SUPER FAIL: Desperate Jeb Super PAC Now Paying People to Attend His Rallies

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…as a “seat filler” for a man who no one wants to see running the country!

Wow. It’s a good thing all those megacorporations and wealthy elitists gave Jeb Bush’s Super PAC so much money. Otherwise, how else would they be able to afford to pay people to attend his rallies?

Apparently it’s the only way to get people to attend a Jeb! rally.

That’s right. Because Jeb!, even with the added exclamation point, can’t garner an audience on his own, one of his PACs is literally handing out $25 to anyone who will show up, provided they stay the whole two hours.

Via Blake Grayson, The Conservatarian:

This is a picture of a flier from RJ Penny a student in Iowa campaigning for Rand Paul, we reached out for comment but received no reply. It seems Jeb now had to resort to paying people to attend his functions.

Grayson emailed, “Hey Dale, I’m looking to attend the Jeb Bush rally for some quick money, how do I get paid for just watching some guy speak?” and received the following email reply:


How sad would it be to be the guy who works for the Jeb Super PAC who has to hand out those flyers and reply to those emails?

At least with Hillary you have a supporter base who somehow manages to remain blissfully ignorant of her lifetime of crimes and scandals… Does Jeb even have any real supporters?


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