Someone Finally Did It! Man Sues TSA for Making Him Miss His Flight

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It’s about time.

A Twin Cities man has sued the TSA and the Twin Cities airport operator for $506.85, the cost of missing his flight and having to buy a ticket for another flight due to a long security delay, the kind that have been hitting major airports all across the country lately.

Via Star Tribune:

In the lawsuit filed in federal court last week, Hooman Nikizad said his wait of more than 90 minutes on March 19 before he passed through security screening by the federal Transportation Security Administration (TSA) made him miss his afternoon flight to Los Angeles.

“I had to buy a ticket with another airline to be able to make my destination and meet my obligations,” Nikizad said in his claim, which noted the TSA had limited staff on duty at the time and “only one body scanner for the regular security line [in operation].”

Nikizad, a resident surgeon with the University of Minnesota, said in his suit that the TSA and the Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport “have done a very poor job of getting passengers through security.”

Some airports have seen delays as long as three hours just to get people through TSA. Airports have begun provided entertainment for pissed off travelers and airlines are handing out cots in the ever-more-likely event people miss their flights and wind up having to sleep in the airport.

This is surely only the first of many lawsuits to come. Can you imagine if lawsuits like this one started popping up everywhere as citizens across America starting fight back against this airport tyranny?

How long until the TSA would be finished? After all, if people can’t even make it onto their flights to begin with because TSA takes too long, then there won’t be much left to “secure” will there.

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  • Doyle Nibits

    TSA is so stupid, the terrorists now just walk up to the long lines at the TSA and kill everyone, just like in an airplane, as what just happened in Turkey.

    • NonYo Business

      Actually Terrorists didn’t kill anyone in Turkey, it was the CIA funded and trained rebels… with the support of the Turkish PM

      • Doyle Nibits

        That’s the terrorists, funded by John McCain handing them our tax dollars.

    • And yet, the terrorists in the US Navy still haven’t taken credit for TWA 800.

  • Dan Morgan

    “Just shut up, and show up the day before your flight, to allow enough time to clear security.
    How dare you question our authority ”
    – Highly skilled and trained TSA screener. (Former assistant night manager at Taco Bell)

  • Harry L

    As long as there are pedophiles, TSA should never have a staffing problem.

  • Suing is easy. Collecting, not so much.

  • jaguar

    I hope he wins and the airlines pay!!! Everyone should do this !!!!!

  • ReverendDraco✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ ᵃᶜᶜᵒᵘᶰᵗ

    I’m waiting for the day that someone gets fed up with the TSA and starts breaking screeners. . .

    I will throw a party. . .

  • Hollywood

    Thank you George Bush