Study: Congress Literally Doesn’t Care What You Think

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Professors Martin Gilens (Princeton University) and Benjamin I. Page (Northwestern University) looked at more than 20 years worth of data to answer a simple question: Does the government represent the people?

Their study took data from nearly 2000 public opinion surveys and compared it to the policies that ended up becoming law. In other words, they compared what the public wanted to what the government actually did. What they found was extremely unsettling: The opinions of 90% of Americans have essentially no impact at all.

This video gives a quick rundown of their findings — it all boils down to one simple graph:

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  • the 3 branches of the corporation are slaves of the IMF / Banksters, how obvious is that??

    • sunshine

      They’re having a debate? Haha shows how much I keep up with that bread and circus bullshit nowadays.

      • Pure BARF from a manure pile of sellouts to the banksters

  • Razedbywolvs

    It’s a grate info graph. But a super naive idea. Even if you manage to pass this law in every state, you still run into the original problem of getting the law enforced correctly. It’s hamster logic to assume the government who does not follow or care about the law/ people will follow the law.
    If I was going to make a law, I think I would go for a dress code for politicians. I would make them wear a small advertisement from there sponsors. Just like NASCAR drivers.

    • Their sponsors are the banksters / IMF / Vatican Inc.

      their logo would be 666 murdering babies and selling their parts to the highest bidder

      • Reverend Draco

        Pardon me. . . you seem to have a problem with your brain being missing.

        • Hi Satan! well, one of his many kids. CONgress is composed of demonic swill who are IMF SLUTS, selling out mankind, murdering babies, extorting time, talent, labor from the mindless masses. Whores. Slithering slime. Rectal abscesses , and those are their higher qualities.

          • Reverend Draco

            Brain still missing, I see.

            Go find it before posting again – this made-up fairy tale bullshit you keep spewing is getting fucking old.

          • NonYo Business

            Its all over alternative media… turn off your TV and begin your waking up process.

          • Reverend Draco

            Haven’t had TV in almost 4 years – because I was already awake.

            Let me guess – another religious whackadoo?

          • TheEndGameIsNear

            I guarantee you that if the socialist tried to arrest 47 GOP Senators that someone will nuke the F out of this country.

            Only one traitor needs to pay for this. Instead, you wish as a traitor to sack and overthrow the 2 party system and enact genocide on any who oppose socialist liberal policy.

          • 1. There is no government
            2. There is no 2 party system
            3. libs and cons are equally maniacal sellout SLUTS to the IMF / Bankster Cartel / Vatican Inc.

        • Also, you genius, I NEVER stated that I am not a citizen
          any nation.
          Don t
          try to twist my words. I said that my family and I are the posterity
          thosewho conquered this land and have thus inherited it from them; and that you
          he United States,
          as defined by the
          Amendment to the U.S. federalConstitution in 1868 have no rights to anything here. I said we are Floridian-
          our lawful State government has been overthrown by insurgentfederal citizens,
          he United States),
          like you.And now that 99 .9%
          Americans are ignorant as to our true history, youtraitors have tricked them all into identifying themselves as federal citizens, andyou,
          this means you will get away with something? No. Absolutelynot. All that the people need is a proper education, free
          propaganda and
          l s-
          I m
          working on that. See Attachment A, entitled Why Most Americans Do
          Inherently Owe Federal Income Taxes . Let me know
          you want to write theintroduction to
          are many more to come.
          Case 1:14-cv-02128-WBH Document 41 Filed 04/20/15 Page 3 of 9

          JUST PRACTICING a cut and paste of a slightly irate wench, funny stuff.


          • If you copy and paste that into windows notepad then uncheck the “Word Wrap” menu item in the format menu then re-copy the text and paste it back here it will show up correctly. Just a FYI.

        • Nathan Togain

          What a POS FarleyLives is…its obviously a paid troll.

          • TheEndGameIsNear

            Obviously anyone who alleges people are on substances that are illegal because they think abortion is wrong and rants about random pills no one has ever heard of is a paid troll.

            Actually, that poster has a lot in common with Nazi Germany.

            People have a verifiable historic source to quote if this indeed does turn out to be global war and nuclear.

            They are absolutely on shaky ground here, and worse, if they really harbor those opinions to forcibly medicate or diagnose anyone who disagrees with their political idealism and they also believe in asylums or jails for the mentally ill then they are indeed quite dangerous to civilians, because they represent a threat starkly similar to those hunting heretics during the Inquisition.

            No society which is not at peace with itself or other nations (Baltimore, Tianjin) should ever take lightly the threats of people in a position to have people medically locked up, forcibly treated under duress, or imprisoned for political leanings that don’t jive with their own as a degree holding practicing person or public civil servant.

            The only time that ever happened it ended is sordid world war, genocide, and tragedy. Sometimes as a rational educated person who believes in science (not psychology science) and history, I fear we are already there.

          • Nathan Togain

            You suck.

      • Razedbywolvs

        ok, so will expand the law to cover there car also. Can’t fit all that on a pants suit.

      • TheEndGameIsNear

        Don’t worry the ACA Doctors are going to place your family in medical mandated lockup as soon as you miss a single doctor’s appointment.

        • will they put me on Seroquel ? you know , horse tranquilizers ? Will we be drooling and smiling a lot? OH BOY !! at least not a FEMA CAMP OVEN !

          • TheEndGameIsNear

            Shills are going to be treated with the same mercy shown Nazis in Germany.

            This means war – WW3 will be fought to end the oppression you seek. 50% of society is sick to you. So what’s really wrong here?

          • WOW,,,, step away from the crack pipe, pull the meth out of your rotted nose, put down the mouse, and get some sleep – Seroquel IV should do the trick, be sure to stay on the antibiotics to at least slow the pus oozing from your oral and rectal cavities

          • TheEndGameIsNear

            The pus oozing from your cavities is due to your long bitter years of not touching another human being with anything but pure hatred and contempt.

            I will be the first to ask you to come under the microscope here – don’t mind if I do.

            By the way, are you willing to bey my freedom on the fact that I can pass a federal drug test and background check while you work for someone far underneath me and will be thoroughly investigated since you not only wish to forcibly prescribe things to people who aren’t your patients and allege insane accusations over the internet like you’ve something to hide?

            Thanks for playing.

            I was literally banking on you people calling my bluff and pulling the drug card – but you are working with the cartel, while I am clean as a newly minted whistle.

          • TheEndGameIsNear

            While they buy fetus remains from abortion clinics I doubt they’ll be practicing much longer if at all.

            I think it might be a felony to impersonate a licensed medical professional giving out unsolicited opinions actually. Maybe we should mandate that everyone who claims to have free medical advice publish their license number, college, and internships are met and that they are duly paying their debts to society from school??

  • There cannot be a master who answers to his slaves.
    There cannot be a lord who serves his subjects.
    There cannot be a ruler who is both above the people and subordinate to them.
    Unfortunately, there are still many who refuse to learn this lesson, insisting instead that the us constitution did not fail, the people failed – by not doing it right, by not being vigilant enough, or some other BS excuse.

    • Another Thought Criminal

      Weird, I agree with your comment; yet do feel we failed the constitution.
      We weren’t supposed to elect leaders, but just people that made sure the constitution was being followed- and we failed in that.

      • As Spooner noted in 1870 (less than 100 years from its inception)
        ‘But whether the Constitution really be one thing, or another, this much is certain – that it has either authorized such a government as we have had, or has been powerless to prevent it. In either case, it is unfit to exist.’
        Today, after 230 years, we can see this to be even more true.
        The US Constitution–as with any constitution– was written by the powerful to maintain their power over everyone else.

        • Another Thought Criminal

          Well, I can’t argue with that- and I love the Larken Rose concept of no govt.; but I don’t think it’s likely to occur without some catastrophic event.

          • Unfortunately, Voluntaryism is still a mostly unknown and not very well understood philosophy. Plus, hundreds of years of state indoctrination is a powerful force to overcome, especially as the populace becomes even more ‘dumbed-down.’

  • Sir TuberKopf

    I stopped calling my congressman the day his office flat out said they really didn’t care what my opinion was on that particular issue.

    This was many years ago!

  • Undecider

    If you want to get the attention of politicians, let them look at the increase in gun sales. That sends a clear message.

  • Gearmoe

    I know at the State level it is quite common for those in office to thumb their nose at citizens.

    • TheEndGameIsNear

      At the State level they can thumb their nose all they want and advertise corruption.

      Lucky for you someone at the Federal level will come along, for a time, like a predator species looking for food and make you feel better. Then they will vanish, like ghosts and leave you watching the usurped State corrupted agent doing federal time.

  • way2inform

    Can’t count on 1 hand how many laws i break per day, except for the obvious ones. Nobody can.
    Simple as this, everyone… i was born. Where i came from idk, where im going? Idk…what you and i here on pages like this know is that it is not up to any other person place or thing on this planet to decide for us, what we should be doing at any given time. We all understand that concept yes? Ok, then forget about the shit heads running this rock unless you are actively revolting with all of the axis behind you. Otherwise you are spinning the wheels and forgetting the most important aspect of your rediculously useless life. Just control what you can control in your world and be a good person. As good as you can be to your friends and fam. Try to get ahead in a rigged game. Never give up. Read good books and enjoy intellectual anything with solid people around you, leave the trash behind you as far as people go. Love your lovers and loved ones. Unless we set a date and get behind one another for an all out revolution asault….. thats all we can do.

  • frankw

    Congress doesn’t care what we think? Now tell us something we don’t know.

  • jps73

    In America, corporations are people and money is speech, but real human protesters are getting pepper sprayed

    November 24, 2011|By Robert B. Reich

    A funny thing happened to the First Amendment on its way to the public forum. It was hijacked.

    According to the Supreme Court, money is now speech, and corporations are now people.

    Yet when real people without money assemble to express their dissatisfaction with the political consequences of this, they’re treated as public nuisances — clubbed, pepper-sprayed, thrown out of public parks and evicted from public spaces.

    The Supreme Court’s Citizens United decision last year ended all limits on political spending. Now millions of dollars are being funneled to politicians without a trace.

  • Mike

    And who needed a study to figure that out?

    • Another Thought Criminal

      There are a lot of people who somehow think the system works.

      • gato felix

        Be patient, they’ll one day also wake up!

  • Juanita

    They do not care unless the populace get riled up such as is the case withthe Planned Parenthood scandal. Because when the people get upset, they pay attention. When that happens, it ,means that the “prostitutes” could lose their phoney-baloney jobs and the special interests they serve cannot protect them. They will do what they feel necessary to keep their “employment.”

  • Prophet
    • gato felix

      “….are you some kind of constitutionalist….” because believing in the constitution is now considered a mental condition that just might land somebody in an insane asylum!

      • sunshine

        Psychiatry as a weapon, just like in the USSR. But hey, citizen, you’re totally free!

        • TheEndGameIsNear

          State mandated socialized healthcare is great..

          Till you realize they can lock people up for it.

          Alas, missing a therapy appointment is now enough to start a manhunt with social service majors doing an unpaid internship have powers of arrest and commitment.

        • gato felix

          The ‘citizen” has to be insane to actually believe they’re free!

      • Prophet

        by the powers given to me from the founding fathers of the Constitution
        as well as the second amendment of the Constitution of the united states
        of America
        they do not have the right to live
        they only have that right to die!

      • Prophet

        i don’t care what them fuckers think are say

  • gato felix

    It sure as hell reminds me of something someone said years ago, “we vote for them so they can screw us over” HA!! the reason I stopped partaking in there charade!!

  • ron17571

    If you have enough money! They listen. The current group of psychopaths are running the country into the ground. Dam sad.

  • Tatiana Covington

    Yuh, fuck it, who cares!

  • RE

    Like, DUAH!