Stratfor Founder: “Be Ready for War”

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congress declares war

Experts are now saying we’re closer to a “catastrophic and bloody” World War III now than at any other time in the past 60 years.

Via The Sun:

Russia and China, both of which are pumping vast amounts of money into their militaries, could soon rival the US in terms of power and prestige…

All three nations want to remain a global superpower – if not the only one – and are preparing for war, it is claimed.

But they oppose each other on a swathe of issues across the globe, creating a delicate political balance that could collapse and engulf nuclear states and alliances such as NATO. A range of experts have identified several flashpoints across the globe which are today the most likely triggers for such a war.

The “flashpoints” are, of course, nations in the Middle East like Syria and also in Ukraine, all destinations where US regime change efforts are continuing to fail, hacking off both Russia and China. And don’t forget the manufactured feather ruffling going on in the South Sea with China’s man-made islands…

George Friendman, founder of geopolitical forecaster STRATFOR, has also warned we should all “be ready for war”:

“There has never been a century that has not had a systemic war — a systemic war, meaning when the entire system convulses.

Do you want to bet this will be the only century that doesn’t have one? I’ll take that bet.

When you have the countries like Germany, China, and Russia decline, and be replaced by others, that’s when systemic wars start. That’s when it gets dangerous, because they haven’t yet reached a balance. So Germany united in 1871 and all hell broke loose. Japan rose in the early 20th century, and then you had chaos.

So we’re looking at a systemic shift. Be ready for war.”

If last night’s ridiculous town hall with Hillary and Trump was any indication, staged on a decommissioned aircraft carrier and set to the tune of “which puppet will drag us into war next!,” Iran is definitely coming up on the West’s military-industrial empire building checklist.

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  • Frank

    Something’s coming, all this build-up of tension has to go somewhere. Just waiting for the right “spark” to get the party started.

    • The_Ipcress_File

      What spark do you think that will be and who will light it? I say NATO will start it but I’m not sure how.

      • Frank

        With the US military maintaining a Freedom of Navigation “presence” in several “contested” areas (S. China Sea, Persian Gulf/Straits of Hormuz/Black Sea) and the increasingly aggressive and dangerously close encounters by the “home team” (China, Iran, Russia), either of these locations could provide the spark for a conflagration to result. All three adversaries are bullying US forces, as a surrogate of Obama, who are no doubt under orders to not engage (a “passive victory”). The longer these close-passes continue between assets of two competing powers, the more likely it becomes that an accident or a defensive shot will occur. They have no respect for Obama because he is an impotent wimp. They don’t respect Hillary, they never have, and due to her being a sociopath and supremely arrogant, as President she won’t hesitate to punish them for doubting her power and, in her mind, deserving of respect from the world. Enemies of the Clinton’s always seem to commit suicide.

        • The_Ipcress_File

          God forbid Hillary has a hot flash.

      • Razedbywolvs

        Just a theory. You would need a spark so big that people will appeal to their emotion and ignore all who yell false flag. I think 9/11 might of raised the bar for the average citizen.
        As far as what target, it will be whatever would provide the best excuse to put the UN on American soil.
        Should be interesting if it coincides with this

        • D.Moore

          Guess that’s the dooms day clock

        • RandyJ/ProudSurvivor

          Their plan is already in place for bringing in the UN-it’s just a simple matter of when. I believe the catalyst will be the next major market meltdown, but it could be the result of a preemptive strike by Russia or any of the other scenarios already mentioned. I mean after a Russian attack, wouldn’t the US “need” and welcome some of that good old fashioned, home cooked, “humanitarian aid” the UN loves to enforce?

          • doucyet

            I hope they wear those pretty blue hats……..

          • RandyJ/ProudSurvivor

            You and me both, brother!

      • Err Amerika

        Putin has said Russia knows what the US and NATO are up to by surrounding his borders with “defensive” missiles which can be converted into OFFENSIVE ones, in five minutes.

        He cannot understate the danger at stake, and called out western presstitute media for not reporting on it.

        Clinton is obsessed with Putin, and degrades him seemingly, every day; why is this, I wonder?

        Russia may be waiting out our “election,” to see if Hillary actually wins; if she does, Putin may decide his only choice is to first strike, instead of waiting for it to happen to him.

        Alternatively, China may have a confrontation with US warships, cruising around in the South CHINA Sea.

        And don’t rule out North Korea/South Korea, India/Pakistan, Iran/US-Israel, lighting the fire in an instant.

        If the dollar and US economy is the house of cards many have been arguing, then the only way the elites get out of it is world war destruction.

        The author’s main point is valid; the odds against this century’s major war, appear slim.

        • RandyJ/ProudSurvivor

          All good and valid points.

    • per sigurd hansen

      every Friday when the work day ends i look up to the skies to see if i see any missiles overhead…. Russia will attack then,but thats not my main worry,,that is waking up to the news that obummer or fucking killary try to attack China or Russia.

  • Praetor

    Elect Hillary war starts the next day. Elect Trump, and that’s the question, war when and with who!!!!

    • Maddog

      With Trump the war will be a civil war. The commies won’t accept Trump.

  • Sovereign_Citizen

    We are ready:)

  • jim_robert

    I always read Friedman. But do recall that this is the same guy who published in the 1980s his book entitled The Coming War with Japan (and the US). I listen, but do so critically.

  • hangthegoatphuckerintheWH

    This one got kicked into overdrive after 9/11, but it is what it is. Lets dance.

  • Nexusfast123

    These wankers are disturbingly cavalier about a war that could at the minimum crash the global economy and food supply chains and kill billions or wipe us all out.

    • Err Amerika

      War could be their only way out of it, if you believe the global economy is on the verge of crashing no matter.

      Maybe they can live in their bunkers for years; who knows?

      Feel free to review my comment below.

      Good luck!

      • Nexusfast123

        If the nuke plants and cooling ponds go up around the world they would have to stay in their bunkers for a long time.

  • The photo of the mock newspaper, “Congress Declares War,” presupposes congress can do their jobs. They are nothing but spineless, mealy-mouthed nothings.

  • TorExitNode40

    Love the t shirt ads. 🙂

  • and he, Like Donald Trump, is NEVER WRONG:

    and you might read this:

    and you might notice that the the author misspells Friendman’s name. Not a good sign.