Suspicious? DNC Staffer in Charge of ‘Voter Expansion Data’ Murdered in D.C.

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Hillary has been in the hot seat, but she escaped unscathed.

But what is really going on behind the scenes? Is something big going down inside the DNC?

A high level Democratic National Committee staff member, Seth Rich, was gunned down by unknown assailants near his home in Washington, D.C. while reportedly walking home at 4 a.m.

As the Washington Post noted:

Seth Rich made such an impression as a teenage intern in Nebraska that a U.S. Senate campaign hired him before he completed high school. A young man who dreamed politics, he headed to Capitol Hill after college.


Early Sunday morning, the 27-year-old was shot to death in a crime that has shaken not only his family, colleagues and friends, but also many in his Bloomingdale neighborhood of Northwest. Police said they have no suspects, witnesses or motive, though they are looking at whether Rich could have been slain in an attempted robbery.

“He wanted to make a difference,” Joel Rich said of the younger of his two sons. “Politics was in his blood.” He called his son’s killing “a waste.”

DNC Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz gave condolences for a staff member described as being from a prominent Jewish family that she appears to have known personally:

“Seth Rich was a dedicated, selfless public servant who worked tirelessly to protect the most sacred right we share as Americans,” said Wasserman Schultz.

“He was a joy to have as a member of our team, and his talents, intelligence and enthusiasm will be deeply missed by many friends, colleagues and co-workers who worked by his side in service to the highest ideals of our democracy.”

Tragic. And apparently senseless. But what really happened?

Was a high level DNC staffer really just killed in a random robbery attempt in the middle of the night, coincidentally months before the 2016 election, which has been a lightning rod for controversy?

It is simply hard to believe in coincidence.

The real question, then, is: what did he know?

All we know so far is that this 27 year old was in charge of voter expansion data and had something to do with a program that tapped into the nationwide database of registered voters.

According to the Washington Post:

After graduating in 2011, Rich was quickly hired by a national polling company and moved to the District. Two years later, he went to the Democratic National Committee, where he worked on the development of a computer program that allows people to enter their names and have maps drawn to their polling places. It required data culled from every voter precinct in the country.

Given that it is election year 2016, and every sneaky thing in the world is going on, one has to wonder if there was something that needed to be covered up in the voter rosters or registration process.

It calls to mind the tragic death a top Republican IT “guru” who died in a suspicious plane crash back in 2008… all because he seemed to know quite a bit about how electronic voting machines worked.

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  • Mike


  • I am a person with intimate knowledge of the inner workings of the Clinton case. I will answer as many questions as I can without giving too much away.

  • LibertyOrDeath1775

    Killary is at it again.

  • .44 Magnum

    Anybody working for killary has to understand that this could happen anytime, anywhere, to anyone.

  • MarkovDeBeeste

    We know what happened and why. Where Hitlery is concerned it’s not a good idea to know too much or say anything without The Hildabeast’s permission. Traitors (real or suspected) to her cause face summary execution. The Klintons are racking up a body count that makes Lyndon Johnson look like a Boy Scout.

  • BigGaySteve

    What if the reason that the only good liberal is a dead liberal is because other liberals kill them?

    • Public_Citizen

      It’s because their vote can then be relied upon, in perpetuity.

  • dennis cheever

    Just one of the reasons to change our government completely. No Hi-liar-ly, no more politics as they are. Vote out anyone in office, get a total changeover.

  • BigMG

    The fact that a murder occurred in one of the most crime ridden places is not really that interesting.
    But, it bears out that areas most heavily controlled by the DNC all seem to have similar problems.
    Second, anytime a Clinton is nearby, people tend to just mysteriously drop dead.

    The news is distracted by a manufactured crisis and America forgets and moves on.

    Whether Seth met is end randomly, or not, we always seem to sense a Clinton standing at the corner whistling a jaunty tune.


    When will these progressive minds see that working with ether party and posing a threat to their plans puts yourself at risk. I can write all day and these people wouldn’t see the light. Not even the highest is immune. Look at President Kennedy and his brother. He was to disrupt the plans so they removed him. His brother stepped into his shoes and was eliminated as well. Even President Reagan was to be eliminated but it failed. The only thing that saved him from another attempt was both houses turned democrat. If you are in a position to inspect voting machines and they are rigged verify them and serial number and put a verification number into the software. When you accuse bring your proof of change to the public. All will put their lives at risk but we have had to do this before. Step up and watch if you want a free nation.

  • Samarami

    It does no good to whine and bellyache and quip and joke about the ignorance, murder and mayhem that is political action — bread and circus for the callow. But there is one thing you CAN do: abstain from beans. If you start today refraining from engagement in the illusion of “elections”, at least YOU will be making a difference. Sam

  • Vernon Bennett

    Yes they are, if DC has such strict gun controls the people ‘who’ follow the rules should not have guns. The ‘criminals’ have guns. But the Democrats don’t like to be confused with the facts.

  • Debra Callier Murphy

    Funny, little, made up, speculative non-story here. This is the most troubling thing about a Trump candidacy, made up fake speculation being presented as fact is becoming an acceptable form of B.S. news and political strategies that take advantage of the uninformed.