irregular IDF forces.

  • Syria & Hezbollah have attacked Israel since 1948 without provocation.
    The waters are not as clear as you think. But Russia only created 1 terrorist group.
    CIASIS will remain if Russia doesn’t take a firm grasp of Syria.
    You see, the petroleum pipeline from Saudi Arabia to Germany has to physically pass through Iraq, which is already a chaotic mess, or Syria into Turkey.
    If Iran becomes an issue it will be purely payback & hatred by USA powers.
    All Hail Exxon, Chevron, Conoco, BP, Shell, a 1000yr. Corpocracy.

  • cynic

    Mattis has refused to withdraw from Syria, regardless of the defeat of ISIS. Obviously the Americans plan to stoke more trouble.

  • Aged Warrior

    Reuters; Zombie Media disinformation without conscience.

  • Brad Scofield

    Syria must go in order for IsraHell to expand its criminal empire and complete its world takeover.

  • TrevorD

    “a think tank founded by the Tony Blair Foundation concluded” Seeing his name related to anything makes my skin crawl. After all if it wasn`t for him and the other warmonger Bush we would not be in this Middle East UTTER MESS.. They with Soros and many more are NWO Zionists International criminal scumbags. On another note related to the Iran/Iraq earthquake this is very interesting……
    “”After being alerted by the Security Council, yesterday, that “Deep State” elements within Sunni Muslim Arab Saudi Arabia were preparing to access their nuclear weapons in Pakistan, this report continues, the Persian Shiite Iranians became “gravely alarmed”—and that accelerated during the day after Saudi Arabia mobilized its air forces to begin attacking Lebanon—and which Iran immediately responded to by detonating one of their thermonuclear weapons in the deep underground silos located at their Imam Ali Missile Base near Khoramabad—and that caused a catastrophic 7.3 magnitude earthquake killing hundreds and injuring thousands”
    If you want to see the full article its

  • anonymous4u4me

    Not over by a long shot, as soon Damascus will be turned to rubble, and when this happens and it will happen, the entire world will regret it.

  • LMAO

    No more ISIS…. Look out Iran, you’ve just been nominated the next boogeyman to fund the was machine.