“Stun Cuffs” The New Shock Collar For The Sheeple

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By Digby Jones

One jail in Missouri has implemented new “stun cuffs” to keep rowdy inmates in line, because apparently it is just too much to ask of prison guards (who can make six-figures in overtime and bonuses in states like California) to get up on their own two feet and administer a shock themselves. That is only IF such an action is absolutely necessary.

What is scary about this new technology is the incredible potential for abuse, since the mere press of a button will administer 80,000 volts through the wearers body. Oh, I see one of your feet is an inch over the red line! SHOCK. Oh, I see you didn’t shine the warden’s shoes good enough! SHOCK.

Much like drones, I fear that this new technology will inevitably spread like wildfire, and will eventually diversify into other areas of life. Can you imagine if free-thinking public schoolchildren, who dare to question the government propaganda they are made to consume, are forced to wear a “child friendly” version of a stun cuff around their ankle, that will only be removed until they are deemed to be “cured” Obamabots?

Even if these are only hypothetical scenarios of a future dystopia, wouldn’t it be nice if our country could actually invent things again that propelled civilization forward, rather than being hell-bent on developing tools to cause pain, suffering, and death to other human beings via the prison-industrial complex and the military-industrial complex?

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  • tinhat

    obey or I will change your mind in the rehab camps

  • Peter

    Again another violation of the Constitution Amendment 8:
    Excessive bail shall not be required, nor excessive fines imposed, nor cruel and unusual punishments inflicted.

  • THEIR after the kids,it sure is a good thing americans don’t care about their children,IF you did anything to the kids in mexico,a member of the family would gut you with his knife,but not in america,you could inject poison or dangerous VACCINES into them and the parents wouldn’t care,THEY LOVE any chance they get to kiss the governments ass,AND THE DAYS coming when every kid in school will be required to have a shocker on their arm or leg……..

  • Laurence Almand

    Another Big Brother method of control. Just WHO is going to administer the shocks, and WHY? Suppose a psychotic prison guard – there are a lot of those – just likes to torture the prisoners? Who is going to stop him? I guess is it only a matter of time until they start putting these on school children.

  • dadwasright

    If you would speak of abuse try Rutger Hauer 1991 wedlock. Arnold Schwarzeneggar 1987 the running man. What once was science fiction, is now science fact ! 2017 is not that far away !