Smartphone Separation Anxiety Becoming Epidemic (Video)

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Researchers have been looking into the reasons for our ‘smartphone separation anxiety’ – known as nomophobia – and found that it has little to do with being unable to make or receive a call.

The main reason, they found, is to do with the key role our smartphones play in our overall identity by recording numerous memories that act as an extension of ourselves.

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Source: Smartphone Separation Anxiety Is Growing Problem, Says Scientist

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  • lee ho fook

    All in the plan, my dears….zoombies need their obama phoos

  • BW83

    Smart phone “separation anxiety”? I honestly wish this was a joke. Next thing you know they’ll be handing out prescriptions for it and people will collect disability for it.

    I continually wonder how some people make it through their day to day lives

    • lee ho fook

      they under DARPA mind control….observe what you see on the street…observe friends, family who eat in a restaurant…they don’t talk, they’re all on their smart phones…and the little ones have those tablets with games on them….all are automatons…the future is here.

  • Clementine

    Absolutely pathetic!

  • BwaaaHahahahahahaha