Super Bowl XLVII to Receive Enhanced Security Including NORAD

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When the 47th Super Bowl commences tomorrow evening at the New Orleans Superdome, it will receive full security coverage from the North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD).

NORAD has been conducting drills under a security exercise labeled Exercise Falcon Virgo 13-Super Bowl.

According to Government Security News:

The Falcon Virgo exercise, said the command, is a series of training flights in coordination with the Federal Aviation Administration, FBI, Customs and Border Protection, Civil Air Patrol, the 601st Air and Space Operations Center, and the Continental U.S. NORAD Region’s Western Air Defense Sector. The agencies are part of America’s team for defense of the air space around the nation, including events like the Super Bowl. (Source)

NORAD’s presence will be among a bevy of enhanced security measures that will put stadium-goers through unprecedented screening and surveillance, as well as the general traveling public caught in its web.

The official NFL Super Bowl website alerts attendees:

Super Bowl Screening Procedures For Spectators

Security screening at the Mercedes-Benz Superdome will be significantly heightened for the Super Bowl. Many items usually permitted in NFL events will not be allowed into the Super Bowl. The National Football League and the Police Department strongly recommend that spectators minimize the number and size of all items carried into the Dome.

All items carried by spectators will be carefully inspected and potentially not allowed into the Mercedes-Benz Superdome. Spectators are urged to bring nothing larger than a very small purse or bag. The NFL, the Mercedes-Benz Superdome and the New Orleans Police Department will not hold prohibited or excluded items for spectators. (Source)

Among the normally prohibited items such as fireworks, camcorders, lasers, knives and other weapons, baby strollers and umbrellas will not be permitted. Highlighting the increased screening process, the NFL states that:


While F-15’s and customs and border protection agents fly overhead, this Super Bowl is sure to have the latest security gadgets on hand inside the venue as well as the airport and the surrounding area, much as they did for the previous event including smartphone-wielding undercover police sending livestream data to local headquarters, X-ray trucks, and radioactive threat detection, amid the low-tech gropedowns.

This year nearly 70 agencies will combine forces to heighten security with snipers, HAZMAT teams, and an array of land, sea, and air protection according to a CBS report. The video below, featuring Secretary of Homeland Security Janet Napolitano, goes behind the scenes with the FBI to show some of the integrated systems that will be on display for this Super Bowl.

The TSA will once again be inside the venue, and their site states that they will double their presence inside the airport and out on the streets with VIPR teams covering mass transportation:

TSA will be fully staffed and anticipates efficient and safe screening operations at Louis Armstrong New Orleans International Airport (MSY) checkpoints this weekend. Additional security officers are also being brought to the airport to support the screening of the 50,000 passengers expected over the busy weekend .


Super Bowl fans may encounter TSA Visible Intermodal Prevention and Response (VIPR) teams on local transportation venues, including commercial and general aviation facilities and mass transit. Teams augment other federal, state, and local transportation and law enforcement to reduce potential terrorist risks to the traveling public.

TSA assets will also work with law enforcement at Mercedes-Benz Superdome during the high-profile game.

Fans are encouraged to report potentially dangerous situations to law enforcement or someone in authority. The Department of Homeland Security’s “If You See Something, Say Something™” campaign reminds the American public that security is a shared responsibility.

“If You See Something, Say Something™” used with permission of the NY Metropolitan Transportation Authority.


Every year since 9/11, we have seen a justification to employ the very same agencies that failed (or supported) that day including the unprecedented stand down of NORAD. Taxpayer dollars continue to pour in for increased military-grade security around entertainment venues and sports. Until people get fed up en masse and boycott these events, we will continue to be looted and groped based entirely on the War on Terror hoax, giving implicit approval for these agencies to expand their activities to any area of America they wish.

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  • Freedom Fighter

    What a waste of fucking money.

  • G-DAWG

    Well, the last paragraph and espeacially last sentence seems to sum it up.

    At least it helps give a little idea and insight to what we could be up against.

    The fix is beyond the ballot box. Semper Fi. III

  • David B

    Come on man!!! I see need of some airspace restrictions, but all that other stuff?! Well it is stupid!! Yes what a waste of manpower and money!! I think the Pansy’s In DC have to toot their own horn!! We don’t see Israel or their Mossad going around saying they are going to do this or that!! The shit is a lot worst over there than it is here!! Bunch of chicken littles in DC!! I can’t believe the sheep buy this shit!!

  • kraz

    Just the fact that there are even 70 agencies is scary. How many more do we need? I get the idea too that this is not so much about protecting the game as it is practice for upcoming “events.”

  • Does this remind anyone of the 1936 Olympics in Berlin?

  • Ken, your UK friend

    Apologies, tried to upload a recent foto of a Bristol Rovers vs Swindon match but couldnt. Police all in crash helmets and bright flourescent jackets outnumber fans they escort up the street. And plenty of horses with eye guards and leg padding. Public Order Offenses just for singing a song!
    Also, yesterday in the busy and thriving new markets of the Bear Pit, Bristol, the talking CCTV barks out “This is an alcohol free zone!” when I could clearly see the teenagers sat down were drinking cans of caffeinated energy drinks.
    Further reports to be made as I see fit. Thankyou for listening.

  • David B

    Yeah Ken no problem!! Man it sounds like it really sux over there!! Well I guess when ya have to cave to what people think is royalty, that’s what ya get!!

  • I won

  • I wonder how many security agencies are owned by foreign companies. I thought NASA was outsourced “to save money.“

  • Mojo Nixon

    What a better way to push ‘enhanced security’ on the masses as ‘protection from the evil-doers’.

    The number of people paying huge sums of money for the privilege of being an assumed threat clearly demonstrates the mindless-heard mentality.

  • Native Liberty

    “pre-conditioning” the “sheeple” to accept “protocols” and manufactured fear mongering.

  • ApocSin

    Yet the puppy bowl gets nothing!

  • Ken, your UK friend

    Security? Funny issue! Whoever destroyed those 3 nice buildings in New York, conveniently keeping the Pentagon and all its functionality intact, is a criminal of the highest order of magnitude and he walks, no, stalks the earth a free man and no-one ever suspects his dirty little secret. Osama? He’d find it very hard to cause further trouble from his virgin filled Paradise LOL. However, the real terrorists wouldn’t hesitate to do this again and I hope and pray I am not inside the next building they blow up.

  • Seems like more attention should be paid to electricity. Is the dome cursed???