Sweden Accepted 162k Refugees in 2015. Guess How Many Have Jobs?

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When it comes to the migrant crisis in Europe, the two most important questions that need to be asked is, will these refugees ever return to their homelands, and if not, will they ever be able to function in European societies? So far, the answer to the latter of those two questions is a hard no.

Take Sweden for instance; a country that on a per capita basis, has probably taken in more refugees than any other European nation. In 2015 alone, they brought in 162,000 refugees. Now if these people were making assimilating into Sweden, you would see thousands of them finding jobs, finding homes, and learning the language. But by at least one of those metrics they are utterly failing. Out of those 162,000 refugees, guess how many have found a job since they reached Swedish shores?

Only 494 have jobs now. A majority of the refugees are qualified to receive work permits in Sweden. So far, roughly a third of them have received work permits (more would have them, but there are so many refugees that the government is struggling to issue them). And of those with permits, less than one out every hundred migrants has a job.

This has been a widespread problem across Europe with no real end in sight. Only Germany has managed to alleviate the problem somewhat, by making migrants exempt from minimum wage laws. Either way, the odds of these people ever assimilating into Western society is slim.

Either they’re going to be jobless and a chronic strain on the welfare systems of Europe, or they’re going to be resentful of the societies that welcomed them when they realize that they’re only ever going to be working for pennies on the dollar. They will become a permanent underclass, always dependent on the government, and with no motivation to ever accept Western values.

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  • Cynical Old Bastard

    “Guess How Many Have Jobs?”

    You’re not supposed to tell us. We’re supposed to guess. Ain’t no fun if you give us the answer.

    • ReverendDraco✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ ᵃᶜᶜᵒᵘᶰᵗ

      It’s 493 more than I guessed.

      • Cynical Old Bastard

        LOL. That’s because you’re an optimist.

        I guessed zero.

        • Shirleyonookeb

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          • Jackie Puppet

            Maybe the rapefugees should click on this clickbait link. Work for Google, and have spending money after committing sexual assaults!

      • john folger

        The numbers are fake your guess was closer.

        • Government numbers are always fake, either by design or by incompetence.

      • john folger

        They got jobs as demolishes experts.

      • john folger

        Sores paid ,that counts as a job

        • Most of them probably know how to spell the name of their behind the curtain sponsor, Soros.

      • J.M.I. van der Scheer

        That’s because it are probably jobs that did not exist before but are manufactured for the “Refugees”, like helping other invaders with getting their free housing, their free lawyers, their free medical Care, their free money etc.

      • Austinniceguy

        By about 492.

      • what you see is a fraud

        It’s a sign that the Swedish welfare is working and it is appreciated by the good for nothing illegals . Oh I am racist ? PFFFFF

    • Red Tick Alert

      LOL. Actually I am with you there and now I need to find a new article to put my funny responses to.

  • none

    I tried to imagrant to Sweden a few years ago.
    Nope, you do not meet the high demand jobs, income level.
    Doctors, special engineers. They will acept millionaires though.
    Now I am sort of glad I didn’t get imigrant status.

    • Everyone will take millionaires and billionaires because they will never be on the welfare rolls and will never fight the government, since they immigrated there to be left alone. The fact that they will create jobs and take people off the welfare rolls is just icing on the cake.

  • Tatiana Covington

    That’s about 0.3% of the total.

    • Red Tick Alert

      Not all bad in Sweden then, they now have 20 Kebab shops per 1,000 people.

  • How Ironic that the whole of Sweden has come down with Stockholm syndrome..

    • Red Tick Alert

      LOL – very good.

    • Since Volvo is now owned by Geely Holding Group, they won’t need as many Swedes to build them anymore, which would be likely to give anyone Stockholm syndrome.

      • Tinajblough

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  • georgesilver

    How many did the Vatican accept?…………….. ZERO.

    • J.M.I. van der Scheer

      But have installed a pope who has tighs to Soros instea. He is ordering the West to take in more muslims and critisisizing Trump for building a wall. the walls around the vatican are HUGE!

      • J.M.I. van der Scheer

        wall of vatican city

    • Red Tick Alert

      Why should they ?. I don’t believe they are in the EU.

    • what you see is a fraud

      The Vatican is generous with the welfare of other nations …… They want other countries to be destroyed by going broke to support illegals . Look at Italy …… the poor italians have less rights that the ones that got off the boat today !

  • Tom Bowshall

    So Sweden employed 494 Syrian interpreters in 2015, I should imagine they would need a lot more to facilitate the efficient provision of benefits and housing.

  • harry323

    Imagine how many babies they will be producing for the government to continue to support…

  • Ken, Megapolis

    Unless you are earning good money, the only handouts the State will provide will be cheapest GMO kill you of cancer foods.
    Kräfta is King in dem Nord Landenar.
    Not so sure how to say ‘Hjalppar mej Gud’ in Svensk LOL

    • GMO is generally not cheaper to produce, just more profitable for the monopolistic owners of the genomes involved.

  • A. Yoo

    Ah, the socialists’ shining Nordic example of the success of socialism is about to be proven ……. CORRECT!

    Socialism kills.

    Anyone who can blindly believe in ‘Utopia,’ is mentally ill. Remember, talking/reasoning with a parasitically mentally ill person will not change their mind; they are sick – yes, zombie-like. Keep the edge sharp.

    • Maybe they would have avoided the problems if they’d have known about Margaret Thatcher’s keen analysis that “(t)he problem with socialism is that you eventually run out of other people’s money”.

  • Sweden would have done well to have checked out the US and the EU before stepping into the quick sand themselves.

  • Wouldn’t that be moving down rather than forward, given gravity?

  • James

    There suffering from depresion. So can’t work. Many have suicidal thoughts. This is caused by walking threw a store & seeing how much a pair of work shoes cost. Also most on the job can not wear sandals need covered toes. Work shoes will not fit there feet. So can not work. Welfare approved excuses for no job.

  • stan

    Sorry, privileged white folks (of which I am one myself), this is not an excuse to turn away the needy.

    • jkmckin

      Good grief, what an ignorant answer. These needy have no religious nor cultural ties to our country. They hate us and believe killing infidels is their ticket to heaven. Our country is 20 trillion dollars in debt (thank you Obama and Bush), we are inundated by illegals, plus we have an anemic economy. Stan, I believe we should allow people like yourself to “sponsor” an immigrant family. You provide their housing, education and medical care. They are YOUR responsibility. I am tapped out personally- and sick of feel good Americans who pay no price for the policies they support. Put your money where your mouth is.

    • tscull

      GFY- loser!

    • michael lawless

      so how many rapefugees have you taken in to your house?

  • Alleged Comment

    Disrupting Sweden with hundreds of thousands of backward burdensome wild undisciplined coveting racist low IQ Negroes for roughly 500 jobs??

    You are joking aren’t you Mr. Feldman?

  • Herb Sanders

    no comment

  • RO

    Delusional leftists have destroyed their own country. They should be tried for treason.

  • SP_88

    These people aren’t even trying. They have no intention of ever working in these countries. They are only there to suck from the government tit and be a drain on society.
    At some point they will likely rise up and try to take over the country. And since these wimpy Europeans have given up their right to own a firearm and be able to defend themselves, they will all be at the mercy of the invading people.
    If you live in Europe, get ready to convert or die, or pay them the jizya, (religious tax paid by infidels and non-Muslims).

  • Karmw1

    That’s because they didn’t come for jobs, they came to conquer.

  • Lydia Long

    They didn’t migrate to work. They migrated to live off of other people’s work.

  • IsThisTheLife

    “… They will become a permanent underclass, always dependent on the government …”

    And become a permenant voting-block for the pseudo-liberal administrations that keep the welfare cash flowing. Who’d have thought?

    • SP_88

      Eventually the welfare will run out. There will be more people leeching off the system and the taxpayers than people who work and pay into the system.
      This idea of financially supporting every refugee who comes into the country is unsustainable. Especially if they all make a conscious decision to refuse to work and collect welfare instead. Eventually they will suck the system dry.
      The working people should make a conscious decision to either stop working or stop paying into the welfare system. Otherwise, these people will be paying to support the people who will eventually conquer them. I would do whatever it takes to make their stay in the country as inhospitable as possible. That way they will be forced to either work or do something to support themselves, or leave the country.

    • IsThisTheLife


  • Roy Hobs

    This entire “refugee” deal is total and complete Cognitive Dissonance all across the formerly White Western Nations. Mass suicide at the hands of the chosenites.

  • Jake

    And SWEDEN is the rape capital of the world
    more crime and more rape

  • Tome

    And Obama and Hillary wanted to bring Millions into the US. Obama asked for 10,000. Brought in half Million we know about. Hillary’s program called for couple Million. To them how many is couple Million. Go down and read Kevin Donahue’s note. Minnasota has more Muslims than any state.

  • Abe

    Why hasn’t Mpls grown. The more they send in, the more others move out. I remember when you didn’t have to lock your doors at night. Now you need indestructible grates for the doors and windows and keep them locked 24/7!

  • Abe

    So much for ever going back to the land of my fore fathers.

  • Christine Glass

    Planet earth is suffering from terminal human infestation. There are simply not enough resources to go around. Until humans stop the madness of having to reproduce at an alarming rate there will be billions of people with absolutely nothing. It is probably too late to try and fix this problem and chaos will ensue in the near future. It is sad that these refugees are suffering and it is even more sad that they bring children into the world knowing that they will have little if any chance for a meaningful life. The best thing that could have happened to society would have been massive birth control measures over 50 years ago. If you think this is incorrect, please research population growth in the past 100 years—it is very disturbing. And before anyone makes any rude comments, I did my part in putting a filter on my gene pool.

    • Judy Christianson

      Ya. Europeans were sold this line. They restricted their breeding. Same for the U.S. What happens? Their governments import millions of Muslims, after destroying their countries. Do Muslims care about restricting their family size? NO.


    The refugees idea is to go to another country & live off the welfare. Our country is so stupid, they pay them an allowance & to hell with it’s legal citizens.

  • Austinniceguy

    And that worthless loser dooshbag Hillary wanted to bring them here by the 100’s of thousands. Thank GOD we dodged THAT bullet.

  • omni

    donald Trump is RIGHT-as usual

  • Steven Coy

    muslims do not assimilate into our societies they want us in our own country to assimilate into their cult called islam and accept sharia law as our law, never forget that!!!~ vietnam vet

  • Smelling Salts

    It’s a war of culture vs culture. The U.N. is intentionally importing these yahoos into Western countries with intent on disrupting and destroying established cultures of long lineage in Europe. Even IF few of these person commit crimes the fact that they are taking welfare only places a great burden upon the State and the actual citizens. Wake Up, People! Your respective governments do not care about you or your countries. Vote them all out of office and embrace National Sovereignty of your own country and its right to exist and to preserve it heritage and unique culture from Islamic Invaders. Islam is not a race or a religion but a dangerous sociopolitical ideology that is intent on spreading chaos everywhere it goes. It time for the people of Europe and America to stand up and say, “NO”, we are not accepting any more Muslims or so called refugees.

  • chunky

    It is a refugee’s job to sit and let others look after him, no qualifications are needed but the ability to make people think that your situation is their fault is preferred.

  • PPTA

    I am very surprised that any of them have jobs. The United States already has that problem. Tale a look at Deer Born Mich , the outlandish Muslim Population living in 350,000 to 650,000 dollar homes, the free educations, the Food stamps, The Housing allowances based on how many family members are living under one roof, free medical, Dental and eye care, and the cars they drive, BMW’s, Audi’s, Sport cars, Fancy Pick ups, the clothing allowances they get, and the list goes on. Go to infowars.com and watch a video and take the guided tour by a man in his early 60’s who grew up there. Even the Street Names are now in Arabic and they have Sharia laws. The place doesn’t even resemble a American town any more.

  • Colin

    I resent this article. It is indeed work to riot all night long. Not to mention stalking, harassing, molesting and raping women and children. This author is a racist!

  • yaridanjo

    Our leaders and the elite are willing to commit horrible atrocities against the people in their nations because there is no consequense to their actions. The reason there is no consequense is because we are facing an apologetic world wide event – cosmic collisions on a scale not seen since the days of Noah or the days of Atlantis.


    May heaven help us all.

  • ErickDean

    Europeans have always been conceited and never able to make up their minds
    about what to do about other ‘races’ they’ve had predominance over throughout
    their history. Even before Napoleon rid France of all the high ranking black officers in the French military, sent a military detachment to arrest all members of the French National Assembly which at the time of his coup was thirty percent black and mulatto and the Senate whose president was black writing to his chief diplomat Tallyrand: “It is my intention to destroy the authority of the blacks in Saint Dominque not so much for reasons of commerce, but to block the forward march of the black race in the history of the world forever”.

    Now its the middle eastern refugees whose countries have been destabilized by the United States and its former colonizers now lackey Euro states who are a concern. How exacting are the cycles of human history reaping the whirlwind upon those who have sown the wind upon others.

    Erick Dean Tippett
    Retired Musician/Teacher
    Chicago, Illinois