Study Shows People Now Stress Losing Their Smartphones Almost as Much as Terrorism

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You can learn a lot about a culture by taking a close look at what makes the people in that culture afraid or stressed. You can learn a lot more by figuring out how people prioritize their fears. After all, everyone around the world has the same fears and anxieties. It’s culture that tells us to fear one threat over another. As for folks living in our Western culture, apparently losing a cell phone is one of the worst things that can happen to them.

A study by the Physiological Society recently polled 2,000 people in England on what kinds of events cause them the most stress. The study was based on the Holmes and Rahe stress test, which has been around since 1967. As you might expect, people find the death of a loved one, imprisonment, and the destruction of ones home by fires and flood, to be the most stressful possibilities that they can imagine. Those are common fears that just about everyone shares, no matter the time or place.

However, the participants ranked terrorism and losing their smartphones on an almost equal footing. On a scale of 1-10, terrorist threats were given a rank of 5.84 and losing a smartphone was ranked at 5.79, after everyone’s answers were averaged.

And that sums up one of the most troubling aspects of our culture. We have a lot of the same fears as everyone else. However, we’re easily cowed by governments who push terrorism propaganda down our throats at every opportunity, and we can be devastated by the loss of an inanimate object that we’ve decided should be the linchpin of our identities and personal lives.

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  • Joel W

    Completely wrong. I would say they stress that a million times more than anything and everything, even death. Hell, have you ever witnessed somebody’s behavior if even just the battery dies and they can’t find a charger? They go full on anxiety attack and behave as if their child was raped, tortured and murdered right in front of them.

    List of the worst things that could happen to a sad amount of people (mostly the Snowflakes (#SnowflakeLiveMatter):

    1) Lose phone
    2) Phone battery dies
    3) Trump gets elected
    4) Trump get re-elected
    5) Local Starbucks close down for good
    6 on down) Tons of other things that logical, mature adults would NEVER concern themselves with
    23498753194871) Death

    • Just an average joe


  • cmb

    Terrorism is a CIA construct, losing phone is real and much worse

    • WandaRivera11

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    • Katie Did

      Get real.

      • cmb

        Get a brain

        • Katie Did

          Got one. You?

  • bt

    Honestly, more people probably die cell-phone-related deaths than from terrorism. So this is entirely rational. What’s not rational is the fear of terrorism in the first place…

  • It is not Paranoia

    I guess I’m just gonna stress about this fact.

  • Chris Sky

    lol this is such a dumb comparison. did you ever stop to think that the “losing the cell phone” vs “terrorsm” ratings were like that… not because people were more stressed about losing a cell phone than being in a terrorist attack… but because most people realized that the CHANCES of losing your phone are exponentially higher than the chance of being in a terrorist attack.

  • Ken, Megapolis

    Most white people I know are petrified that what happened to Lee Rigby is going to happen to them next. This is because the media keep going on about Islam so regularly. Papers have very little effect on me because I lost family members to cancer so therefore you observe my life experiences as having greater MAGNITUDE than political or press opinion.
    I greatly fear cancer and lose sleep over it long before I have been diagnosed with it. Then recall all the celebrities who died last year of the Big C.
    I am prepared to sell my house to purchase a guaranteed vaccine against cancer.
    I sincerely wish all men equal good health.
    Happy St Patrick’s Day☘️☘️☘️