Syria Four Years on: Shocking Images of a Post-US-Intervention Nation

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While US intervention in its various forms has likely been ongoing for decades, March 2011 is often cited as the start of foreign involvement in the Syrian Civil War (refering to political, military and operational support to parties involved in the ongoing conflict in Syria, as well as active foreign involvement).

Since then the nation has collapsed into chaos with an endless array of superlatives possible to describe the economic and civilian carnage that has ensued.

However, while a picture can paint a thousand words, these four shocking images describe a canvas of US foreign policy “success” that few in the mainstream media would be willing to expose…

Syria Before and After

Mission un-accomplished?

Editor’s Note: Looks like the same brand of “democracy” the U.S. spread to Libya.


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  • august

    Clinton embraces Obama in final stretch, fueling GOP claims of seeking ‘3rd term’ get ready for a 2Nd Civil War in America

  • Just think what American cities will look like after years of guerrilla war. There will be plenty of feedstock for soylent green.

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  • august


  • SP_88

    Somebody is going to make a lot of money cleaning up that mess.

  • StevetheHun

    We point to a poison gas attack that killed 500 or so people and decide to “fix it” and kill 100,000 people, blast the infrastructure to bits, steal the oil, create ISIS….

    And we’re still bombing them and destroying their country when we INVITE THEM TO LIVE WITH US. Not inviting them here is racist. WTF? Bombing them and destroying their country isn’t racist?

    We bring horror upon the Syrian people, tell them we’re Christians, and then wonder why they act badly.

    Oh, and the poison gas apparently came from one of our “allies”, as the Russians have charge.

    Yeah, it really isn’t “us”, it is the folks who bought our government and make money from war: bankers, military industrial complex, etc.

  • darknmy

    If Syria can survive this hell, they will become strong and independent state

  • Mark Williams

    We are from the USA….We are going to Free the Shit Outta You!

  • Another Thought Criminal

    You can see what a modern, secular country Syria was; as was Iraq and Lybia. The ignorance and small attention spans of the people will easily get them to believe that the arabs were always just nothing but radical extremists; not even comprehending that we supported the radical extremists while destroying the non radical ones.