Solicitation For “Role-Players” Confirms DoD Training in Boston on Heels of JADE HELM 15

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VIRGINIA BEACH, Virginia (INTELLIHUB) — After the Sandy Hook School Shooting and the Boston Bombing took to center stage in the press well-researched investigative journalists along with portions of the general public who did their Due diligence began to realize that “crisis actors” or “role-players” were being used by the mainline press to trick the unwitty. In fact the main objectives of the psychological operations, both the Sandy Hook school shooting and the Boston Bombing, were to instill fear upon the citizenry, offering the Powers-That-Be a chance to capture that fear and turn it into control, thus paving the way for more gun laws, restrictions, and the over-policing of the American people.

Now, and to no surprise, a company named Linxx Global Solutions, Inc. is soliciting “role-players” to satisfy a Department of Defense (DoD) contract in Boston from Sept 10-23 overlapping the tail end of JADE HELM 15 which officially is set to end on Sept. 15.

The solicitation was sent by Don Adams, retired U.S. Navy veteran and current Project Coordinator for Linxx Global Solutions, Inc., according to Linkedin, to various independent contracts through their agents.

The solicitation provided to me by my source reads as follows:

Good afternoon,

I am looking for some potential role players from 10-23 September.

My Name is Don Adams and I work for a government contracting company called Linxx Global Solutions, Inc.

I am trying to recruit for a contract we have coming up in the Boston area from 10-23 September 2015.

I am asking if you could post this to see if any of your patrons might have be interested in some fun, light part-time work as an independent contractor.

Here is what I am looking for:

Linxx Global Solutions, a government services provider based in Virginia Beach, VA, will be providing realistic scenario training to the U.S. Department of Defense in the Boston, MA area. Linxx is looking to hire male and female Independent Contractors (ICs). These ICs will act as Role Players, with scenario enhancements, which include:

  • Civilians on the battlefield
  • Opposing forces
  • Specialized linguists
  • Weapons
  • Wardrobes
  • Special and static effects
  • Intelligence/evidence

There will be two different sessions. The sessions are –

Session 1 – September 10th-12th, 14th-16th (tentatively 8am-3pm each day)

Session 2 – September 16th-18th and 21st-23rd   Meet times are as follows –

16th – 4pm

17th – 5pm

18th – 5pm

21st – 5pm

22nd – 730am

23rd – 730am

The meet location each day will be at Target, Gateway Center, 1 Mystic View Rd., Everett, MA.

Your rate will be $20/hr. We provide all necessary gear. Everyone will meet up at Target and we will transport everyone to the site.  The minimum amount you will be paid is four hours even if a daily session is less than four hours

If you are interested or have any questions, please contact.

The following is a public summary of Don Adams career as posted on Linkedin:

donlinkedin3 donlinkdin2 donlinkdin

Although I am not insinuating that anything other than what Adams listed in the solicitation will occur, my sources and myself think the nature of the solicitation is important to note — just in case.

Remain vigilant.

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  • Isn’t Solicitation unlawful?

    • ChuckInBama

      Different type, dude!

  • RandyJ/ProudSurvivor

    The government might want to remember, there are some 10-12 million armed and ready “role players” in the US.

    • LadyLoneStar

      They might wanna remember to stop wasting tax payer money!

      • No such thing as tax payer money- That’s an NLP anchor to make you feel part of the illusion of NFL, Baseball, Apple Pie, Americas Got Talent, Ford and Chevrolet

        • LadyLoneStar


          • Reverend Draco

            Off his meds.

          • straight shooter

            No, my guess is he takes few or none at all. Excessive Pharma and consciousness are generally antithetical.

          • Reverend Draco

            And he shows little consciousness.
            My statement stands.

          • straight shooter

            Sure it does, same as everyone else’s. And I happen to disagree.

        • straight shooter

          Absolutely right. Very few Americans realize that all their “hard-earned tax dollars” go directly to pay the interest on infinite federal debt–and nothing else.

          My only note–I’d use the word “distraction” rather than “illusion” merely because those who struggle with bigger concepts may not comprehend it that way, knowing as they may the stats of every QB in the NFL or the latest winner on Dancing With The Stars, but little of real import.

          • And their taxes play a smaller amount of the interest as time goes on.

          • straight shooter


    • That could very well be the plan to draw you offsides. They never wanted to disarm you…they wanted you to think this so you would all arm yourselves through the teeth. All they will have to do is flip a switch (no access to bank accounts and then observe Gun Enthusiasts, preppers, survivalists etc go Zombie mode on one another. Gives them opportunity to swoop in as the good guys trying to restore order…You will be seen as the enemies. Have to BE smarter than Military Intelligence which is still an oxymoron in the eyes of God which is above all religions, sciences, philosophies, and weaponry. I might jack off to some porn today simply because I can. We whole lot bigger than John Wayne and Yosemite Sam.

      • Reverend Draco

        You know what else is an oxymoron? A Science Fiction character being in charge of the universe.

        • You must be speaking of Ming the Merciless……cool masonic decoder ring.

  • frankw

    “Ten to twelve million armed and ready role players” have yet to do diddly to oppose the oppressions of this government with the one exception of the Bundy affair. SSDD!

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  • I could do the Sumerian linguistic voices over the carrier waves (ELF) or translate ELOHIM dialects coming from unknowns for Free.

  • There is a reason I do not use an alias on the internet. Because I can. Never believed in covert….i consider it cheating and cowardly.

  • straight shooter

    Most of the biggest false-flag attacks, including but not limited to 9/11, Oklahoma City, 7/7, Aurora, and the Boston Bombing, all had “training exercises” going on nearby at the same time. Is this a lock for more mayhem in Boston during this period? I would say stay vigilant.

    • Dick Cheney telling NORAD to stand down isn’t a very good way of staying vigilant.

      • straight shooter

        Of course, and we didn’t find that out until later. Personally, I’ll choose awareness over denial every time until whatever the end may be.

        • Only the honest and patriotic didn’t know about it when the traitors were doing what traitors always do. Since Cheney and everyone who knew what he was doing when he did it is a traitor, our best defense would be to impeach, indict, prosecute, convict, and execute every traitor we can catch. That won’t happen as long as all of the prosecutors are traitors too.

  • moovova

    I’d be proud to join Chief Adams in his fun & games…