States Prep Lawsuit That Could Devastate Big Pharma

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The same lawyer that took on big tobacco and landed the largest corporate settlement in the history of the U.S. is gearing up for his next victim: the opioid industry.

Mike Moore, the former attorney general of Mississippi, began asking states last summer to sue pharmaceutical companies for what he argued was a calculated misrepresentation of the benefits and addictions risks of using opioids. Moore wants to get roughly 25 states behind his cause, and build such a strong case against the pharmaceutical industry that it is forced to cower to the states’ demands.

Moore used a similar strategy in 1994 as Mississippi attorney general, filing the first ever state lawsuit against tobacco companies. He later helped spearhead another lawsuit and negotiations that ended in a $246 billion settlement.

He now runs his own private law firm in Mississippi, Mike Moore Law Firm. He notably took on the federal government on behalf of BP oil company in spring 2017, which ended in a $20 billion settlement for damages caused in the 2010 Deepwater Horizon spill.

Some 40 state attorney generals are already launching initial investigations to probe the viability of a lawsuit.

The potential lawsuit that Moore wants would argue that opioids don’t simply lead to addiction when they are abused, but they also lead to addiction when used in physician-directed amounts. That is to say, even when used appropriately, opioids pose a serious threat to patients’ health.

Moore’s goal for the lawsuit is to make treatment for drug abuse more widely available, and help further educational programs for physicians to change prescribing habits of opioids.

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    ???? A $246 billion settlement… wonder where that went.

    • NonYo Business

      probably red cross or some other SHAM organization

      • darkhorse

        Zionist pockets

    • darkhorse


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        (chuckles) That’s what I said…

    • emptymag

      All they did was move money around to make it look good. Slight of hand & it’s all better.

      • Arrow

        Not actually sound money. Fiat is fiat. In any case, that’s a substantial claim. That’s 256 billion… with a b. That’s 256 followed by 9 fucking zeros. The stack of dollars would be over 91,733,333 feet tall. That’s over 17,373 miles tall. Yet no one knows where it went. The worst part is no one wants to know.

  • darkhorse

    I believe this opioid “epidemic” is a big pile of bullshite!! It came out of nowhere..don’t keep falling for the lies……………..

  • darkhorse

    the American citizens need to blow Big Pharma out of the water… then get onto the other ZIONIST SUPREMACIST Agencies” SPLC, JDL..all the Jewish alphabets….then the Jewish FEDERAL RESERVE BAND, AND THE JEWISH INTERNAL REVENUE SERVICE. Need I mention the BANKSTERS? the PRIVATELY OWNED prison system, courts, education, media, real estate, yada yada and yada…Whoo, I’m tired

    • emptymag

      Wow… How’s your psychiatrist deal with that?

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      • darkhorse

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    • Arrow

      Yep, that’s why most are unwilling to peek under the rug. It’s just too overwhelming. They prefer to avoid independent thought and simply drink a beer and watch the game on the black box. Get some rest.

  • Jeff

    The most of the states are broke or bankrupt or both. At this point the professional politicians and corporate oligarchs are forced to feed off each other. The people are pretty much tapped out.

  • tonye

    You know what, get the attorneys out of this.

    I have had to use Vikoden three times in my life: appendectomy, badly broken arm and a cracked tooth.

    Without Vikoden I would have not been able to survive because the pain was intense at times. I stopped it when I recuperated, no problem.

  • falseprophet123

    This will shakedown by a bunch of ambulance chasers and shysters will fail.