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Storm Surge Pounds Northeast as 5 Governors Declare States of Emergency
February 10th, 2013


By Shepard Ambellas

A massive snow and wind storm pounds regions of the Northeast, delivering up to 3 feet of snow in some places, as 5 US governors have now declared States of Emergency in New York, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Maine, and New Hampshire.

Power outages dominate utility company repair crews as over 1 million people in the Northeast region are powerless in the midst of what could be one of the worst storms in recent years. Strong wind gusts and dense snow is hammering the region as plows fight to keep some roads operable.

In parts of New England the winds are expected to reach 75 mph as the storm continues into Saturday evening.

Store shelves are diminishing of product in New York City as Gov. Michael Bloomberg told people essentially that, they should just stay home and try not to panic-buy as the storm will not be as bad as forecast.

Over 5200 flights were also cancelled Saturday due to the harsh conditions.


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  • Anonymous

    Some of these states are Liberty States. How come Nevada never gets
    super disasters or docile Utah. HAARP generated? Ever notice Washington, “DC” never gets hit?

  • SKIP

    WHAT!!! another storm SNEAKED up on the yankees!! This time the 5 hour wait in line for an MRE and a bottle of frozen water is going to be much less pleasant than the last Sandy storm that SNEAKED up on the yankees.

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