Speeding Officer’s Graphic Dashcam Video: ‘I Think I Hit a Person’

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The prosecutor’s office in Berrien County, Michigan, has released a highly dramatic dashcam video from a police cruiser that hit a female pedestrian crossing the street. The police car was speeding, and had neither lights nor siren activated, witnesses said.

“I need an emergency unit to my location. I think I hit a person,” Benton Township patrol officer Eugene Anderson informs radio dispatchers on the video just moments after the sound of smashing glass and a loud bang is heard as his police cruiser hits a woman.

Based on a squad car video, witness reports and a physical investigation of the scene, Anderson, who was responding to a domestic violence call, was traveling at 64 mph in a 35 mph zone when his car struck the woman, the Herald Palladium reported.

Kimberly Bedford, 48, who was crossing the road at 9 p.m. Sunday, died at the scene. The incident took place in September.

Anderson’s lawyer, Martin Kirk, called witnesses, who testified that Bedford was seriously drunk and was allegedly walking in the road with no regard for traffic. The lawyer argued that there was no reliable evidence proving that the patrol officer was traveling at 60 mph.

Berrien County Prosecutor Michael Sepic ruled that while Bedford did violate pedestrian rules by stepping into traffic, Anderson was still to blame.

“We’re not here to judge his whole person,” Sepic said, according to the Herald Palladium. “If an officer chooses to speed without lights and siren, then he has to accept responsibility for his actions.”

As for the defense claim that cops, when on a call, can be distracted by their oscillating lights and siren while driving, Sepic told the jury:

“If an officer is distracted by oscillating lights and a siren, I think he’d better find another job.”

Last week the former patrol officer was found guilty of causing the woman’s death. Anderson faces up to a year in jail, with a sentencing date yet to be set.

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  • Mr. Jameson

    Moral of the story, he should have shot her before he ran her over, then it’d be fine. USA! USA! USA!

    • He probably would have missed her if his marksmanship is anything like his emergency driving skills.

      • Reverend Draco

        I don’t know about that – his aim with the car was pretty damned good.

        • He said “I think I hit a person,” indicating doubt, indicating lack of certainty. If he’d been paying attention, he would have seen where “the body” went. Listen to the entire audio track and you have to wonder why this moron was allowed to drive anything, let alone a police car.

          • Reverend Draco

            Yeah. . . he wasn’t sure if his aim was good. . . but the evidence reveals that he’s a deadeye (pun intended).

            I used to wonder – no longer.

            When one recruits the scum from under the barrel. . . one gets recruits with the intellect of the average single-cell organism.

          • That being a potential slam on single-cell organisms, I’d attribute it to viruses, which do pretty well for organisms without metabolism or organs, like brains.

          • Reverend Draco

            I know. . . it’s hard to make comparisons to cops that’s not insulting to whatever they’re being compared with. . .

            When a comparison to pond scum insults the scum. . . something is amiss. . .

          • Viruses, lacking metabolism, and being simple chunks of RNA or DNA in a lipid or protein coat, lack any consciousness beyond that of the individual sub-atomic particles that make up their atoms and molecules, so they are probably amoral, which would be one more thing they have in common with an increasing number of LEOs.

          • Reverend Draco

            Ok. . . viruses it is.

          • Rebel w/out a Cause

            good one…

          • Lumen_Kelvin

            I call it a “Loose Amoeba” in a cop car.

          • BIGOTIST

            OH so true^^^^^^~

          • ahuxley

            But MORONS is wat da pohleese neeeedz.
            Day neeeedz dem to kills az meny non eleeetz az posssabel…
            Datz Y yuz gotz to be a MORON to be hirred az a pohleese manz…

          • Lumen_Kelvin

            That’s what a bad cop gets for thinking.

    • MA Deuce

      Afterward is good too, USA.

  • Judging by the sound of the officer, he isn’t the brightest light on the tree.
    Somebody should explain to him that pedestrians ALWAYS have right of way.

    • Reverend Draco

      Didn’t you get the memo?

      Ignorance of the law is no excuse, unless you’re tasked with enforcing the law.

      Pardon me. . . the cognitive dissonance caused a momentary short circuit. . .


      No they don’t!!!!!

  • Reverend Draco

    Funny. . . Michigan lists the penalty for negligent homicide to be up to 2 years in State prison, not 1.

  • StevetheHun

    She came right out of the glare of the headlights of the oncoming car. The cop was going way to fast for the conditions. And no lights or siren, so he was speeding.

    Cop is at fault.

    • He could easily have taken the left lane and avoided hitting a pedestrian in the right lane. Of course, that would require that he have situational awareness, which clearly absent in the dashcam video.

  • Toxicnut

    Looks like voluntary vehicular manslaughter to me. If I did that, I would be gone for decades in prison.

  • James Kroeger

    64 mph in a 35 zone and not on a call…no excuse. Why did he put the body in the back seat of his squad car? Isn’t that considered tampering with evidence? He may end up with more than a year in jail.

  • iamcurious

    This is going to agitate some, I’m sure. If that were me crossing the road, street, highway, whatever, I’d be considerably more responsible with my own life than this woman. She appears to be strolling across, totally oblivious to the
    traffic, looking straight ahead and unaware of things peripherally. Indeed, the story says she’s drunk. At a minimum, she’s contributorally negligent and shares in the cause of her fate. This is a sad outcome. I’m sorry for her. The policeman is being made a scapegoat to some extent. This outcome could happen to any of us, even obeying the posted speed limit, because she walks out of the glare of headlights. I’ve had this very scenario happen with a dog although the dog wasn’t injured apparently, but came very close.

    • Building Seven

      Of course the token, Police apologist who defends every cop chimes in. In articles where Cops have raped, murdered, shot dogs, hit girlfriends, child molested, kidnapped women, etc. –There is always a guy like you who defends those Cops. Blames everyone else around, except the cops. In your world, a Cop can do no wrong.

      • iamcurious

        Why don’t you get a brain? I’ve worked around many policemen in my life and they’re just folks, like us. I’ve seen several videos on YouTube that convince me, beyond doubt, that a policeman in it, murdered a citizen. There are several to see. It happens, but every allegation of police wrongdoing, brought by some blind idiot, isn’t necessarily true. The truth is that the police have the same body of employees to hire from and a certain percentage of them are defectives. This policeman contributed to this woman’s death. Had he been driving at the posted speed limit, he’d have likely been exonerated. Since the maximum sentence he faced was 2 years, it seems to me that the court gave him only half of that, recognizing that the woman was also partially to blame.

        • Building Seven

          ” I’ve worked around many policemen in my life and they’re just folks, like us.”

          So, stop worshiping them like a child. Grow up.

          • iamcurious

            You’re an idiot!

        • FEMA L366

          If you have worked with police like you say, you would know how many “bad apples” there are. Conversing in small talk with Police is not working with them, and your knowledge of them is very little.

          I know many good cops , and many bad cops. They are humans like everyone, complete with the same amount of horrible people. The difference is that the union and people like you work hard to keep the bad ones employed regardless of what they do.

          You see, I was a LEO also. I was amazed at the amount of miserable guys I worked with who abused their power on a nightly basis. You won’t believe how many cops would do as much bad things to people as long as they could get away with it. Remember this, people like you continue the cycle of stupid.

          Not all Cops are bad. some of my best friends are cops. However, what we know is that unions and people like you only give the bad actors a playground to commit crimes that they get away with everyday. Save your self righteous BS for people who choose to live comforting lies like you.

          • iamcurious

            Save your self righteous BS, since you claim to have been an LEO and you and folks like you are far more responsible than us ignorant citizens who weren’t LEO’s. Since you were privy to the “inside story”, what did you do to remedy the situation? You would have had far more insight and impact than a non-LEO!

          • Reverend Draco

            I know a guy who took an early retirement from a local SO – because the attitudes and atmosphere SUCKED – too much Dirty Harry, not enough Andy Taylor.

  • nanner

    He needs more than a year considering the fact’s as we know them no. lights no siren he needs Man 1 and at the least IMHO his siren and lights not on going to a critical situation would have made her drunk act stupid but at least made it possible that she wouldn’t have been in the street, seeing lights and siren . and I see the cop is stressed about the whole thing and didn’t mean to do it the but law is the law for all citzens just my HOI

  • Ebonics makes more sense than that.

  • Chinbato

    OK everyone, seriously? I dislike cops for the most part just as much as the next guy, but this woman had it coming. It was amazing that she hadn’t been hit by cars in the opposite lane before wandering into his. Pedestrians have NO reason to be in the middle of the road. She gets an automatic Darwin Award.

    • FEMA L366

      You get an automatic Boot-Licker Award. I’m sure the establishment will get you something nice for your efforts.

    • iamcurious

      ” I dislike cops for the most part just as much as the next guy”

      Why do you dislike cops so much? I’ve never been mistreated by them? They have the same evil influences working on them as every other human being on this planet, including you and I.

  • Ronald Lee

    I’m not trying to make an excuse for what happened. However, i do know there are many incidences where a police officer does not use lights or siren because they don’t want to alert the perpetrators.

  • jbstoner43

    30 mph over the speed limit. No call is worth speeding to unless its going to save a fellow officer. If he was driving little slower he maybe would have seen her and had enough time to avoid her.

  • archer

    A year in jail? how will he survive? If he was driving on a 2 way street without lights and siren where pedestrians are liable to cross the road, that’s nuts.