Suspected Plate Fracture In Cali/Oregon: Insiders Reportedly Evacuating West Coast Cities

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After fifty earthquakes struck Northern California in the last 24 hours, and a massive quake in eastern Russia measuring 8.2 on the Richter scale, reports are emerging that some high profile individuals on the U.S. west coast have begun evacuating their families. Unidentified international dignitaries have likewise been reportedly flown out of the San Francisco area.

The reasoning is that there may be a suspected massive “plate fracture” occurring off of the Oregon/California coast.

Received by Steve Quayle:

Something HUGE is going down….

Just had Two 5.7 earthquakes just north of Sacramento near Lassen Volcanic National Park. Don’t normally post this kind of thing just giving you a heads up…

All I can say is someone was given the word that California is about to get a big one. Moving their family out right now. They are in San Jose. Not someone who would joke around unless they knew something…

I really don’t want to freak anyone out but this is legit info… I’m sorry, just knew when this guy said something that he was worried. He was given the word to move VIPs then told to get out of Cali. Like NOW!

Key dignitaries from SanFran consulates have been flown out.

Suspected plate fractures off Oregon, Cali coast. A double header. That’s all I know..

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  • shake rattle and run

    There have been:

    32 earthquakes today

    322 earthquakes in the past 7 days

    323 earthquakes in the past month

    11,048 earthquakes in the past year

    The biggest earthquake:

    today: 7.4 in South Pacific Ocean

    this week: 7.4 in South Pacific Ocean

    this month: 7.4 in South Pacific Ocean

    this year: 7.8 in Prince Rupert, British Columbia, Canada

    Most current data at hand:

    3 hours ago, 5.7 magnitude, 11 km depth
    Susanville, California, United States


    8 minutes later, 3.5 magnitude, 0 km depth
    Susanville, California, United States

    17 minutes later, 2.6 magnitude, 1 km depth
    Susanville, California, United States

    21 minutes later, 2.6 magnitude, 1 km depth
    Susanville, California, United States

    21 minutes later, 3.4 magnitude, 0 km depth
    Susanville, California, United States

    22 minutes later, 2.8 magnitude, 1 km depth
    Susanville, California, United States

    37 minutes later, 2.6 magnitude, 5 km depth
    Susanville, California, United States

    38 minutes later, 2.6 magnitude, 0 km depth
    Susanville, California, United States

    41 minutes later, 2.5 magnitude, 1 km depth
    Susanville, California, United States

    43 minutes later, 2.7 magnitude, 0 km depth
    Susanville, California, United States

    • mick


      • Anonymous

        I know right… I copied and pasted this for anyone who cares but the reality is IF this happens, where the hell are you gonna run to? It takes hours just to get to work in the morning in SF and longer to get home. Now try and get out of the state PDQ. Hahaha.

        Nothing to see here folks, just trying to kiss my ass goodbye…. leave me alone dammit.

        • bonnie

          WHY would anyone WANT to run, hide, grovel and fight for food & water, be ready to shoot anyone on sight, etc….why? What is the point? I’d rather be ready and supplied with my faith and go meet my maker.

    • Chappy

      What a pile of horse crap! You people are no better than those who lie on the left….when no quake MASS event happens I hope more people see you all for the liars you are!

      • Crappy

        Hey dude. People like you are no better than people like us that take the information provided and do with it what we can. Dont like the information, piss off and move along. None of us plan to run amok but do have our preps in order just in case. To ignore the possibility is just as foolish as running screaming throught the streets that the sky is falling. I am sure all those idiots who ignored the warnings in Japan and New Jersey and New Orleans wish they had been smarter than you.

      • Steven

        Well see ya then, good luck

    • Are you in Cal.

  • Stef


  • blah

    to the moon now!


    RUN RUN RUN , THE SKY IS FALLIING, ER, THE GROUND IS FALLING, well, something is falling or something is happening, or uh,,,HUH? What’s going on? What are we gonna do? the world is gonna end, OMG OMG HELP HELP,,,, call in the mariines, army, navy, air force, everybody get off the ground

    • Philistine

      I take it you don’t have any supplies. Gonna sit around waiting for the government like those animals in New Orleans. Like fungus, just sitting and rotting because, like you, they be ignant.

      If massive earthquakes happen in quick succession, guess what you ignant foo, that’s out of the ordinary.

      And besides, it’s not like anyone’s ever been killed by an earthquake. oh, wait, strike that… fool.

  • Ken, your UK friend

    No pun intended but I really am shaking at the thought of this :-/

  • Mojo Celtica

    There’s been a bunch of earthquakes today near Greenville.

  • TylerM

    I just verified this, and YES there was several MASSIVE quakes in Russia via in the Sea Of Okhotsk

    And alot of quakes in CA as well.

  • ralph cramden

    rumor has it that people get goofy at the time of the full moon.. could that be whats goin on here.

    BUSH DID IT Bush and those darned neocons

    • Archie1954

      Ralph I wouldn’t put it past him. When you ally yourself with Satan you get a lot of earthly power.

  • Wayne

    Actually – given the location – it is more likely that this is something volcanic verses a Tsunami sort of incident … not that that would be anything preferable.

    A major volcanic incident would be AT THE VERY LEAST as bad as a Cascadia quake like Japan / Indonesia.

  • Anonymous

    This is from the Chinese earthquake machine that they built with help from O.

    • Anonymous

      The “earthquake machine”, well, there are several world over, have been in existence long before “O”, and one is located right here in Alaska and we know them as H.A.A.R.P. So don’t blame the Chinese.

  • Obedient CItizen

    Check out the live seismic server over here:

    The earth is ringin like a bell.

  • Jay


    • Obedient CItizen


  • Be informed

    If you check SHTFplan you will see that I have been warning about a 8+ or more earthquake for the past couple of weeks due to the precursor quakes on many plate boundaries. It is not the west coast of North America that is in extreme danger at first, it is Chile to Mexico that is primed for something awful. Especially the Peru region.

    This was the largest deep focus earthquake ever. The previous one was 8.2 in 1994. This jarred the entire crust of the planet. Still the indications point to the south of the U.S. at first. The previous times these precursor quakes have occurred many major earthquakes followed. Especially after the one west of the Macquarie Islands on March 25, 1998. After that one 5 major earthquakes in different spots followed within 15 days, and one of those was a 8.1.

    The earthquake today on the Mid Atlantic Ridge, the exact spot on November 13, 2006, an earthquake in the Kuril Islands of 8.3 happened 2 days later. So no one is out of the woods.

    Focus on Chile to Mexico, this is much more likely for a painful earthquake.

    • Heyoka

      ALmost on time for the Mayan clock too. I ave often wondered where they got their information. It seems like it is cyclical to be sure. Massive Solar Flares recently and the core temp changing. The real reason for Global Warming. Too bad the so called experts have been so focused on their pet theories that they could not see past their noses.

      Ancient wisdom wins out over puffed up pride and shallow knowledge to be sure.

      Thanks for your input. I know things have been heating up I am as sensitive as the animals. SOmetimes the quakes wake me up with the sounds I hear in my head even if they are too far away to hear….

  • Heyoka

    I live in the interior of Alaska, got plenty food water and bullets…. Bets time of the year for this to happen. We are having our annual machinegun shoot this wek end.

    Lots of like minded people already in a group… Life is good.

    How is it in Kalifornia

    Back in the, Back in the, Back in the USSA…..

  • indigo

    Anything that Steve Quayle says can be tossed in the toilet.He is a fear mongering nut job,sensationalist wanna be prophet,who’s been getting it wrong for years.Disinfo specialist par excellence.

  • space jammer

    ok so huge asteroid comin by in a couple days or so, seismic events occuring

    Im sure this is all just a coinkidink

  • ThomasT

    According to Billy Meier who went forward in time with the Plejarans to see the B I G SF eathquake, when asked when it will happen, he said not when I am still alive, He is still alive and well. Let’ssee. If that is too much for you after nasa/seti/govt misinfo, that is your problem, not mine.

  • Raven

    California has 30+ quakes every day of the week.

    The Russian quake was at 373 miles deep. so it was a big event.

  • Plumas guy

    actually it was one 5.7. but there has been about 60 quakes there in the last two days including 3 4’s which is unusual

  • Chris

    What better way to divert attention from all the crap Obama is in than to ping the west coast with HAARP or SCALAR and cause a massive earthquake. When the dust settles from the quake Obama will be entrenched as dictator in chief and the US constitution will be a thing of the past.

  • Jay

    You guys are so stupid if you believe in such a bullshit news! This person gives no proof that his words base on real facts. Same rubbish as haarp. Human will never be able to control or predict nature. Learn that america is not the greatest force on earth! Accept it and stop to panic people with such “news”.

  • Locus

    The plate is fractured already in these places, at least near the surface. That’s what a fault is. These quakes are too far inland and too shallow to be anything but fault slippage, and not near enough to magma chambers to be likely volcanic precursors.

    Although evacuating California is a generally good idea for any number of reasons, and my thoughts go out to those brave souls who are resolved to escape.

    Good BBC documentary on the Cascadia subduction zone,

    On the 1906 San Francisco Earthquake,

  • Tom

    I’m surprised Steve Quayle still has any credibility left. This is classic Quayle, some unnamed source for something big, then nothing, then he’s back at it with something else next time.

    • indigo


  • Anonymous


  • Tom Thatcher

    Buy some Beach front Property in Arizona and Nevada before its too late…

  • Steve from Ohio

    OMG! It is now 6/7/13 and California is gone! It just fell into the Pacific and millions are now dead. Oh, no wait…..I was having a dream. I guess all those folks that ran away have to run back now. Oh well.
    Good luck to you all……slaves.