Swedish Police Caught Covering up Migrant Sex Abuse at Concert

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The world was quite shocked to hear about the mass sexual assaults that occurred in Cologne, Germany on New Year’s Eve, which was followed by the revelation that similar attacks happened in multiple European cities that day. However, this isn’t the first time that migrants and refugees have committed these kinds of acts. The Cologne incident has merely brought to light, what European authorities have been trying to cover up for some time now.

Swedish police have recently been accused of covering up multiple sexual assaults against teenage girls at a concert in August. They didn’t present this fact to the public until Monday, after a Swedish newspaper covered the story over the weekend. 20 girls from the venue filed complaints of sexual assault, and 200 men were ejected from the concert, though it’s not clear if any of them were arrested or charged.

Roger Ticoalu, who is head of a government event department, admitted to AP that a “large part” of the men who were detained were from Afghanistan, and many of them were refugees. “We’ve always had individual cases, but here we have a larger group doing it almost in an organized way. It’s a completely new level of obscenity.”

However, the newspaper that first reported this, which prompted the police to fess up, doesn’t deserve any accolades. The Dagens Nyheter paper was also complicit in the cover-up of these attacks from day one.

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  • Another Thought Criminal

    And yet barbara spectre still lives and breathes.

  • ccambridge

    Cut their peckers off. People need to organize and protect themselves since our government won’t

  • Right to the Point

    But they were “just following orders” Joshua.

  • Phoenixsst

    Another example of the clueless leading the masses and yet the masses keep electing these clueless individuals. SMH

  • whiteberry

    Genocide has a nice ring to it…

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  • Happens to all of us… no worries.

  • hvaiallverden

    The cops followes orders, period, the Sweds are as any other people wipped to oblivion, to PC infested to even think anything else than what the MSM, polticians and some celebritys are pimping about the ritchness and how mutch more cultural our societys becomes just because we import others.
    They will blame the victims, since whites are racists.

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    • cmb

      Both YT channels of mine have been disabled for “SPAM” postings of legitimate information countering MSM stories. Prior to that a newspaper disabled my account for doing the same.

  • Guillotine_ready

    Has anyone noticed that when the problems of he world or of ones own society are looked at with the cold light of reality government is always involved and never in a good way? Does this tell you that maybe we need to revisit the idea of governance with a view to severely limiting or dumping the idea all together?
    Small societies are somewhat better off but with government they are no less corrupt, it may be hidden more efficiently.

  • cmb

    There is a much larger agenda behind ALL of this