Snowden Issue Strains International Relations

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With Edward Snowden on the move from Hong Kong To Russia, relationships between both countries and the US have become tense. Although there is an extradition treaty between the USA and Hong Kong, they failed to arrest Snowden siting in complete paperwork issued by Washington. China has said it is very concerned over claims by Mr Snowden that the United States hacked Chinese IT targets.

US Senator Charles Schumer has stated that Vladimir Putin knew and approved of Snowden’s flight to Russia and that this could cause serious problems in US-Russian relations. 

“Putin always seems almost eager to stick a finger in the eye of the United States – whether it is Syria, Iran and now of course with Snowden.” The Senator told CNN.

Ed Snowden has applied for asylum in Ecuador, something the country at this point is considering. Ecuador has been sheltering Wikileaks founder Julian Assange at their London Embassy for a year and it seems likely they will shelter Snowden. Along with Venezuela and Cuba, Ecuador is a member of the ALBA bloc, a group of leftist governments in Latin America that are known for and pride themselves on their ‘anti-imperialist’ stance.

The United States has revoked Snowdens passport and as such has requested that he be denied onward international travel.


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  • RickE.

    @ Alan, Our government are THE premier terrorists, not just cyber terrorists.
    The Snowden incident has illustrated to the world how evil the Obama administration is, and they are proving it more so as these days pass.
    Foreign countries don’t like being spied on any more than the non-sheeple do here.

    This was a good litmus test as to how much integrity our “leaders” have.

    They could have been contrite and genuinely sorry for all of the illegal spying on us and on other nations.

    Instead we have Dianne Swinestein and ,many others from both political parties calling Snowden a traitor and some are calling for a drone attack on him.

    Instead of admitting being wrong and changing their illegal ways, our government is being self righteously arrogant and INCREASING their world tyranny!
    I am ashamed of our corrupt, mindless, evil, murderous, and vicious government.

    To the NSA and Washington DC: if you are monitoring this post…you are scum sucking leeching, bags of crap that need to be disappeared! ALL OF YOU!

    • mijj

      @RickE > Dianne Swinestein and ,many others from both political parties calling Snowden a traitor and some are calling for a drone attack on him.

      yup .. as always, if we want to anticipate how the US government would react, we just have to ask ourselves: “how would the Mafia react?”

      plus: the people call Snowden a patriot, the Mafia call Snowden a traitor.

  • Al Kipf

    Rick E

    FYI Soetero is a distraction, an incompetent petty bureaucrat; done nothing worse than any of those preceding him.

    The real force behind the horror is the international banking syndicate.

    • RickE.

      Al, you’re right about everything you said about Barry.
      However he’s still responsible for what HE does, and what his administration does-good or bad.
      So are the rest of the losers which are nothing better than traitors.

  • Mr. Jonz

    Is that the same finger Putin wears his Superbowl ring on?

  • mijj

    > “Putin always seems almost eager to stick a finger in the eye of the United States”

    .. yeh .., and the US Mafia government always seems almost eager to stick a finger in the eye of the world.

  • Andy

    Well Chuck it’s like this,don’t get caught with your hand in the cookie jar!You can’t blame this on the guy that told everybody that the US government broke the law and is spying on everybody,even if they aren’t a true terrorist threat to the US.But the government thinks that anyone not in line with there new agenda of becoming a leftist socialist nation,because there has been so much infiltration into the government by the leftist socialists,communists,which have infiltrated the Democratic Party,and even some RINO’s are of the same ilk.Don’t ya’ll just love it that DiFi is calling this guy a traitor,since she wants to overturn the 2nd Amendment to the Constitution?She is a commie hack.Be prepared and ready.Keep your powder dry.