Students Test Scores Plunge As Billions Poured Into Broken Education System

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This is my beef with our broken education system in this country. Maybe it’s not broken… maybe it’s working as designed….Maybe it’s not an education system, but an indoctrination system….and institution if you will… We are all under duress and being held back and forced into swim lanes that; quite frankly, we weren’t wired to do…. How many Teslas and Edisons and Einsteins have been snuffed out due to our cookie cutter automaton assembly line?

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  • Serenabit

    “Education” in the United States is not about teaching children, it is a money laundering scheme designed to funnel money to the “Progressive Movement” and indoctrinate children with Globalist ideology. Take a look at the income of teachers, as well as the contributions to political party(s) from the NEA and teacher’s unions. (This is public record, you just need to do a little digging.) My daughter’s High School Science teach makes $847 per day and receives lifetime medical benefits in addition to a full pension over and above Social Security when he retires. This is in Nevada where the schools are ranked #49 out of 50. Wake up people, throwing more money into “education” for “the children” has been what perpetuates the problem. This is just exacerbated when the “Child” gets to college, and they graduate with a mortgage but no home.

    • elbustaroyjetspeekerson

      $850 per DAY? REALLY?? And over 1400 upvotes on 217 comments??? REALLY really???? I smell a giant, stinking rat.

    • Amanda Ham

      Hey! I thought Oklahoma had the “proud” title of second to last in education…

    • Mike

      i have been teaching for 20 yrs and barely make over 40k. I have to pay for health insurance after retiring. I can’t imagine making that kind of money. Or having things that good.

      Over those 20’yrs I’ve seen a decline in student scores. The tests are rigged based on gender and race. And they come down to being complex reading tests. A big problem that I see is a lack of parent involvement. I know that there are so many factors involved, but at least when I was younger, parents had time to support what was going on… Reading to kids,mohel ping with homework. I know kids can come home with hours more. I know they lack science and social studies knowledge when they hit middle school as elem. school has pushed reading and math. But they hit middle school and seem to not know anything. I have students that are reading 1/2 grade levels in 6th grade. I try to make them think deeper, question concepts, ask higher order questions and get blank stares. The last two years even my gifted and honors kids have struggled with simple things.

      I wish I knew the answer. I worry what life will be like for them when they become adults.

      • Laurence Almand

        The incompetent Blacks and females will get government jobs that pay $100,000 a year for doing almost nothing. I worked for the government for 22 years and I have seen this many times: people are promoted because of their sex or color and then sit in their offices and do virtually no work at all, because they know they cannot be fired.

    • Laurence Almand

      Not to mention the gigantic debts piled up by college students, who often get degrees in useless subjects that are of no value in the work place.
      We must restore standards and stop dumbing everything down.
      We must also stop giving special treatment to low-scoring Blacks and females, who are often allowed to take positions away from competent White males.

      • SP_88

        It would help if students were actually forced to be accountable for what they are spending their student loan on.
        If you ask a bank for a loan so you can buy something stupid with it, go broke, and be unable to repay the loan, the bank will refuse the loan.
        It should be the same thing with student loans. Students should be made to show what their plans are for this education and eventual employment after they graduate. And if the student has a reasonable plan, fine. But if they say that they are going to spend a quarter million dollars to get a degree in transgender bestiality studies so they can get a job with….idk, hopefully someone, well the loan should be shut down right there, and the student told to gather their marbles and get help.
        If someone is trying to get a useless degree, and they want to get a student loan that they will not be able to repay due to unemployment and underemployment, because there is no job available for someone with one of these ridiculous degrees, the loan should be refused. If you want to pay out of pocket for one of these junk degrees, that’s your problem. But these students are basically refusing to pay back their loans, and they are blaming everyone else for their stupidity.
        Remember during occupy wall street, all those college students who demanded a free education and their student loans forgiven? Those idiots had a bunch of worthless degrees and couldn’t find a job.
        The money needs to be cut off from these colleges who offer such ridiculous classes. The students need to be held accountable before they are able to secure a loan for some bullshit degree. And if they don’t have a viable plan for this money they are borrowing, then they don’t get it.
        After all these students defaulted on their loans, mostly because of their choice of studies and subsequent inability to get a job, I certainly wouldn’t give anyone a loan without strings attached. The loan would only be used to pay for the education specified on their application. And if they decided to switch courses, it has to be approved through the loan department.
        This would solve a few issues. It would stop students from going into debt for a useless education. It would begin to starve these colleges that offer these worthless courses. And it would save the people giving the loan from having so many people default on their loans, which would make the loans cheaper.
        There’s a lot to do. But this would make a good start.

  • endofwatchersbegan1/28/2011

    America was America before the Federal Govt. took over the Education system in the early 80’s. The Globalist Rockefeller agenda was then implemented into the School System – FACT. I would call it TREASON. America has seen enough treason lately, and an IMPOTENT Congress that does NOTHING because they were INSTALLED by the Globalist pedophile satanist bankers, and serve them. That in itself is a form of TREASON. Our supposed Govt. does nothing because they are in collusion with it. This defined them as the SWAMP. A more accurate definition of them is “PURE SEWAGE”. Time for this sewage to be flushed down through the GALLOWS FLOOR. Treason will have it’s DUE.

  • Tatiana Covington

    What a bloody bore school was. How I hated it! I was glad to get thrown out on the ever glorious 03/13/1963!

    • Laurence Almand

      You are correct! Eighty percent of what they teach in modern grade schools and high schools is utterly useless for later-life applications. I was a bright student and I hated school also. I could not wait to get out, and seriously considered quitting in my junior year.
      Teachers unions have turned our once-fine educational system into a mediocre shambles, where bright students are hated and discouraged.

      • Tatiana Covington

        How true! I never did see why I was being forced to learn about American history, and still less, that of ancient Egypt. Like so what? All those people are dead. Historical figures of any real worth are the likes of Einstein, Bach, Edison, Pasteur, and perhaps Alcubierre… people who actually did something worthwhile.

        The rest, let them sleep till time ends. Don’t recognize Alcubierre? Look him up and get a surprise!

  • Laurence Almand

    Our educational system is being destroyed in order to create “equality” by lowering standards and favoring mediocrity.
    Billions are spent educating retarded and low-IQ students, while the bright, worthwhile students are being frustrated and neglected. The only way modern parents can give their child a decent education is to enroll them in a private school.
    In public schools everything is being dumbed down, and in colleges everything is geared to the Socialist agenda.
    Go to the website for an analysis. Also read the excellent books BRAINWASHED and THE LANGUAGE POLICE for a sharp look at modern “education.”
    “No child left behind” means favoring the dullest students at the expense of highly capable students, who often become frustrated and discouraged. Add to this the fact that modern education is largely dominated by man-hating females, and you have a system that is destroying many bright young minds.
    Also read the book WAR AGAINST BOYS for another example of how “education” frustrates competent young men.

  • SP_88

    The test scores of students in other countries has long ago surpassed those of American students. Other countries are still educating their students. We are indoctrinating ours.
    The curriculum in American schools is agenda driven, and has nothing to do with creating intelligent graduates. They are so focused on making sure that the students have no clue about our history or actual science, and they barely teach them how to do math or read and write.
    And instead of bringing the lowest testing students up to the level of higher scoring students, they are doing the opposite and bringing the higher scoring students down.
    Throwing money into this corrupt education system is only going to make it worse. What really needs to happen is to first get the federal government out of our education system and return it to the state and local people. Then we need to purge it of this common core cancer that has turned our education system on its head. It is not simply a bunch of state standards and testing, but it’s also part of the curriculum, especially in math. Common core math is no way to teach students how to do math. It is overly complicated and unnecessarily frustrating for students to do. And it has been shown to have a very negative impact on children’s ability to memorize things which has consequences that go far beyond math class.
    Common core math is not just some poorly thought out teaching method. It is a well thought out method of brainwashing students and turning them into obedient drones. And they know exactly what age to start doing it is for maximum impact. This is no accident or mistake. This is purposeful and with malicious intent.
    People think that the government is stupid or incompetent, they think that the people who run our education system are stupid or incompetent. They see the results of our education, and they assume that these people are stupid and incompetent because they are unable to properly educate our children. But it’s not stupidity or incompetence. It’s being done on purpose. It’s all part of an agenda. And until we recognize the problem for what it is, and the people who are responsible for it, we will never be able to put an end to it so we can replace all this indoctrination with a real education.
    Solving this problem will go a long way towards solving the problems our country faces.