Stop Resisting Execution: Cold-Blooded Arizona Cops Assassinate Suspect with His Hands in the Air

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For absolutely no reason other than “because they could”, cops in Pinal County, Arizona executed a suspect who was standing there, not near any of the officers, with his hands in the air, offering no threat whatsoever. Without trial, judge, or jury, they simply assassinated the man, as his family looked on in horror. Warning: There is some graphic violence in the video below.

This is your police force, America. Protecting and Serving you to death.

Sometimes we get letters or comments from readers wondering why we are so hard on cops here at The Daily Sheeple. They call the staff writers “cop haters” and “anarchists”. The readers say that we spend too much time “bashing” police officers who have such a “difficult and dangerous” job.

Are there some good cops out there? I’m sure there are. I am certain that some people go to the Academy hoping to do right and to help others. But…they have to know their “brothers” are doing these terrible things. What are they doing to put a stop to it? When you accept an action, you are deeming it “acceptable”, no matter how passively. And that makes you just as guilty as the person perpetrating the action.

So, why are we so hard on the boys in blue? Because they are the ones that are supposed to enforce the rules, and thus they must be held to a higher standard.

If you decide to become a police officer, you are vowing to uphold the law. You are swearing an oath to “serve and protect”. More and more, we see these oaths violated. And the worst part is, the cops aren’t being held responsible when they sexually assault men and women, beat people up for fun, and commit crimes that would send the rest of us to prison while they are shielded from prosecution by merit of their uniforms. They shoot our pets, they beat the elderly, they frighten and molest our children, and they wield their badges to coerce people into acts that they might not normally perform.

Here are just a few headlines from the last year:

Excessive Force: Cops Beat Man With Down Syndrome

Man Subjected to 8 Anal Exams After Routine Traffic Stop

Shouldn’t the Police Have a “Do Not Fire Unless Fired Upon” Rule?

Copping a Thrill: Two of Philly’s Finest Strip a Woman, Masturbate, and then Lie About It

Traffic Stop Humiliation: Woman Ordered to “Shake out her Bra” – Cop Received ONE Day Suspension

Don’t Anal Probe Me, Bro! Another NM Man Subjected to Rectal Exam After Traffic Stop

Cops Strip Search Mom, “Forcibly” Pull Tampon Out of Her for Maybe Rolling Through Stop Sign

And what’s worse, if you don’t allow some stranger to stick his fingers up your hoo-haw, then that stranger legally gets to beat the daylights out of you. This happens to men and women both. By stating that our persons are our own, we risk getting beaten or killed. By putting you your hands to block a blow headed towards your face, you are “assaulting an officer”. By turtling and protecting your head and face when a dozen cops begin to kick the snot out of you, you are “resisting arrest.” Check out this video to see what “protecting and serving” means to cops all over America right now.

Your innocence of a crime is not relevant, by the way. Many people who have been assaulted, beaten, and molested are later found to be innocent of the original charges, but are then, as leverage, charged with resisting arrest or assaulting a police officer. When you get pulled over for something as simple as a speeding ticket, you must be aware that your entire life can change at the whim of the person who stopped you. And there really isn’t a whole lot you can do about it without the risk of death, a beating, and/or a long prison sentence.

How much more if this are YOU willing to put up with?

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  • Tim Brown

    Seems like time for everyone to deregister, and restart the Republic. Don’t consent to being governed by murderers

    • petulantes

      de-register what ?

      • Tim Brown

        Your name from the corporate voting roll.

  • Xmystic

    I know there are cases of LE misuse of power, but I don’t see it here. This article is a little misleading. The suspect was not just standing there with his arms up. He moved toward the vehicle (for whatever reason) and it appears that is when they fired. The camera was so shaky it’s hard to see why he would move when told to freeze, but there you have it. There is enough true abuse of power out there so it need not be falsley manufactured.

    • whitefeather

      Watch it again…..He was turning around to place his hands on the car…..This is murder—>Pure and Simple!

    • Matheus Grunt

      The case here is clear, don’t deny it statist.

    • billhughes13

      So I dumped this video into Premier Pro and up converted to 48 frames per second and examined it frame by frame. The first shot happens before he makes any move towards the vehical. The second shot appears to be his motivation to turn and in steppin with his left foot towards the right, his weight appears to shift down and towards the vehical as hes hit. He then regains balance, rights himself, back to the police and puts his hands in the air as the next few shots and kill shots hit him. Kill shot hits him nearly one full second after his hands are completely extended in the air. Its murder.

      • Xmystic

        No you can clearly see him turning before the first shot. But I do agree that the kill shot came after he (changed his mind?) turned to apparently put his hands on the car. It was too late then as the adrenaline was pumping by then I guess. I still think the article is very misleading.

        • cama9

          Xmystic, you are either deaf and blind or were sent here from some govt agency. And then you log off to upvote yourself or get one of your cointel pro buddies to upvote you.
          It is absolutely clear that a cop shot first, then the guy tried to get away from being shot at. But you will not take the time to to study this fact because you have an agenda. Thank God most people here can listen and watch for themselves and tell the truth of what happened. Justice will be served and you need to remember that when TPTB get really scared, their servants like you will be the first to be eliminated because they know you’d talk talk talk. You are a useful idiot.

    • cama9

      Please note that 6 of Xmystic’s ‘thumbs up’ are ‘guests’. He has his cointel buddies working overtime to try to sway us to believe this was a ‘good’ shoot. ROFL!!
      We have eyes to see and ears to hear and we will not let the likes of you doubt the facts before us.

      • Xmystic

        Put down the crack pipe bro. It;s making you a little paranoid.

    • rick marlar

      you do not use deadly force unless your life is in danger.

  • Chris Foltz

    thin… real thin blue line… remember that pigs…

  • Uuma

    Cheese and rice!!!!!! I guess we are all guilty until proven innocent. Makes me just cry.

  • buttcrackofdoom

    cops have BOSSES, and WE have to hold them accountable. i always wonder when i see one of these great injustices…why don’t the citizens surround the goddamn JAIL and demand JUSTICE? what happenned, america? at the least, we gotta vote these mufffinhuggers outa office…recalled, preferably ….

    • Matheus Grunt

      You cannot hold accountable what cannot be held accountable outside using force to destroy them. These are enemy troops for all intents & purposes, irrespective of their addresses next to us.

    • petulantes

      Right, Its the BOSSES that give those orders, direct or indirectly, we need to ADDRESS them ! Start at the top, focusing on the peons NEVER ever brings about changes

  • BubbaT

    The more citizens that become armed and carry chl’s the less these “legalized” thugs will attempt to harass and coerce. Once you’ve been through the system you see these rats for who they are and trust me, almost all of them are truly rats.

  • Matheus Grunt

    Daily Sheeple, I like your site but honestly, let’s not lie here, 98% of LEO’s are bad guys. They enforce unconstitutional statutes, thereby violating the Constitution/Bill of Rights which they have ZERO right to do, even if some politicians said it’s okay. Then to top it off they rape, murder, steal, violate, raid homes & other horrible acts of evil against us & the govt/state & unions sanction it & 99% of the time & it protects the police. The police have a relatively safe “job” & they are being trained that they’re at war with us & that we are the enemies. The fact is, they’re the enemies. They’re enemy forces patrolling our streets illegally. They’re the domestic enemies I swore an oath in the Army to defend this country against. It matters little that they’re our neighbors, that’s moot. They’re CRIMINALS & TRAITORS.

  • Matheus Grunt

    The families are not the problem, the police employees are. Take them down like we’ve done in this country before (as many others are doing in other countries today) and teach them about what it’s like to suffer at the hands of people who don’t care about your rights anymore. Only thing is, we’ll still probably be more empathetic towards them even after disarming them and taking them down.

    • mikrat

      The Families FULLY SUPPORT the PIG They live with.

      Aiding and Abetting a Criminal.

      They don’t care about you so why should you care about them.

      • petulantes

        Family does not go to work with the pig.. therefore is not involved in the crimes committed by pig

        • Matheus Grunt


      • Matheus Grunt

        The families have nothing to do with the crimes their partner commits. I’m sorry but I’ll gladly go after pigs but I will not go after families of innocent people who did nothing other than to be related to their jerk-off relative.

  • DaveR
    • mikrat

      A Petition to the Police State Headquarters? really?!?

      How about the locals petition that PIG with a baseball Bat.

      • DaveR

        Yes sir ! I like your idea. Signing a dumb petition is the least i can do since i’m not in AZ or NM. I do know that if any of my family gets snuffed by one of these pigs in such a manner, it will be time to “play ball “.

        • berrybestfarm

          I don’t believe in violence for violence sake. However, as a tool of retribution and correction (like giving a naughty child a swat on the butt to get their attention) it has a place. What you suggest is going to happen–probably already has but we wont know about it until someone is so distraught they want to go to jail over it so the world will know.
          Dennis Patterson–Deer Park, WA

  • James Isbell

    I have to play devils advocate here, Why was he running from the police? Does anyone know? With the number of cop cars involved, was this a high speed chase? If so he was endangering everyone on the road. Sorry but if you run from the cop you are turning your car into a deadly weapon. Unfortunately we don’t see the whole story here. I agree a lot of cops are out of control but I don’t know the full story here.

    • Musashi5000

      Then he should have been shot during the chase, not during the surrender.

      • berrybestfarm

        Thank you!!!

      • DkSmnr Inspades

        This isn’t TV land, police SOP does not permit for the police to shoot at the suspect during a vehicular chase. The odds of scoring a hit on the suspect is very unlikely.

        • Musashi5000

          Oh, I’m not advocating police firing on vehicles. My point is their pretext for murder would have been slightly more defensible during the chase vs. shooting a guy standing with his hands in the air.

  • Musashi5000

    Burn their fucking houses down.

  • mikrat

    As long as the “Thin Blue Line” protects the PIGs there are no good Police / Peace Officers.

    They are all unconstitutional anyway. How does a Corporation (City, County, University, State)) have the authority or Right to form a organization that has the power to ENForce color of law and Kill You at will?

    • Rick E.

      EXACTLY! Who/what gives ANY city, town, state, the right to say “we own you and your lives”.This is a superstition that almost everyone accepts as “law”.

  • petulantes

    but they are not educated properly to what they swear to uphold. And you can forget about SERVE&PROTECT, that has not been in popo vernacular in a decade or more . That’s what you only see on old tv shows… not in any current reality

  • petulantes

    That was in 1946, has not repeated since – anywhere and now these crazy f’ers have tanks !

    • Matheus Grunt

      So what? Tanks are not easily used & require alot of fuel, manpower & dedication and maintenance. We used them overseas alot in OIF. There are ways to disable them.

  • petulantes

    AGAIN focusing on the peons… we need to
    address and convince their BOSSES this is bad for ‘global happiness’. Families are innocent of those crimes committed , never get them involved. Then someone would be as bad as a cop or the mafia…eh same difference

  • Don Duncan

    We can start by video recording the criminal cops in action. They fear, hate, and will try to stop it but it is our best defense. It makes it hard for their supporters to say they didn’t know. Eventually this may be on MSM. But I doubt it. MSM is owned by TPTB.

  • Brad dawson

    now they need to find an old dude in a wheel chair and kill him, then somebodies pet,and they will have a full day.

  • templestark

    No clear idea what’s going on here. Anyone know where in Pinal County this is? I live in AZ – I know which small city it look like to me.

  • cama9

    What will happen to these thugs? NOTHING! Either internal investigations, or a judge or the idiotic people of Arizona will let then off – they are the same people who keep McNDAACain in office after all. And if any compensation is rendered, it will be the AZ taxpayers footing the bill. I think that’s why juries now often let these thugs go because they understand that gimmick. Thugs are never held responsible. Put a thug in a uniform and give him a shiney badge and we’re supposed to cower and succumb to whatever brutality they dish out. The masses didn’t balk when the TSA was brought into existence and the masses will remain silent in this instance.
    America is a police-state.

    • mikrat

      Time for We the People Star Chambers.

      • cama9

        Perfect solution to this escalating tyranny.

  • xrosstown

    I know I’m opening a can of xxxx here, but, after watching a better version of the video I see this in a different light, if you pause the video at :42 seconds in, the guy has one of his hands behind his back like he is hiding something. If you where facing him, could it be a gun? Do you take the chance? Do you wait for him to draw or do you save you and your partner’s lives not knowing what is hidden in his hand behind him and his untucked shirt and loose pants? The guy was not following directions, or he would have been on the ground, and he is showing signs of fight/flight with a hand hidden behind his back, where most people conceal their weapons. Just say’en, he wasn’t acting too smart for the situation he was in and I think a lot of you would have shot him dead too.

    See a better version of the video here:

  • Ranger_Ric

    The guy was an illegal alien sub human animal, the only way this could have turned out better is if they would have lined his family up against that wall and shot them dead too.

    He was told to show his hands, one of which he was holding behind his back. He refused. He was told to get on the ground. he refused. instead, he made a move for the car, justified shooting.

    If I was the cop i would have done the same thing. My life and my partners life is more important than some dirtbag illegal alien.

  • CW2iscoming

    I have reached the point that whenever I see an article in the news that reports that a kwap has been killed in the line of ‘duty’, that I experience an immediate sense of euphoria and intense pleasure.

    No kidding, folks. I like reading about jackbooted thug cockroaches being exterminated and sent to Hell, to be reunited with their father, Satan.

    Movie Tip: I recently watched the movie ‘The Last Stand’ with an aging and rapidly decomposing Arnold Schwarzenegger and there was a scene that almost gave me the best orgasm of my life.

    The kwaps had set up a road block out on a desert road and the bad guys were approaching the roadblock in a pair of SUVs that were following a huge tanker truck that had a enormous snow plow on its front end. Well, the truck with the snow plow made short work of the road block – and then the gangsters in the SUVs came through, and they had what looked like .30 or maybe .50 caliber machine guns that were mounted on turrets that popped up out of the sun roofs of the SUVs and they started mowing down the pigs who were manning (?) the road block.

    It was awesome. Pig guts and Pig pea-sized brains being splattered all over the highway as those machine gun bullets tore them to smithereens.

    Granted, it was only a movie. But, if these jackbooted thug pigs continue on their present path – it is only a matter of time, before the John Q Citizens decide they’ve had enough of this savagery and start cleaning house.

  • hilowahine44

    would like to know the why they were chasing him, and it looks like he was reaching into the car for something when they fired. What was he going for and what had he done?

  • gino

    Trained in Israel,,,,

  • mutterfudder

    Thug got what he deserved

  • usmcmailman

    Murder by cop. Plain and simple!

  • patriot156

    to arms is what can be done damn!!!!!!!!! stupid fricking question

  • patriot156

    winter or no I hear to arms patriots Im there we get tired of this crap bad enough ill step up! got winter cloths so f it!

  • patriot156

    ya dont go after wives and kids just because their husband father is a jerk but go after pigs. if they get in the way then ya but not just out the gate. they murdered in california got away with it this is clearly murder.
    Ok he may have moved towards car but stoped and was pu tting his hands up murder!
    No wonder some people fear cops when they see them!
    I fricking do been in situations that could of turned out this way so ya I have no love for cops.
    is there anyway to know if these people that have this happen have any ties with christains or these kinds of sites?
    meaning they posted disparaging remarks about cops and such or…?
    Well I’m for one glad these sites post these kinds of stories for who’s the ones going to enforce gun ctrl or go out to disarm americans? whos the ones when a vet gets a letter 25years too fricking late he has to turn over any guns he has? Sheriff or some cop that’s who.
    ATF maybe if it comes to a stand off but at first it’s local!
    (legal note not in no way planing anything just saying this is what should happen) Nationwide as well!

  • Freddy Neat Shee

    I’d have a much easier time “complying” with a cop if a good friend of mine is on a rooftop a quarter mile away with a McMillan TAC-50 trained on the cop.

    And I’m 100% certain that cops would be a whole hell of a lot more friendly with a laser sight on their partner’s neck.

  • ron44

    years ago i was pulled over in west denver and two sheriffs deputies offered to take me up in the foot hills and beat me until i was unconscious. i hadn’t argued with them or given them any trouble at the time, i have no idea what the threat was about and one talked the other one out of it. I was really afraid at the time then angry, If i had caught one of them out of uniform and had a bat i would have sent him to the hospital.

  • Robert Glover

    I’ve been saying this stuff for years and have been called a cop hater as well. I coined the phrase, “the only good cop is a dead cop,” and I pretty much believe that. The bad ones ARE the majority anymore. People become cops because they want the instant authority that goes with being a cop. They exist primarily to generate revenue for local governments and to satisfy their own need to be bullies.

  • rick marlar

    I have a problem killing their families they are innocent