“Something’s Not Right” – Elite Special Forces Insider Warns Of Serious Civil Unrest This Summer

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In the lead up to the Presidential election we’ve seen pockets of riotous behavior across America. Whether supporting Trump, Sanders, Hillary or Cruz, average Americans appear to be ready to go to war with their government or with each other. This sentiment, coupled with continued economic degradation and a general feeling of a populace that has for decades been marginalized by the political machine in the United States, is showing all the signs of serious civil unrest on the horizon.

In the following interview with Infowars.com special forces commando Tim Kennedy weighs in, describing the current situation as a trench having been dug and filled with accelerants just waiting to be ignited.

Kennedy is a continuity of government expert, which means he’s well versed in not only how the powder keg of civil unrest could potentially explode, but what The-Powers-That-Be will do once it does.

For civil unrest to happen you have to have a bunch of little things that set up for the perfect situation. You have to have a reason.

People are so emotionally involved in this Presidential election right now… and finally for the first time realizing there is something wrong with our country… the eyes are open… we know that something’s not right.

Even though we have a President saying ‘I’m trying to break down borders‘ we’ve never had so much hate between different racial segments… what’s even more scary is that we know all of these things individually  are setting up the perfect opportunity for serious civil unrest… 

Now that we’re moving into summer… we’re moving into the Presidential election… we’re sending troops into Iraq… we’re looking at groups and segments of people who are supporting specific Presidential nominees…

We have a perfect conducive environment for some serious problems… you think riots in Missouri were bad? Just wait until July… wait until August. 

The trench has been dug and it is full of accelerants… everything is right for things to go very wrong.

Kennedy warns that once civil unrest happens on a nationwide scale, you’d better have taken steps to prepare, because just as we saw in Venezuela, Argentina and elsewhere during such tense periods, essential goods disappear from the shelves almost overnight.

And while such events are often dismissed by Americans as improbable, your concerns over the possibility are not without merit.

As an individual you have to get ready.

Don’t care if people think that you’re crazy… don’t think that you’re being a fanatic… that you’re being a prepper.

I’m only responsible for my family… My family is going to have food… My family is going to have water… We are going to be safe.

And if you think I’m crazy because I want to make sure my family is protected, fine, that’s the way it is.

But as an individual you need to look and research about ways to prepare in whatever city you live in.

In short, should widespread civil unrest, whether this summer or at any point in the future, spread across America and be followed by military and law enforcement intervention, you absolutely cannot depend on the government to be there to provide any meaningful assistance.

That means you need to take steps to prepare your own personal continuity plan.

In her best-selling book The Prepper’s Blueprint, Tess Pennington succinctly summarizes the reality of the situation:

Disasters do not discriminate. In the aftermath of the event, you will be on your own, left to provide for your family with the supplies and knowledge you have accrued. If you are prepared with the mental and spiritual foundation to overcome disaster, then you will transition into survival mode more quickly.

…When you plan for extended disasters you must take into account that you could be on you own for up to a month or longer. To carry you through this unpredictable time, you must add additional layers to your preparedness foundation so that it incorporates essential knowledge and additional supplies.

Excerpted from The Prepper’s Blueprint: The Step-By-Step Guide To Survive Any Disaster

By preparing for the possibility of a widespread civil unrest scenario you’d also be readying yourself for other potentially deadly events, thus focusing on core supplies and knowledge is key.

  • Emergency Food Supplies will be absolutely critical. Even during a snowstorm or hurricane that are often forecast well in advance we see panic in grocery stores in the lead up, often leaving store shelves razed and completely empty. Stockpiling easy-to-cook, highly nutritious meals will be critical. Such supplies can be acquired in grab-and-go buckets or family packages for multi-day or multi-week emergency scenarios.
  • Portable food supplies may come in handy should you be caught in the middle of civil unrest and riots. These come in the form of high-calorie-food bars that can be hidden in a backpack, your car, or supplement existing food storage supplies. At a whopping 3600 calories per bar, five of these are enough for a week’s worth of emergency survival nutrition.
  • Emergency Water will be essential in a scenario where city governments are overwhelmed with rioting or looting. A number of disaster scenarios could lead to water in an entire city being either too dangerous to drink or simply turned off at the source. Having a gravity water filter at home will allow you to stay hydrated during times of crisis. If you’re caught out in the open, keeping a portable water filtertration system like the Katadyn Hiker Microfilter or Micropur Water Treatment Tablets in your back pack could be a life saver.
  • Nuclear, Biological, Chemical (NBC) Protective Equipment is an additional safety measure, especially in riot scenarios where poisonous gases could be used by both law enforcement or rioters. Moreover, such gear is the last line of defense in the event of a serious NBC disaster that could include the release of poison gases in crowded, tightly confided spaces like subways, or in a worst case scenario, an attack on a domestic nuclear power plant.
  • Firearms, Ammunition and Body Armor will be essential. People will panic. People will become violent. And people are going to get hurt. Be armed with enough ammunition to keep your family safe and secure, and know how to use your equipment. But remember, if you have to shoot at a threat, there is a strong possibility they will be shooting back. As such, consider body armor as a means of protection in extremely volatile and potentially violent situations.
  • First Aid and Trauma Supplies will be essential to your safety. In a serious emergency there will be no hospitals and you will need to become the doctor. Collapse doctor Joe Alton has written The Survival Medicine Handbook for just this reason. You’ll want to have a first aid kit, but we also strong encourage you to consider trauma kits for serious injuries. And it’s always a good idea to have antibiotics to prevent infection in the event you can’t get to an emergency room.
  • Barter and Trade could come into play as well, especially when store shelves are empty. And while the above supply list could be used for barter, so too can silver bullion like coins and bars. Hard currency has been used in Zimbabwe, Argentina and Greece when either currencies collapsed or banks were closed down due to emergencies.

The above supply list includes some of the very basics one should have in their preparedness supplies. For extensive supply lists and scores of disaster scenarios we encourage you to read Tess Pennington’s highly acclaimed The Prepper’s Blueprint.

Whether it’s civil unrest this summer or as the result of an economic collapse in the future, or any number of other disaster scenarios, having at least a 30 day supply of essential necessities will mean the difference between life and death. At the very least, they will help make a very uncomfortable situation a bit more bearable.

As Tim Kennedy has highlighted, the trenches have been dug and the accelerant has been poured.

All we’re waiting for now is the spark.


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  • We won’t notice anything until they initiate a drill that goes live, as they did on 9/11/01.

    • ReverendDraco✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ ᵃᶜᶜᵒᵘᶰᵗ

      Or on 04/15/13.

      • 07/07/05 was more like 09/11/01 than 04/15/13 as because of the overt involvement by the intelligence agencies of the national governments in facilitating them. Boston required no order to NORAD to stand down as 9/11 did, from Dick Cheney. 7/7 involved coordination between MI5&6 and the public transit organizations, especially for the bus bombing, which required the rerouting of the bus in question.

    • Catherine McCoy

      Or San Bernardino and Brussels

  • invisible man

    “Hemp is of first necessity to the wealth & protection of the country.” -Thomas Jefferson. Too bad hemp is locked up as a Schedule 1 drug. Could have come in handy.

  • James Elsea

    I do not have time to read a long story. I look at how long the posting is and then decide if I will read it. To long so I am off to another e-mail.

    • Smarty

      Thank you for that information. We all care deeply….

      • James Elsea

        That remark was for the editors. Not you. Grow a brain.

    • Bee

      Very Sad! Exactly why most Newspapers put all the juicy stuff in the middle and end.

    • Lisa Montez

      Boy, you have a short attention span! No wonder bread and circuses work.

      • James Elsea

        Lisa, you are correct. My attention span is very short. I guess it’s because I’m so busy with work. Work and school place heavy demands on my time.

  • Ned Carbine

    What is your agenda with this article? These mini riots going on now have not much to do with how America feels about its government. They are, rather, communist anarchy in the best tradition of Saul Alinsky. They are funded by George Soros and are led by a fifth column bent on destroying this country. And all that SHTF has to say is stock up on stuff? WTF is your problem?

    • RockyMtn1776

      We are already seeing the Ferguson Effect thanks to Obama. I expect more when Trump gets the nomination that will be used as an excuse. Some people think it is their civil duty to protest, riot, burn, steal and act like savages when something does not go their way. Sad to say, it has been quite effective.

      • Ned Carbine

        These aren’t just “some people.” They are paid combatants, not your usual neighborhood assholes. They were paid, bussed-in and followed a scripted plan of action.

        • RockyMtn1776

          You are absolutely correct. Perhaps someday Americans will FINALLY say enough ! It has been more than evident government is not going to stop this insanity.

    • Once Obama was confirmed elected in 2008, immediately the stories started about pending civil unrest requiring emergency powers to cope. Even then, it sounded like a script for the narrative.

  • sunshine ✓ᵀʳᵘᵐᵖ ˢᵘᵖᵖᵒʳᵗᵉʳ

    Be sure to not let anyone know you are prepping. Act clueless and stupid so that when TSHTF they don’t come to your house and take your stuff. But by all means DO prepare.

  • cagey

    Doesn’t surprise me in the least. Been sayin’ a long time that Obama’s handlers are just waiting for the right situation to declare martial law. All these nutjob shootings, campaign riots, etc. are just the excuses they need.

  • Lisa Montez

    Sometimes Alex comes off as a crackpot but I think this needs to be taken seriously. It does make sense. The powers that be do not want Trump but he will be the nominee and then the President if he doesn’t get assassinated first. We need to pay close attention to who he chooses (and let’s hope it is Trump who is allowed to choose) as VP. If it’s their man, assassination is their plan. (Sorry, it just so happened to rhyme.)

    • Mr Larry

      Alex Jones always comes across as a crack pot.

  • marlene

    Oh, the power of media suggestions!

  • Donna

    “you absolutely cannot depend on the government to be there to provide any meaningful assistance”

    ok if this is the case how can this happen ????

    ” and be followed by military and law enforcement intervention, ”

    someone is blowing smoke because if the fed government is not there do you think for 1 nano second

    local law enforcement is going to stick it’s neck out & get ground into dust ????

  • WhiteEagle

    …Whether supporting Trump, Sanders, Hillery, or Cruz….
    Thing is, I don’t see many conservities physically harassing Democratic supporters, yet theres plenty of protesters trying to riot against Trump and attacking his supporters. Mainly Illegal immigrants and their relatives it looks like, flying the Mexican flag and talking about making the USA Mexico. Build that wall and boot the illegals that are trying to bring Mexico corruption here.

  • william couch

    These kids want socialism. They’ve been taught it since kinder garden. They need to look @ The countries of S. America.

    • Mr Larry

      S. America is only an example of a huge American problem. The Funding of the destruction of other countries for their own profit. Unchecked and unbalanced by the uneducated democracy is America’s and therefore the entire worlds problem.

      • william couch

        And let us not forget that there’s a wall between Bolivia & mexico

  • It is not Paranoia

    If it’s on infowars, it must be true!!1!

  • Phil

    People are so emotionally involved in this Presidential election right now… and finally for the first time realizing there is something wrong with our country… the eyes are open… we know that something’s not right.

    Even though we have a President saying ‘I’m trying to break down borders‘ we’ve never had so much hate between different racial segments… what’s even more scary is that we know all of these things individually are setting up the perfect opportunity for serious civil unrest…

    I agree with this statement that race relations are at an ALL-TIME LOW in the United States with Obama at the helm. His position on race has alienated the majority of the population.

  • Al Mather

    Oh Hey! Gosh… I can buy so many of the things this article is scaring me into buying right here on this page!!!
    Glad I’m totally awake & not some dumb sheep who doesn’t know what kind of disastrous Shiite is about to go down!

  • Chris

    I think that this is pretending to be a false flag, but not really a false flag because the NWO elites hold the cards!
    I better go and buy a case of life straw and a truck load of survival food stores!! I am so glad they advertise on this site. I love the convenience of one stop shopping.

    • Maddog

      You should save your money, maybe go to the ball game or something. Americans are special and our leaders are super intelligent caring people. They will always take care of us and never let anything bad happen.

  • Larry

    I hope it’s true and that the proverbial $hit hits the fan, worse than anything prior in history. Sheeple deserve nothing better…. NOTHING!

  • The Magician

    There NEVER truly has been a Constitution! The Founding Fathers implemented the only one that EVER existed. Since that point & time, the so called elite have done everything they can to circumvent it!

  • Maddog

    I can’t believe people are still looking for TSHTF scenario and TEOTWAWKI. It already happened and now we are witnessing the result in slow motion.