Stranded Baby Dolphin Dies After Selfie-Obsessed Humans Surround It, Take Photos

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Mojácar, Spain — The world’s obsession with snapping photos and selfies has claimed another life — this time a baby dolphin.

Last Friday, beachgoers and tourists in Mojácar, Spain, reportedly took turns touching a baby dolphin who was stranded on the shore, poking it and taking turns taking pictures of it and with it, according to Equinac, a nongovernmental organization that focuses on stranded turtle and cetacean life in the province of Almeria. As selfie-seekers crowded around the infant mammal, one concerned citizen called emergency services, but by the time Equinac rescuers arrived just 15 minutes later, the dolphin had already died.

As selfie-seekers crowded around the infant mammal, one concerned citizen called emergency services, but by the time rescuers arrived just 15 minutes later, the dolphin had already died.

The Independent noted that “[p]ictures emerged of bathers stroking the tiny mammal, young enough to still need breast-feeding, as it floated ‘frightened and weak’ in the shallows after being separated from its mother.” One picture appears to show a child inadvertently covering its blowhole.

The incident has drawn sharp condemnation from Equinac, which criticized the incident in a series of Facebook posts.

Various English-language news outlets translated some of their statements.

Once again we find that the human beings are the most irrational species that exists,” they reportedly wrote, according to the translation.

They discussed the details of what the dolphin endured, speculating that the stress it endured ultimately caused its death:

Cetaceans are animals very susceptible to stress and… crowding them to take pictures and touch them causes them a very strong shock that greatly accelerates a cardiorespiratory failure, which is what finally happened.”

The dolphin’s body will undergo an autopsy so the exact cause of death can be determined.

Addressing the humans involved, Equinac said:

Many are unable to feel empathy for a living being alone, scared, starving, without his mother and terrified because many of you, in your selfishness, only want to photograph and touch it, even if the animal suffers from stress.”

The group advised people to call emergency services in situations like these, also warning that touching or disturbing a protected species could be a criminal offense.

These animals are highly protected; to disturb them, to harm them, to manipulate them and to harass them is prohibited by law, and we always ask for respect and consideration,” they said.

This is not the first time humans’ fascination with animals and their desire to snap selfies with them has caused harm to marine life. Last year, beachgoers in Argentina killed a baby dolphin after passing it around to take pictures with it. Also last year, a sea turtle was dragged out of the ocean in Lebanon, and ultimately beaten as people seized photo opportunities. The turtle had to receive treatment for its injuries.

These animals are not alone. Humans are increasingly accidentally killing themselves in their pursuit of impressive shots. Death by selfie has become a new global phenomenon.

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  • lee ho fook

    Good God — morons!!!

    • Chris Hogue

      no, no, no – good god is an oxymoron

      • John

        Good God is not an oxymoron. God set for us the job of having dominion over the earth and keeping it. Right up front with the word dominion is the inherent obligation to do it properly, not ruination. Keep is used in the sense of manage, as to manage a farm and it also carries the sense of keeping it good and productive over the long term. And yes, real science forces the recognition of a creator God.

        • Chris Hogue

          True religion is another good example of an oxymoron. If science forces people to realize fiction, why don’t more real scientists believe in an all-mighty, all-loving aheterosexual hater.

          • John

            Some scientists, like most people, don’t want to be held accountable for their actions and words, especially to a God who will hold them accountable. How many drunk drivers want to be caught and held accountable? The same with speeders, thieves, and so on? Why don’t scientists address questions of how can certain mixes of inanimate chemicals become and be alive? Why do molecules, atoms and subatomic particles have fixed and predictable characteristics? I’m acquainted with the multiverse idea and extraterrestrial origin of life on Earth, but they beg the question. With randomly varied universes, why should any of them (including ours) have fixed internal characteristics and not randomness? If the origin of life on Earth came from extraterrestrials, how did they get started? In a thousand tosses of a coin, the result should be half heads and half tails. If the result is all heads, something is going on. Either the coin has two heads or something interfering with the coin toss. In a random state, a pattern can occur, but that rarely happens and never lasts. My degree is in biology and the sustained, very complex pattern and workings in living organisms can’t “just happen”. Simple logic requires a Creator God. As for heterosexuality, with mammals (like us), a homosexual individual is a dead end.

          • Chris Hogue

            Simple logic is for simple people. Most gods are malevolent, misogynistic bullies who, like your account of scientists and drunk drivers, also doesn’t want to be held accountable. Religion is the dead end filled with absurd assumptions. It’s god, all god’s have names. You capitalize the proper name.

          • John

            If simple logic is for simple people, I’m glad I’m simple. If one takes a proper coin with a head and a tail and check it before and after each flip to verify that it’s the same coin and toss it a thousand times and it always comes up heads, something’s wrong. That is simple logic. If you run it through a second thousand tosses and it still comes all heads, simple logic says that is nearly impossible. Run the test a third time with a second proper coin and result is the same, the next step is to find out what’s going on. Simple logic. In arithmetic, 2+2+4 with no exceptions. Two red apples plus two yellow apples = four apples, no exceptions, simple logic. With 4 apples, 2 yellow, 2 red, if you say all apples are not red, that statement is false, because there are 2 red apples, simple logic. If you say, not all apples are red, that statement is true, because you have 2 red and 2 yellow. Simple logic and knowing word order. In biology, the coin toss comes up straight heads trillions (more like 10 to the nth power) of times, so logic requires a creator God. Simple logic. I learned about mythology in grade school. I used to be an atheist, but biology sure taught me how wrong I was. I was taught to follow evidence critically and logically, therefore I became a Christian.

          • Chris Hogue

            Christianity is mythology. Atheism is a lack of religion. No one is an atheist, nor is anyone agnostic. Their correct answer to the question of religion is no. If yes, pick your poison.

  • Smarty

    “Death by selfie” is something I hope we see A LOT more of. Everyone of these stupid fuckers deserves exactly what happens to them, whether they walk off a cliff, get hit by a bus, or anything else that accelerates their demise. Bring in on !!!

    • Ricarrdo estavans

      These Spaniards set a bull’s horns on fire a week or so ago.

  • Jimmy Yost

    Every time I see some dipshit holding up a smartphone taking a selfie I always think that the person is lacking character, to the point of being a non-person. What are they thinking? Evidently not about much, other than themselves.

    • John

      The genus/species designation for humans is Homo sapiens= man knowing. It seems that a number of us are too stupid to qualify.

  • It will be fun to watch the ignorant morons when their smartphones stop working some day. Ignorance had more to do with the death of the dolphin than irrationality.

    • lee ho fook

      they’ll stop using their SMART phones when they get BRAIN CANCER…

      • Guillotine_ready

        They cannot stop its an addiction for many

  • Ricarrdo estavans

    We murder our own infants by the millions, we love war, we have no empathy or sympathy, we shrug off terrorism and make excuses for it, ………………… and we are going to be concerned about a dolphin. Oh, one more thing isn’t this the country who set that bull’s horns on fire and enjoyed watching it kill itself. Inquisition and mass murder in the new world.

  • Rayven Wrathchild

    Death by selfie? I call it natural selection. All hail natural selection.

  • Undecider

    These same beachgoers will soon find themselves surrounded by rapists from Africa, taking photos of themselves engaged in rape.