SWAT Unit Terrorizes Family and Kills Pets Over…Marijuana

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A Minnesota family is trying to understand why a SWAT team killed their beloved pets during a no-knock raid earlier this week.

From PoliceStateUSA:

At approximately 7:00 a.m. on Wednesday, July 9th, the home of Camille Perry and Larry Lee Arman was breached with a battering ram, and strange men charged in with rifles and opened fire on their pets.

Mr. Arman, owner of a towing business, says he was laying asleep when he heard the front door breached and then the gunfire.

“The first thing I heard was ‘boom,’” he recalled to KMSP. “Bop, bop, bop, bop, bop. Right in front of us.”

“I was laying right here, and I really thought I was being murdered,” Mr. Arman recalled.

Perry, who is eight months pregnant, said she was getting ready for work when the raid occurred. She ran to protect the couple’s young sons, ages 4 and 7, who were sleeping on a mattress with Arman:

“The only thing I was thinking was my kids were going to get hit by bullets.”

“The gunshots scared the living daylights out of me, and knowing that they were in such close range of the dog and where we were laying with my kids made it worse. Our oldest dog actually ran back to protect us in front of the bed and they kept shooting her, even though we were laying right there.

“The whole time all I could scream was, ‘Stop shooting, stop shooting!’ ” Perry told PioneerPress.

The family’s two dogs, Mellow and Laylo, were killed:

 Blood was splattered all over the living room, staining the carpet and a pair of shoes.

“One was running for her life, and they murdered her right here,” Mr. Arman said.

To add insult to injury, the officers destroyed the family’s home as well:

Officers proceeded to tear the house apart for hours. The extensive damages included multiple broken doors, broken door frames, and walls with the insulation and vents ripped out.  All damages were left to the homeowner to cover.

Perry and Arman said the warrant, which was obtained by Minneapolis police, indicated police were looking for marijuana, drug packaging, weighing equipment, guns, computers and more. The warrant mentioned Arman, but not Perry.

The net of that raid?

Police took only a water pipe, a grinder that may have had marijuana residue and some clothes, according to Arman. According to Minnesota law, small amounts of marijuana are considered petty misdemeanors, and are punished with at $200 fine.

No one was arrested.

Arman said he smokes marijuana recreationally but doesn’t sell it:

“Yeah, I smoke marijuana,” he said. “I do.”

The raid was unnecessary, say Perry and Arman, who told PioneerPress that they would have willingly let the police into their home to search:

“I don’t have anything to hide,” Perry said, referring to herself and Arman as hard-working homeowners.

Nicole Miller, a neighbor, said that after the incident, Arman and Perry’s 4-year-old son asked her, “Did you see all the soldiers?” referring to the SWAT officers.

Miller also said that Laylo and Mellow were good dogs:

“I would sit out here every morning and have my coffee, and Mellow and Laylo would run up and show me so much love. They wouldn’t hurt a fly; they’d lick you to death.”

Shawn Miller, another neighbor, was also disturbed by the incident:

“All of a sudden, we see the dogs thrown out like pieces of meat, like they were nothing. We teared up because they are like family to us. Those dogs are real good dogs.”

Naturally, the officers who shot the dogs claim they felt threatened by the family pets:

A St. Paul police spokesman told Fox 9 News that the dogs charged at officers, and that they feared for their safety. The spokesman also explained that law enforcement has the right to eliminate potential threats with lethal force, and he pointed out that a judge signed off on the search for weapons and drugs and that investigators believed they were entering a dangerous situation. Arman says that couldn’t be further from the case.

One can’t help but wonder exactly how the officers expected the dogs to behave. Arman said the dogs were sleeping by the front door when the thugs used a ram to break down the door to their home. He said the dogs did nothing more than bark.

The couple believes they were targeted because of Arman’s past. He does have a criminal record, but it dates back over a decade.  They told PioneerPress that they also wonder if the business they started earlier this year, Arman Topkick Towing, drew police attention because it has people coming and going from their home:

“I just believe they didn’t investigate enough,” Perry said of the police. “If you want to investigate, investigate. Take pictures, get recordings, catch us doing something. You can’t assume just because we have assets that we’ve got them from selling drugs. We’re business owners, and we work hard.”

The couple has hired an attorney and said they are planning to sue the police.

Two dead pets, a traumatized family, and a destroyed home…all for possession of a tiny amount of a drug that is increasingly becoming legalized in the United States.

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  • Reverend Draco

    Don’t sue them – end them.

    • Could you provide us with some specifics of your strateejury ?
      I like sewage pits for MRAPS personally, and trap doors for anti-personnel devices ( again, filled w/ sewage) ,

      • Reverend Draco

        Nahh – I’ll let you use your imagination. . . you seem to be doing ok, so far, by yourself.

    • Reverend Green

      Every home needs to be armed with AK47s and reinforced doors to give you time to reach your weapon. They sell door frame reinforcement kits at some hardware stores or you can look it up online, and any handyman can install it.

    • Dale Gribble

      Time for real neighborhood watch. There’s a reason why they don’t raid ghetto / gangs like this.

  • Rob

    Oh how the pigs will run when we millions of free people turn our attention and weapons towards them. I’m so ready

    • Reverend Green

      Every home needs to be armed with AK47s and reinforced doors to give you time to reach your weapon. They sell door frame reinforcement kits at some hardware stores or you can look it up online, and any handyman can install it. It will give you an extra 30-60 seconds to protect yourself.

    • R. R. Roehl

      No matter how ready you THINK you are, it’s very difficult to predict specific future scenarios.

      What to do? I recommend subversion to overwhelm the $ystem. During the $talinist era, the Russians often repeated a bitter aphorism that said : ‘The worse, the better!’ And during the $ovietnam war era, we learned… sometimes we “have to burn down the god damn village in order to save it.”

      Yesssssssss… Old Coyote Knose!

  • 1nativetex

    The thin blue line will be run crimson and thier Psy-Ops of conditioning America to fear them will not work out well…..tsk…tsk…tsk….I’m sure they will have an internal investigatin and conclude they are just following policy komrade…that worked out so well for the Nazis when it all came to a halt did it not??

    But Sgt. Shultz vas jeez following ze orrdeeeeers…..

  • Justin OB

    this country is fucked

    • not the country, just the corporation known as USA INC. it has zero to do with the united States of America. websearch: USA vs usA

  • Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms considers you either a drug runner, gun runner or firearm ‘runner’. It’s on your Master File at the IRS. That’s why the ATF shows up when the IRS raids your gov’t office ( your home that you declare space in as an office – u r an officer of the pretend gov’t then ) .

    You could write them and set the record straight. Build an outhouse, load it up with goodies, put a label on it: OFFICE OF THE TAXPAYER , and if the goon squads can find some legible paperwork in there, more power to ’em !!

    SWAT considers you to be Target Practice

  • OldPoorRichard

    How are these pigs any different from the ISIS terrorists? They’re lawless violent thugs who invade homes and murder with impunity. They’re insurgents and Americans have to act to end the terror.

    • The church ladies that empower ISIS wear veils and are conservatively dressed. The Yankee women and soccer moms who vote for these thugs dress like whores in comparison.

      • disqus_rok6W6Svu7

        (Police) Union voters, Democrats.

    • R. R. Roehl

      Yeah! Most Amerikan police have morphed into violent gangs. It began with the RICO laws and the bizarre and utterly insane war on drrrugs.

  • Rebel Mel

    Karma will be waiting for them when this whole ponzi scheme run by the banksters and the politicians collapses.

  • jps73

    These morons are doing exactly what Obama wanted.Four years ago this month—on July 2nd, 2008—Obama delivered a speech in Boulder, Colorado in which he promised the creation and establishment of a “Civilian National Security Force.” He further promised it would be “just as powerful, just as strong, just as well funded as the US Military.” These a$$holes probably do not realise they are doing Obamas work.

  • Truth terrorizes tyrants , so, file affidavits of truth and affi’s of obligation with your Maritime liens on these invaders

  • holyfuckyou

    So this is really why we need automatic assault weapons

  • I’m sure the church ladies and soccer moms that rule America will clamor for his/her impeachment or recall.

  • That’s the first thing I thought of too.

  • Jack Roberts

    Thugs, worse than the mafia, at least the mafia were reasonable.

    These cops probably go home and beat their children.

    • maxweiner

      the one and only legalized gang

  • Jack Roberts

    Find out where the police live and murder their dogs, hang them from the tree so their abused cop children can see them in the morning.

  • jimmyt

    And they wonder why they are being ambushed

  • metalious

    Police all over the country are in cahoots with towing companies. This could have just been a way to try and take out a competitor. Or maybe these people are drug dealers. Who knows at this point.


  • SWAT YOUR LOCAL SWAT TEAM TODAY: Fine reading for those bored with their debt filled subsistence

  • R. R. Roehl

    The fascist judge that signed the warrant for this egregious violation of the homeowner’s constitutional rights has a name… and an address. And the vicious gestapo $wat-team thugs also have names and addresses… and families. I think these kind of evil people tempt fate… and they invite a horrifying karma to eventually visit THEIR door.

  • R. R. Roehl

    Selective assassinations are a tactic the capitalist-fascist ruling class and their enforcement agents often employ. If it’s employed by them… then why can’t it be also employed by guerrillas embedded in the common wealth peasantry? ‘Targeting’ one of them (or maybe one of their pets or children) would send a message… and deliver a measure of payback.

    The future of the police does not bode well… when the population no longer trusts them. Indeed! The streets become very dangerous… for the police.

  • disqus_ayvQwhvS6h

    George Zimmerman was afraid for his safety as well, imagine that.