Students Protest School Reeducation Policies, Rewriting U.S. History to Downplay Civil Disobendience

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Following a teacher “sick out” that shut down two Denver area high schools, hundreds of students walked out of their classrooms in protest Tuesday over a school board proposal to supposedly support “patriotism” and “respect for authority” but “downplay civil disobedience” in their history curriculum.

Via Fox News:

The school board proposal that triggered the walkouts in Jefferson County calls of instructional materials that present positive aspects of the nation and its heritage. It would establish a committee to regularly review texts and course plans, starting with Advanced Placement history, to make sure materials “promote citizenship, patriotism, essentials and benefits of the free-market system, respect for authority and respect for individual rights” and don’t “encourage or condone civil disorder, social strike or disregard of the law.”

Students organized the mass protest via social media. Some carried signs that read, “History wasn’t meant to be hidden” and “You can’t change history.”

Fox quoted one 17-year-old student from Arvada, Colorado who said, “I don’t think my education should be censored. We should be able to know what happened in our past.”

Good for them! At least they’re saying something. At least these students and teachers aren’t just blindly bowing to a system that sounds like it came straight out of a George Orwell novel.

Is this how America plans to finally brainwash it’s youth into total submissiveness?

For a long time, the school system in this country has been doing everything imaginable to downplay and discourage free, critical thinking…but now the nation’s schools are going to openly edit history by essentially omitting the acts of civil disobedience America was, in so many ways, founded upon?

How long until the U.S. is designing all the lessons plans directly from those out of Communist China or North Korea?

As a public school student who later went on to complete multiple college degrees, I remember I never once ever heard anything throughout all my years of education about the fact that President Roosevelt signed an executive order allowing our government to literally intern over 125,000 Japanese Americans into camps during World War II for the “crime” of being Japanese. This is despite having taken a class on history in college that involved a special unit on World War II! I still was never told that our government forced Japanese Americans into camps.

If I had not done my own research, and if instead I deferred all of my knowledge to only what I received in school, I guess I may never have even known that our government could be capable of such a thing…something many Americans today seem to blindly believe regardless of the fact that it has already happened before.

Can you imagine what is going to become of school children — our nation’s future — a few decades from now after schools have completely erased civil disobedience from the history books?

“He who controls the past controls the future. He who controls the present controls the past.”
― George Orwell, 1984

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  • patriot156

    I knew for we learned that in our school.
    But woudl not have known that the 2nd amendment was so citizens could revolt against tyranny when GOv get too big.
    If I hadn’t of read it in a different kind of history book, for ours never talked of such a thing.

  • BulletSponge1990

    The only history that should be taught in this country is American History unfiltered and unedited. The problem we face is that a growing number of Americans tend to take it too far toward the negative side. Always remember that no matter how bad the legislators and politicians screw things up, the Constitution is the law of this land. Anyone who doesn’t like the Constitution in its original form needs to move to another country.

    • ccc

      Tell that to the big bankers and the politicians.
      90% of stuffs they do seem to be anti-constitution.

      They don’t support gold & silver as on the only money for the nation for that start.

      The Federal Reserve is a total anti-constitutional organization. Yet all we have are journalists, politicians and activists talking about how bad it is, but no action ever happen. [ JUST TALK LIKE A PUSSY ]

      These students at least have guts and bravely and courage to stand out and protest.

      What do adults do when they are bullied by the bank: just talk, and be a pussy-citizen and get distracted by the T.V. and entertainment .

      • BulletSponge1990

        Your preaching to the choir friend. I served in a ground combat unit in the 80’s. I know too well how crooked things have become.

  • sharonsj

    Let’s hope that they (and you) learn about the union movements that the government tried so hard to kill. Without unions you and your underage kids would be working to death 7 days a week and still owe everything to the company store.

  • mirageseekr

    Hey everyone! Please check out this story. This could profoundly change what is going on in our country. Please post it and help it go viral. The implications will last generations.

  • M_Avalon

    The very first black forced into slavery in North America was in Virginia Colony and was enslaved by a black landowner.

  • robertsgt40

    I’m sure the Native Americans could appreciate the “patriotic” slant