SWAT Raids Soldier’s Home After DHS Agent Mistook His Air Rifle for an AR-15

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A SWAT team complete with armored truck and dozens of police vehicles stormed the Houston area street where an active duty soldier lived last week because a homeland security agent misidentified the vet’s air rifle.

Twenty-five-year-old Ramon Hooks, back from a tour in Iraq, was shooting at targets in his backyard. He had the misfortune to accidentally fire a pellet through the window of a home for sale that a DHS agent just happened to be looking to buy at that moment. One phone call later, and two nearby schools were put on lockdown as the full force of the law descended the suburban neighborhood.

Harris County Sheriff’s Office Captain Jay Coons said the DHS agent called in an active shooter sighting, reporting that a man was armed with a “telescopically sighted high-powered rifle”.  The SWAT team descended in full riot gear, but ended up only retrieving pellets for an air rifle.

KHOU interviewed Hooks’ wife who told the local station the authorities overreacted: “‘I’m being honest: You can tell a pellet gun when you look at a pellet gun,’ she said.”

The soldier now faces criminal mischief charges.

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  • Truth, Justice & the AMERICAN

    WHO hires these ID10T$ … Fire them all ..especially if they don’t know the difference between a TOY and REAL GUN

    • Mamzer_FEMA_REGION_IV

      He knew the difference. They wanted access to the vets home without a warrant my best guess

    • jimmy b

      i have a few springer air rifles myself. one of them looks pretty real with its fake muzzle brake, till you get close to it, or see it in use. today’s air rifles are quite the pellet tossers, but only hold a real danger for paper and small rodents and varmints. maybe some chilli cans and milk jugs as well. anyy way, i was shooting at a buddies place the other day and some people were freaking out we had guns, so they called the cops. these pellet guns are quiet as a mouse. so the cops show up, watch us from a half block distance, and i heard a big belly laugh, not 2 mins later the police walk up to us and as they rounded the bend to where we were shooting ( sourounded by 50 foot hills on all but the back side, which is where you walk in to where we were at, so safe for all as long as the shooters are faceing the hills) they yelled put the rifles down and step back. so we did. the two officiers walk up and picked up our pellet rifles, laughed again and asked where we had got them. we complied ” walmart”. they laughed and said pretty nice guys. one asked if he could shoot the one he was holding. i replyed ” well yes sir, have a hoot, i dont bring pellets to sit in tins.” he said ” my boy has a pellet gun just like this”. he proceeded to cock and load and fire the rifle several times. then set it back on the rifle rug. they both turned to us and told us sorry for the misunderstanding and to have fun and be safe. then they left. not once did they bother to identify us or harras us at where we live. infact there was very little conversation. these two officers did their job well, assesed the situation, realized no threat, walked up and announcued thier presents and intention to walk up to us. no guns were drawn, no one was beat. no harsh words tossed around. an they even fired a few good rounds. not bragging but the officer tht shot one of the pellet rifles must have known how to use it, its very very hold sensitive and he was hitting the paper targets we had set up. all in the number rings.the moral of the story is, when cops follow protocol and safety precautions to asses the situation before going froggy leapin on some innocents back, things usually turn out well. im thankful these officers followed the protocol. no one was harassed, no one hurt, no one arrested.


    DHS should be disbanded

  • Well, at least they won’t have to put up with a DHS taxeater living next door. See? there’s a plus side to everything!

  • late2theParty

    IF the facts here are all that matter and are true, I sure hope the DA says “no harm, no foul.” He got stupid. No one got hurt, there was no apparent malice involved. Guess they gotta explain the thousands of dollars they wasted on an pellet rifle.

    I’ve done the same thing, but it was my own window. Wife was, rightfully, pissed. Luckily my neighbors weren’t DHS employees. And I can see a desk jockey thinking any scoped ‘weapon’ is a high powered rifle. It would be funny if the massive over dramatic SWAT team hadn’t come down on him. I read the KHOU article and the statement made is just D-U-M (dumb): ‘it’s an AK-47, runnnnnnn!!” Sheeple. geez.

  • Rex

    DHS looking to buy a house there, huh? Well, there goes the neighborhood!

  • Michael Mizell

    Where can I get a pellet rifle that goes “bang” as loud as a real rifle???? I guess only us civvies can tell the difference between a chipped window and no sound, and the supersonic crack of a bullet as it goes through the window, the walls etc… Honestly tho, I’m just glad those swat guys didn’t lose an eye, or shoot any dogs…

    • My air rifle can, with the proper pellets, break the sound barrier. This results in a distinct crack, close to a .22 rifle. The neighbors are used to it by now, and are thankful for the decrease in vermin.

  • warisaracketbysmedleybutler

    DHS is modeled after the SS and Gestapo. Why does the Department of HOMELAND Security need 2 billion rounds of hollow point ammunition, which is illegal for military use under the Geneva Convention?

  • Undecider

    Idiot. The person should have known better. Discharging ANY firearm within city limits and not at a range is totally asking for trouble. In today’s America, it’s not something you do unless you want a visit from the people who have the authority to put you six feet under.

    One of the primary rules for BB and pellet guns is to construct a proper backstop. I guess this knucklehead didn’t read the instructions that came with the rifle.

    • don shields

      An airgun is not and can not be classified as a firearm according to U.S. code.Sheeple just take people’s saying so as the law.

  • sleat

    Gee, looks like a couple of plywood sihlouhette rifle shapes distributed around could put an entire city into lockdown spasms indefinitely. Over-reaction to innocent activity is an exploitable weakness, and I hope the police force realizes that.

    Anyone contemplating something truly nefarious knows diversions are the essence of an effective operation. Police forces should not telegraph how bloody easy such a diversion is in the modern context, lest real criminals start using more diversions to rob banks and such.