Study Finds 2/3 of Patients on Antidepressants Are Not Depressed

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America is well-known for being a highly medicated society. Antidepressants in particular are a big moneymaker for the pharmaceutical industry, since at least 1 in 10 Americans are on these pills. But when you compare our level of pharmaceutical consumption to that of other countries, it’s obvious that our doctors are prescribing them to people who are not actually depressed.

A recent study published in the Journal of Clinical Psychiatry came to the same conclusion. The researchers conducted multiple interviews with antidepressant users in the Baltimore area. They found that 69% of them never had a depression disorder. They also considered other conditions that are commonly treated with antidepressants, such as OCD, panic disorder, social phobia, and anxiety disorder. 38% of the patients never met the criteria for those ailments.

There were however, several traits that these patients frequently shared, which had nothing to do with their mental health. They were mainly of Caucasian descent, and had recently suffered physical problems like back pain, hypertension, or loss of bladder control. One factor stood out the most for having some awful implications. “Recent mental health facility visits were associated with antidepressant use in addition to mental disorders.” In other words, people are showing up to mental health facilities with benign mental problems, and rather than using their expertise to filter out the people who aren’t sick, the doctors are giving pills to almost everyone.

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Contributed by Joshua Krause of The Daily Sheeple.

Joshua Krause is a reporter, writer and researcher at The Daily Sheeple. He was born and raised in the Bay Area and is a freelance writer and author. You can follow Joshua’s reports at Facebook or on his personal Twitter. Joshua’s website is Strange Danger .

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  • Gearmoe

    Even worse, people are left on these medications and the original reason they came in is not addressed and resolved. What do you think happens when they are taken off the medications?

    • Reverend Draco

      They go through withdrawals.

      • Eric Harris was removed from his meds, cold turkey, the day before he shot up Columbine with Klebold.

        • Reverend Draco

          Like I said – withdrawals.

          • Pretty much a gross understatement in that case. If the coroner did an autopsy, there was no mention of the psychoactives in his system, but then, they wouldn’t have been surprised since they got the result they wanted.

    • They’ll grab whatever weapon which is at hand and begin the slaughter of innocents, as the shooters have.

    • Roddy Pfeiffer

      Some conditions like chronic pain, back pain, nerve pain never go away. You treat them with medication forever.

      • Drugs aren’t the answer when you have CBD to deal with that.

  • tanaberrys .

    There is no time to teach people coping skills… but there is plenty of time to train them in the art of victim mentality. Resilience, inner strength and acceptance are things of the past!!

  • CarolinaPride

    I have to believe that children prescribed medication for ADHD are more likely to want a pill in adulthood. The state of health care today is sad. From expensive unnecessary testing (CT, MRI) to big big pharma. Medical industrial complex.

    • Ritalin users become illicit drug users at a very high rate.

      • CarolinaPride

        Sad state of affairs, and now we’ve seen them push pain medication, take it away and then flood the country with heroin.

        • The CIA would be a shadow of its present self if it weren’t for their continual profiting from the flooding of the country with heroin and more recently, crack cocaine, which they have admitted introducing to Los Angeles, through their gangland apparatchiks.

  • Mike

    That would be because they all get kickbacks from big pharma. It is time to put an end to big pharma.

    • If you take any pharmaceuticals, you should give them up as a first step. If not, you should help anyone you know get off of them.

      • Mike

        The only junk I take is over the counter like aspirin or advil or allergy meds. I hate prescriptions of any kind. Most of them do more harm than good.

        • Aspirin and ibuprofen are both NSAIDs and do plenty of damage of their own. Advil is a high dollar brand name for ibuprofen. I take lisinopril for my blood pressure because if I don’t my CDL will go away. I’m working on a nutritional solution to the problem, but I’m taking my time because lisinopril is well tolerated and pretty benign as compared to beta blockers and other things. Anyone who doesn’t thoroughly study the package insert (or the PDF entry, same thing) for any prescription that they are going to subject themselves to, deserve anything that happens to them IMO.

          • Mike

            I only get the store brand of ibuprofen, because name brand is way to expensive. I only take it for my knee when it is inflamed. Been trying to grow my own anti-inflammatory plants with no luck so far.

          • The best anti-inflammatory plants are spices, and none of them are domestic to north america. I’d recommend that you read
            Healing Spices: How to Use 50 Everyday and Exotic Spices to Boost Health and Beat Disease by Bharat B. Aggarwal PhD and Debora Yost. That is where I found fennel seed, which is what I’m giving a try. I got it in capsules from Vitacost.

      • sunshine

        I only take prescription iron supplements…

        • Prescription iron supplements?

          • sunshine

            Yes…I got them when I had my most recent child and my placenta kind of detached a little bit and I bled a lot. I am anemic anyways and am bad about taking vitamins (I know I know lol) so they gave me the pills. I was very close to needing a transfusion (which I would’ve refused anyway) so I do take them.

        • I hope you are aware that overdosing of some iron supplements are a major cause of many of the major killer diseases, beyond being the feed stock for the majority of the nastiest free radicals.

          • sunshine

            Really? I didn’t know this at all. I am anemic, what should I do then? I do LOVE liver, eat a lot of it, beans, zaatar, and other iron rich food, but I don’t think it helps much.

          • By what symptomatology have you been diagnosed to be anemic? You could easily suffer from an iron wasting metabolic disease that removes the iron and excretes it instead of using it. There are several types of anemia, and you might want to consider protecting yourself from an ignorant medical provider by doing your own due diligence, particularly if you have a copy of the assay results.

          • sunshine

            I had a blood test…but I am not sure if I have the results any more. If I was to get re-tested, who do you think would be the best doctor to do it?

          • You don’t need a doctor, just someone to draw the blood and a lab tech to do the chemistry. Make sure they do a red blood cell rather than a blood plasma test, because the plasma level doesn’t show long term trends that are relevant. If you need a doctor, a hemotologist would be the best choice. There are several private labs that will do the draw and give the results to you without a prescription, but you’ll have to look for one in your area.

  • lilred

    I wish doctors would prescribe treadmills and exercise equipment instead

    • They would if they’d been taught about them in the AMA-controlled medical schools they attended. I don’t need any exercise equipment, I help unload truckloads of merchandise at a Walmart, which makes me sweat the toxins out of my body, and the blubber off of my gut.

      • sunshine

        Wal-mart is a serious workout, the cart guy was telling us how he lost 40lbs without doing anything more than just wrangling the carts. When I worked at a fast food restaurant I probably walked about 3-4 miles a day going from the front to the back, cleaning the whole place, and doing everything during my shifts. Better than sitting at a desk all day, that’s for sure.

        • The cart guys’ job has been made very easy by the introduction of electric mules that push a long line of carts into the store. Most of their workout comes from adding carts to the line, not pushing them all. I do one of two jobs in unloading trucks. I either pick up and place boxes of a variety of weights on the “line” of rollers and/or push the line of boxes on the line down the line to the sorters in the building. I really hate the 4-packs of paint and the 6 packs of antifreeze, unless I’m pushing, which is my favorite of the two. I spend the last hour or two of day doing the unloading. I spend the first 6 hours in an average day walking all over the store unless I’m assembling bicycles, grills, furniture, or store fixtures.

  • Guillotine_ready

    When a society begins to devolve the first few steps down take time to occur and affect part of the society, as time goes go and money accumulates from the incremental frauds there are larger steps taken, more institutions corrupted. Right we have a society where pay offs and bribes are just the way we do business and bought off officials, doctors, teachers and everyone else with any kind of socially involved position is bought and paid for.
    All most people care about in this country is money, everything is done for profit or not done at all. These are the worst motives but they are all we have in this shithole of a country and when my generation is gone all that will be left is a partially socialized, dumbed-down never disciplined bunch of spoiled brats who are scared of their own shadow.
    Saving the country is a feel better temporarily pipe dream it has been allowed to devolve much too far for that to ever happen

    • When can he expect you to be gone so we can fix the damage done by your ignorant apathy?

  • kirkpatrick

    This proves they work! Say the pill poppers and pushers.

  • Fleendar the magnificent

    Here’s something that I need to share. This was just told to me yesterday by my coworker and personal friend.

    One of my coworkers whom I have known for well over a decade and is one of the most gentle and kindest people I know recently had a medical issue that damn near killed him. His B-P spiked, he passed out and quit breathing. Fortunately his wife was home and saved him within seconds.

    Anyhow… he was put on B-P meds and antidepressants for his ailments and he told me about this and how he felt afterwards. The first week he was *extremely * tired, worn out and was kind of moody and off kilter. The second week, a bit more, irritable and tense. Then yesterday he told me that he had extremely violent dreams of killing someone’s kids over fight over tools from his garage earlier in the week. He told me that this was the second “dream” that he had and that it freaked him out, so he quit taking these pills.

    His telling me this, along with seeing these mass shooters and their mental state of being shows me that these pills are very likely the problem. They are creating this problem with these pills.

    There’s NO doubt that the liberals want gun control and confiscation. Mayhaps they are using thee pills and their mood altering attributes to encourage gun violence to obtain gun control?

    • brutus

      BINGO! And your next game is Scramble being that’s what other forces want to do to your mind if you let them.

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      • Ken, Megapolis

        SPAM. STOP.

    • huntress


      • Fleendar the magnificent

        Once he told me of his experience with these antidepressants, he and I discussed what’s happening with these shootings and how the common denominator is almost always that these people were one some kind of mood altering serotonin uptake pill, that they were on antidepressants. It really struck a chord with me and has encouraged me to dig deeper into this issue with mass shooters, antidepressants and the connections between them and encouraging violence by upsetting the natural balances of the brain and our chemical balances. My coworker has never been in ADPs before and therefore, his telling me about this is a great, undoctored testimony that ADPs are one of, if not THE main cause of these mass shootings.

        Anyhow, I will continue informing people of the direct connection between these pills and the dreams of violence that they caused with him. Others need to know and hear about these cases where you have someone begin taking these pills and have such dramatic effects from them, and on the SMAE level involving kids.

        • huntress

          I will also spread the word as much as possible. Absolutely, as you have stated a direct correlation with all the mass shootings and ssdi’s. I know various times i’ve been to the doctor for minor and /or unrelated things, they always try to push the pills. I think that’s why they call it “practicing” medicine because they really don’t know.

        • sunshine

          My stepbrother shot himself while taking these pills. I wish I had known all of this back then so I could’ve tried to save him.

          • Fleendar the magnificent

            I am so sorry to hear this. These mood altering pills are SO dangerous and in some people they’re more dangerous and altering than others. The liberals are using these mood altering pills to encourage more shootings and violence, but they’re NOT targeting the problem itself, the pills, they are attacking and going after what they want to see taken away. Guns.
            You can bet that they will continue to push the mental illness button as long as they can and create numerous anti gun laws that will strip people of their arms using “mental illness” as the vehicle when in all reality, it’s the pills causing it.

          • sunshine

            Well, luckily nobody in the family blamed guns…even my father who is a total sheeple knew it was the drugs. But you are right, that’s their plan and thank you for your kind words.

    • If you can get the vomitstream media to cover homicidal and suicidal ideation, you could save a lot of lives. They are unlikely to report on the dangers of the products made by their major advertisers.

      • huntress

        Exactly, because the dimwits, i.e., hitlery blame one thing and one thing only,….guns, because she’s a complete dum*azz that does not have a friggin clue.The wench has lots of “donations” by big pharma.

        • Since their intent is not to reduce gun violence but to reduce us to abject slavery, they don’t really care whether any of their scapegoats have their claimed effect or not, as long as we are disarmed so they can proceed with genocide, as the rabbis at JPFO found in their research.

    • TheEndGameIsNear

      That is really relevant.

      Obviously some people can’t just choose to stop taking these ‘pill cocktails’, as they are ordered to take them by courts and by mandated reporters who are at face value a doctor with patient confidentiality – yet on the other side they report nearly every patient they have if they were to report the side effects you’ve described to a social service or criminal justice agency as a threat to safety of themselves or others – and the official receiving the report will have absolute capacity to sue in a civil, family, or criminal court using the mandate report as the only evidence.

      Once the official mandated to report to files, the judges rubber stamp warrants and summons in a terrifyingly robotic machine – like manner, except that they discriminate and machines don’t.

      Waking people up isn’t enough. We have to free those who are unfree to decide for themselves of those tasked and paid to control them using color and powers of law and court.

  • Ken, Megapolis

    Hi all. I instinctively prefer the Japanese model of depression. A turning within, a withdrawal from regular society and things of meaning, a passing through one’s dark night of the soul, like a long dark tunnel, but when finally emerging, one is as a chrysalis into the light?
    Depression can have triggers. Grief is an important one. Acknowledge it, embrace it, accept it, own it. Failure to do so is to short circuit your natural development.
    So what’s the choice? Accept that you will remain an ugly caterpillar crawling around the cabbages for the rest of your life? Or do you put up with a degree of discomfort holding onto the promise that you can 1 day be as free as a butterfly?
    That and a prayer or 2 works wonders?

    • If I had my druthers, a gram of good Lebanese brown a day would work better.

      • Reverend Draco


        • Just happy memories of the way things were before I gave it up for the NIDA test.

  • bozotoo

    This is so depressing.

  • bozotoo

    Sociopaths have it even worse since they already use a very small part of their brain, the “reptilian brain.”

  • It is hard to be depressed when one is in lala land.

  • If you simply attempt to follow the reasoning of many of those on this group, you’ll find more than enough evidence to prove your point.

  • ccambridge

    Pharma up the population so they don’t feel a thing as their freedoms are eroded.

  • AnnBlakeTracy

    I have been saying this for decades as I have gathered all of the cases of school shootings. mass murders, mothers killing their children, murder/suicides, etc. to include in a database of antidepressant related violence: http://www.SSRIstories.NET. And It took them HOW MANY YEARS to figure out these drugs are being given for absolutely anything at all?

    I told someone two decades ago that all you needed to do to get a script for an antidepressant was to walk past a doctor breathing. Now I don’t think breathing is even a requirement!

    The reporter standing next to me as the FDA made their announcement of placing a Black Box Warning on antidepressants for increased suicidal ideation in youth in 2004, was absolutely shocked when I told her that antidepressants have been given to children for bed wetting since the 50’s! One of the first reports I got back on my book about antidepressants (Prozac: Panacea or Pandora? – Our Serotonin Nightmare!) was from a young man in the UK who wrote to thank me for the answers it had given him. He had grown up thinking he was psychotic never once wondering about the possibility it was actually his bed wetting medication making him feel that way!

  • sunshine

    I think that people are “depressed” because they live in an unnatural environment and have no idea that there is another way to live. Also, look at what’s on TV and in movies, it’s all utterly horrible. I read a synopsis of American Horror Story and it made me want to puke, and that was just READING it! Imagine actually watching it! And that’s just one show, it’s ALL like that, if it’s not filth, it’s perversion, or violence.

    If people want to fix their depression, they need to get back to basics. Get exercise, eat REAL food (the things people eat always astonish and horrify me), go outside in the sunshine, have a garden if possible, and turn off the TV! Give yourself a purpose other than being a consumer of Jewish filth and perversion and your life will improve, and so will your mood. It’s the easiest thing in the world, but also the hardest. But….it’s your life and isn’t it worth it?

  • Stanley Scrub

    I went to a psychiatrist a few years back 1st visit, he prescribes anti-depressants. He didn’t even take the time to get to know me! I immediately cancelled all my future appointments and told him I would never see him again. How ridiculous to think everyone is cured with medications. What happened to talking out your problems???

  • TheEndGameIsNear

    They need to look into how many of them are court ordered to ingest these medications or were told to take them by a jail, social service, or prison medical official.