Sustainable Destruction – Exposing Agenda 21 in Rural America

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Dan Happel presents his outstanding Agenda 21 outline in Kalispell, MT.

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Contributed by James White of NorthWest Liberty News.

James White of NorthWest Liberty News  hopes to inspire you to take action.  Future generations will look back at this time for many, many years to come.  How the narrative of history reads is up to all of us.  The time to take action is now.

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  • sharonsj

    I’m sick and tired of everything damn thing being labeled “Socialism.” Wanting people to survive on this planet, and not destroy the Earth and all that lives on it, is not Socialism.

    God gave us dominion over the Earth to be stewards of it. We have failed at the job. The Powers that Be are deliberately distracting you with Agenda 21 nonsense so they (the corporations and the very rich) can take whatever they want and leave you with the dregs.

  • Yoda Dundar

    For those that are interested have a look at the video called “Thrive”, these Rockefellas etc since the beginning made sure the education system, the Banking system, Governmental systems were all designed to “keep” the ppl dumbed down, taught to “trust” Gov’t, and Don’t go against the flow
    They are scared, well I think so, because now that we the real people have the Net, etc that in a blink of an eye what we see hear is on the Net World wide, gone are the days when they got away with everything and totally untouchable, they the elites, control Big Pharma, Banks, and dictate who and when to go to War against, who to overthrow, look at Bush in Iraq, now we have a psycho running America, he has taken overthrowing Countries to a whole new level, just a quick search and the mess in the ME is enough proof, let alone Soros and others overthrowing Ukraine and instilling a puppet Gov’t, all the truth is there for the wise and aware
    Will ppl wake up, doubt it, as they have literally changed to Socialism the “people” will love the Gov’t and all the hand outs that comes with being unemployed, remember Obama said, if you Own a Company, WE built that Company, NOT YOU, he even sees himself as Emperor
    It will only get worse before it gets better, change only happens when enough people stand and say no more, doubt that will happen with the new style thugs that Obama is instilling in most Police forces, feel for the decent Cops, they have their hands tied, either do as you are told or join unemployment
    What a Mess the elites have created