Strange: Las Vegas Police Have Pulled Their Homicide Division Off Of The Stephen Paddock Massacre Investigation

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Stephen Paddock

LAS VEGAS (INTELLIHUB) — Investigative journalist and former police officer Doug Poppa revealed to Fox News host Tucker Carlson Tuesday night that he was told from sources both inside and outside the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department that the ‘Homicide Division’ was pulled off the investigation into Stephen Paddock’s death early on for reasons unknown which is very odd, to say the least, as a suicide has to be investigated.

“Now, homicide detectives normally investigate homicides and suicides because you don’t know whether a suicide is actually a homicide until it’s investigated,” the former police officer explained.

“They were pulled off the case and the case was given to an entirely different bureau commander.”

Poppa also said that the captain of the force investigation team, Captain Kelly McMahill, who’s in charge of investigating the Paddock shooting is, in fact, the wife of the number two guy running the Las Vegas Metro Police Department, Undersheriff Kevin McMahill.

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  • Johnny Kay

    So the Las Vegas, Nevada Police Department pulled their homicide unit from the Mandalay Bay case? Perhaps because no one really died, including the actor who played “Stephen Paddock” and his brother “Eric Paddock”. . .

    One can better understand events like the October 1, 2017 Mandalay Bay “shooting” when one realizes that the government is the enforcement division of the international corporate elite, and the corporate media is the propaganda division. The government can create any fictional scenario it wants, and the corporate media will back it up completely. Yes, the government does lie about everything — and the corporate media works together with the government to reinforce those lies.

    We must not take the official narrative of the Mandalay Bay event, or the official narrative about anything else, at face value; the official narrative is only what the corporate elite wants us to believe. The more strongly the government and corporate media promote an idea, the more confident we can be that the opposite is true.

    Latest details on a sports-team trade or celebrity break-up? No problem. The truth about anything of genuine importance? Another matter entirely. To rely on the government and the corporate media to keep us informed is to be perpetually deceived.

    The only real value of the corporate media is that it lets us know what the corporate elite wants us to think — outside of the occasional mistake, such as when the reporter first on the scene at the Pentagon on 9/11 said there was no evidence of a plane crash. . .

    • elbustaroyjetspeekerson

      Or when the BBC bimbo reported Building 7 had collapsed, while “Live Action” cameras showed it behind her, plain as day. But what’s a half-hour diff in synchronization, right?

    • Uncle Sham

      infowars is saying this was an assassination attempt on the Saudi Prince who owns the Mandalay bay and was staying there. thats why he arrested all the other arabs immediately after this incident

      • Johnny Kay

        Uncle Sham: I am aware of the belief that there was an assassination attempt on Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman by Saudi Prince Alwaleed bin Talal and the “Route 91 Harvest Festival Shooting” was a planned diversion for the assassination. I do not know.

        However, an examination of the photos, the official narrative (“A man named Stephen Paddock fired 1000+ rounds, was the only gunman, and acted alone”), and what I call the “drop stories” — alleged leaks and admissions by the government and the corporate media that appear to contradict, but actually support, the official narrative (“Stephen Paddock was not the only gunman”; “Stephen Paddock was working with ISIS”) — indicate that the “Route 91 Harvest Festival Shooting” was a hoax attack.

        Just look at the photos of the event — do any of them look real? The photos all share the same features: Perfectly composed scenes with “victims” or “terrified concert goers trying to flee” in center frame, while in the background other persons are standing calmly, casually talking, and looking at their cell phones.

        The persons who plan and carry out these hoax attacks are playing with us, showing us the trick and saying, “Sure, it was all a hoax — but what can you do about it?”

        There may have been persons firing guns in the street and in the lobbies of
        hotels near the Mandalay Bay, but if so, I suggest they were firing blanks in
        order to keep tourists off the streets so they would not witness the hoax attack taking place nearby.

        • Uncle Sham

          I personally know two people who were in vegas at the time….they said it was clear as day there were multiple shooters on the ground

  • idontknow

    Because they didn’t want to destroy the careers of all their homicide officers when it came out that Paddock supposedly shot 700 people while only expending 50 rounds of brass…

    • elbustaroyjetspeekerson

      You SLY dawg, you…..

  • RMS1911

    Nothing to see here
    This is not the psy-op you’re looking for
    Move along, move along

  • Would it be because the Department doesn’t want its behind wrapped in such a wholesale murder FALSE FLAG to generate screams for ‘gun control’ ??? when the great questions “How many of the victims were UNARMED and WHY?” drips with blood???

  • Amanda Ham

    I forgot who I saw that made this comment, but they theorized that Las Vegas, the Church in Texas, and perhaps the thing in California, could be a rouge agency,,, I think that makes sense…. especially with what is going on with the Saudi’s + Isreal + and the fact that we have officially lost our proxy war with Syria.