Sweden Facing Collapse Due To Massive Influx of Refugees

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Sweden has long been considered one of the most peaceful and prosperous nations on the planet. However, that prosperity is rapidly dissipating as hundreds of thousands of refugees move into Europe. And according to Sweden’s foreign minister, Margot Wallstrom, they’ll do more than just hurt her nation’s standard of living.

“I think most people feel that we cannot maintain a system where perhaps 190,000 people will arrive every year – in the long run, our system will collapse.” Rather than asking her government to restrict immigration, she has since called on other EU nations to accept a higher percentage of the refugees. As it stands now, Sweden is taking in more migrants as a percentage of their population, than any other EU state. Now ethnic tensions are brewing as arson attacks against refugee centers become more frequent, and crime rates soar in cities with high migrant populations. However, the refugee crisis is really just the straw that broke the camel’s back.

Ever since Sweden joined the EU, they’ve been letting in more migrants than their population could ever hope to assimilate. More than a quarter of their population is foreign-born, or has at least one foreign-born parent. These migrants are clustering into no-go zones that police try to avoid at all costs, and where Swedish law is no longer relevant. It’s safe to say that if unfettered immigration continues to overwhelm Sweden, they will turn into a fragmented nation filled with poverty, crime, and ethnic tensions.; ironically, the same conditions that these migrants claim to be fleeing from.

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