State of Emergency Declared for SoCal Methane Gas Leak

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For nearly three months, a mind-boggling amount of methane gas has been leaking out of the ground near Porter Ranch, California, and for most of that time, there has been very little press coverage over what has been called one of the worst environmental disasters in history. So far, 80,000 tons of methane have spewed out of the natural gas pipeline under the ground, which has been likened to an active volcano. According to a spokesperson for the SoCalGas Company, every effort to plug the leak has completely failed.

The Aliso Canyon Natural Gas Storage Facility, owned by SoCalGas, is the fifth biggest of its kind in U.S. But in late October, the company realized one of its wells was leaking. At first the company tried to close the leak using the conventional method of pouring fluids and mud down the well.

“We have tried that seven times and have been unsuccessful in trying to stop the leak,” said SoCalGas spokesman Michael Mizrahi. “I have to say more than likely it’s [because] the pressures that are coming up from the leaking well are so intense.”

The company says it doesn’t know exactly how much gas is escaping. But environmentalists estimate the effect is comparable to the tailpipes of up to seven million cars venting directly into the atmosphere every day.

The situation has gotten so bad that Governor Jerry Brown has finally declared a state of emergency. On Wednesday he issued a press release, which called for the company to try to capture some of the gas before they finish drilling a relief well (not sure how that’s possible), and to begin finding an alternative solution in case the well doesn’t work. The message also states that the SoCalGas Company will cover the costs of repairing the leak, as well the emergency response to the situation.

That response has included the evacuation of thousands of residents from Porter Ranch, and for a very good reason. This massive gas leak is starting to make a lot of people very sick.

The Express, Dec 30, 2015: Thousands suffer nose bleeds and vomiting during ‘worst environmental disaster since BP’  — An invisible environmental disaster which has been compared to the 2010 Gulf of Mexico BP oil spill has forced thousands of people from their homes… with nosebleeds, headaches and nausea, after millions of kilograms of invisible methane was released into the air… Residents claim the gas, which has drifted into surrounding neighborhoods, is making them suffer from nausea, nosebleeds, and headaches

Voice of America: Residents have suffered symptoms that include “nausea, abdominal discomfort, dizziness, light-headedness, some shortness of breath … even some nosebleeds,” said medical toxicologist Cyrus Rangan of the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health… scientists are monitoring levels of benzene, a known cancer-causing agent… “We want to be sure that we are monitoring every single day because we’ve got a lot of ever-changing environmental conditions up there… so we’re not exactly sure what tomorrow’s benzene levels are going to be unless we check for it,” he said.

NPR, Dec 24, 2015: The carcinogen benzene was found well above expected levels in one government air sample… the sheer size of the release has been shocking… [Tim O’Connor, oil & gas specialist] “This is so far above and beyond what I’ve ever seen or what most people… in the oil and gas space have ever seen.”

So this gas line was leaking one of the most dangerous carcinogens known to man, and the governor is just now declaring an emergency? And the residents of Porter Ranch had to ask him to do it?

Folks, this disaster is just ridiculous on so many levels. Between the media blackout that was sustained for nearly two months, to California’s incredibly slow recognition of its magnitude, it’s almost like nobody in any position of authority wants to talk about it. And as Melissa Dykes pointed out in December, despite the fact that methane is a greenhouse gas that is 72 times more powerful than CO2, very few of the typical purveyors of climate change have had anything to say about this.

So what the hell is going on here? I’m genuinely curious, because the response to this disaster (or lack of response) by the media, the government, and the global warming crowd, has been baffling. If you have a possible explanation, let us know in the comments.

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  • BW83

    The global warming crowd most definitely kept its mouth shut during the Paris climate talks, that’s for sure.

    • doucyet

      This event and the EPA killing a river in Colorado…………
      I never hear “them” speak of the governments footprint and their going to reduce that.

  • frankw

    Should get interesting if anyone decides to light a match, figuratively speaking, of course.

    • James Bennett

      Winter lightning storm?

  • mirageseekr

    The lack of response from the climate change people at the top is simple, they haven’t a way to make money off of this. This also shows how the rest of the “believers” in the hoax are nothing but sheep that are only capable of regurgitating what they have been made to believe. You can bet big pharma is whistling a tune about all the people they will be able to rape of every penny with worthless damaging chemo treatments though.

  • Mike

    set the methane on fire. IT burns cleanly. problem solved.

  • bill lopez

    Stuff the hole with the excrement that is spewed from the Sacramento legislature – that stuff is heavy and thick. It should be able to plug up the hole with no problem.

  • Enough is enough

    Why. Because it’s big business. (The elite ).. it’s a energy company they rule the world don’t you know.

  • Enough is enough

    Now I will lose my rights to by a gun with that post.

    • doucyet

      It’s coming to that!

      The post police will “suggest” that you see a government shrink, that will in turn cite you as having a phobia or some such mental issue necessary to deprive you of your rights. Soft tyranny……………

      • Enough is enough

        It’s closer then any of us want to believe or even comprehend.

  • bozotoo

    I thought officials said global warming was all from cows farting.

  • Until I saw the text, I thought the story was about someone farting…

  • CJ

    Does anyone know much about this kind of thing? As in how will this impact people in nearby cities like San Diego (maybe an hour away)?

  • No Dough

    Actually this article is incorrect about climate activist as I received two articles and a petition to tell Brown to get to work on it back before Thanksgiving.

  • CriticalThinker

    I live about 5 miles from the leak. The various infra red video I have seen shows that the methane is rolling down the hills into the San Fernando valley a natural basin. My children have been complaining of headaches and vomiting. I suspect the health effects of this gas leak are not just confined to Porter Ranch but are and will affect the long term health of everyone living in the valley all the way up to Pasadena perhaps 25 miles away.

    The State government and Socalgas are pretending that this is only affecting an area a few miles around the leak. There is no natural barrier that confines the damage being caused only to the city of Porter Ranch. It may be settling in layers like smog across the valley. Someone needs to independently measure the parts per million all around the valley to understand what is happening and not just believe SocalGas or its cosy friend the Californian State Government. Why has it taken four months to declare a State of Emergency?

    Gov. Jerry Brown’s sister in law is on the parent company of SoCal’ board of directors making 200k a year. They are a greedy organization with their fingers in State Government. That is why they have a monopoly. No surprise that their was no functioning safety valve.

  • Helix Powers

    WHO THE FUCK PUT WHITE PEOPLE IN CHARGE? You people fuck up so much nature is about ready to shake you basturds off her planet.