Syria Agreement Will Establish “De-escalation Zones”

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Russia, Iran and Turkey have agreed to a plan to de-escalate the Syrian war in a deal reached last Thursday, Russian media agencies report.

Setting up a series of ceasefire zones to halt fighting between the Syrian regime and rebel militants, the plan will cover the Idlib province, Latakia, Aleppo and Hama in the north, as well as East Ghouta and other areas in Southern Syria. Combined, the zones will encompass around 1 million people, the Russian Ministry of Defense said. The deal will be implemented tonight at midnight.

Supporting the Syrian government in the war are Iran-backed militias, along with Russian ground troops and air power, whose assistance has given the regime an upper hand on the battlefield.

A spokesman for Jaish al-Nasr, a rebel group affiliated with the Free Syrian Army, told Reuters the Russians were “merely playing political games” and “making declarations.” He said rebels were skeptical of the deal after several prior ceasefires met failure.

Some details of the plan remain ambiguous, with exemptions made on air strikes carried out against the Islamic State and what the Syrian regime terms “terrorist groups.” It is not clear which rebel groups fall into that category. Foreign soldiers may also be deployed to police the ceasefire zones and enforce the agreement, possibly complicating the situation further.

Some analysts are cautiously optimistic about the deal, however, as it represents a change in the Syrian-Russian approach. “If a potential negotiated solution to the Syrian conflict exists, something in the spirit of Russia’s plan for decentralization and ceasefires might be it,” wrote Alexander Decina, a research associate on Middle Eastern studies at the Council on Foreign relations, in an article for Defense One.

“Alternatives to this are untenable. The long-held Western, Gulf, and opposition approach — pressuring Assad to negotiate his own departure — is unrealistic,” Decina added.

Pentagon spokesman Captain Jeff Davis refused to comment on the plan at a press briefing, but said there would be no change in U.S. operations in Syria.

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  • (((De-escalation zones)))

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  • John C Carleton

    Basically this is a move to stop the USA/NATO/Israhell murder planes from murdering Syrian civilians and Syrian Government troops in support of ISIS and all the other names used by the USA and Israhell to muddy the waters.

  • Rick E.

    WHEN Israel and the USA violate this sovereign country Syria’s, legally valid decision, it will be interesting as to whether Russia will blow the jets out of the sky!

    • TrevorD

      Yep Rick. I have a feeling that exactly what the US/Israel/Nato and he rest of the cazy clan want. They have been pushing for a trigger to go take Syria for so long but now they are frustrated.. They are hoping maybe that some US jet will be shot down because it had accidently gone `estray.` Then with the `Sheeple`s` approval and with the encouragement and brainwashing by MSM they will be on board to go for another fake war. Easy to read into it but harder to stop because most dont want to understand whats really going on I guess

    • Jas

      We already have. We have APC’s and troops in northern Syria, maybe else where too right now and we have been bombing them, Yemen, Lybia, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Somillia, and Iraq for a long time now. Probably many others as well.

      • Rick E.

        The USA just stated that they will continue doing what they are doing there (invading a sovereign country), despite the deescalation zones.
        Wow, someone needs to stop these psychos before our government ends up causing WW3. Our government has absolutely no right doing what they will to anyone they want.

    • Maybe they should just overfly the aircraft carriers and suppress their defenses like they did the destroyer in the Black Sea some time ago. If they can do it to a destroyer, maybe they can bring down the jets the same way that Iran brought down a drone. If anyone can countermand our equipment, our people will be interested less in invading an country that they can’t defend themselves from. Of course, if we could bring down North Korea’s missiles, we wouldn’t have a reason to park an armada off its coast.

      • Debbiejwinchester

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      • Rick E.

        Good idea, but no one will confirm whether or not this incident actually occurred. Russia has not, and neither has the pentagon.
        Russia HAS confirmed the ‘khibiny’ technology though.

        • Would you go around bragging about having quit a military that you discovered was totally clueless about an operational vulnerability?
          According to all the reports that I saw, several of the crew bailed at their next landing. If Russia has that technology and it works reliably, it makes our ships defenseless. Since I’m pretty tired of our imperial government’s continuing sabre rattling, I’ll like to see a Russian jet fly over the whole armada sitting off the coast of North Korea and disarm them, with a full deployment of all of the world’s media watching. Bullies never brag about being rebuffed, so I wouldn’t expect the proof to come from our side.

  • Dan Smith

    Yea… what sovereign nation will trump bomb next.. I know, ask Ivanka…

  • SP_88

    This sounds more like a plan to escalate tensions in the middle east than to de-escalate them.
    All it will take is for one plane to get shot down, or some sort of incident like that to set off a battle between the United States and Russia.
    Our government has been trying to get rid of the Assad regime for years now. Between the Obama administration supporting ISIS and the two false flag operations involving chemical weapons, all of which have failed to get rid of Assad, you would think that everyone was sick and tired of these games. After all, how many times can we get away with the same lie?
    And we look like a bunch of idiots for tolerating their bullshit. We should be forcing them out of office and holding them accountable for what are basically war crimes. And the elitists and globalists who run our government from the shadows should be arrested and held accountable as well.
    If not, these people are going to push us into WW3. And it won’t be them and their children who are drafted to fight it, it will be our sons and daughters dying for their agenda.
    Haven’t we suffered enough?