Smart Meters, Wi-Fi and Cell Phones Can Cause Brain Cancers

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Editor’s Note: Considering what a hot planet we are with all these devices, there’s a lot of money at stake in covering up any health dangers. There’s a much more vested interest in telling people these things are safe than telling them if they aren’t.

Labor Dept. Asks Communication Companies For Increased Safety Training For Cell Tower Workers
By Catherine J. Frompovich

Every pro-‘smart’ technology proponent – be it manufacturer, supplier, utility or Public Utility Commission – invariably likes to trot out ‘safety’ studies done 50 or more years ago on the then emerging radar technology that was considered ‘safe’. Why? Furthermore, what does that apparent ‘conspiracy’ say about keeping current and up to date on the very real science of how non-ionizing radiofrequencies (RFs) and electromagnetic frequencies (EMFs) cause harm to humans – the brain, in particular – and especially, children’s brains and bodies?

Didn’t military studies in the 1950s and 1960s expose microwave radiation health hazards? You betcha!

Well, recently the citizens’ ad hoc committee PASMA put out a Press Release, which addresses that very issue: RF/EMF radiation. I have permission to cite it verbatim; it’s listed below. Certainly, the information imparted there should cause every parent to become concerned about those ‘smart’ technology devices and the harm they are causing their children, especially 24/7/365 “dirty electricity” from AMI Smart Meters for electricity, natural gas and water utilities.

A real and pressing concern should be about Wi-Fi in schools and the workplace, which increasingly is being implicated in migraine headaches and numerous other sorts of health anomalies. Young children are particularly vulnerable. I’ll let the PASMA Press Release speak for itself:


Pennsylvania’s children are being subjected to excessive electromagnetic frequencies in cell phones, Wi-Fi, and other “smart” gadgets that function by using radiofrequencies.

Dr. Mary Redmayne, of Monash University in Melbourne, Australia, published the paper “International policy and advisory response regarding children’s exposure to radio frequency electromagnetic fields (RF-EMF)” in the journal Electromagnetic Biology and Medicine, 2015; 1 DOI: 10.3109/15368378.2015.1038832, in which she advises, “[U]sing and storing a device at least 20cm away from the body, and when using devices offline then to put them in flight mode, turn Wi-Fi off at night, and to avoid keeping devices in the bedroom.”

PASMA wants to advise parents, legislators, and utility companies that certain devises cannot be turned off—at night or any time. We are referring to the AMI Smart Meters, which constantly gather and transmit information using microwave technology 24/7/365, plus send “dirty electricity” into homes.

Dirty electricity is a form of electromagnetic pollution or non-ionizing radiation. Some refer to it as electromagnetic interference (EMI) or electrical “noise.” It’s a powerful, high frequency electrical energy that travels along the wiring inside homes and buildings where only standard 60-Hertz AC electricity should be. Dirty electricity is a common effect produced by AMI Smart Meters.

Children’s bodies, because of their size and quick growth patterns, are more vulnerable to RF and EMF radiation, the brain in particular. What moral, or supposedly legal, rights do the PA PUC, PA state legislature, PA utility companies, and PECO, an Exelon Company, in particular, have to mandate and harass consumers into accepting RF-EMF emitting AMI Smart Meters or cut off their electric power?

According to the U.S. EPA, exposing people to toxins and cancer-producing substances is considered criminal activity. Furthermore, the EPA, as published in The Indiana Gazette of October 4, 1990, knew about the cancer-causing ability of EMFs when that newspaper stated, “But the EPA has stopped short of the probable carcinogen conclusion, which could have drastic implications for regulation of the American utility industry and in the workplace. Louis Slesin, power-industry watchdog and the editor of Microwave News, published in his journal’s most recent issue a paragraph from a rough draft of the EPA study recommending that low-frequency electromagnetic fields be classified as probable human carcinogens.” The Indiana Gazette article goes on to say, ‘The paragraph,’ Slesin said in a recent interview with The Morning Call, ‘has since been deleted from the report, which won’t be issued in official, final form until this month, according to the July 20 issue of TIME magazine.’” What did EPA know; did not want to admit; and why did the EPA delete “the paragraph” from the report?

However, the World Health Organization’s International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) has declared electromagnetic fields a class 2b carcinogen, the same as lead, DDT, dioxins, PCBs, etc., based on an increased risk for glioma, a malignant type of brain cancer, associated with wireless phone use—the same RF/EMF technology Smart Meters use to surveil, transmit and receive information to and from homes retrofitted with those dangerous AMI meters.

The seriousness of Smart Meter electromagnetic radiation pollution increases because of “dirty electricity” Smart Meters send into homes through electrical wiring. Furthermore, those Smart Meter EMFs are constant 24/7/365 with no escaping from them, and no turning them off!

PASMA suggests that a class action lawsuit needs to be instituted against Pennsylvania utility companies that install mandatory Smart Meters, and the PA PUC, for enabling and supplying, under duress for many customers, a cancer-producing – class 2b carcinogen – technology that subjects Pennsylvania children to constant exposures to brain-cancer-producing EMFs and RFs.

The Pennsylvania state legislature must come to grips about RFs/EMFs/Smart Meters and become involved to correct this horrendous and ever-present health hazard for Pennsylvania’s children.

Smart Meter RF/EMF and dirty electricity exposures are 24/7/365, plus more serious than school funding or any aspects that affect children—the future of humanity – and their brains and lives. That RF/EMF radiation constant exposure probably is the ultimate in child abuse, should be a no-brainer. Why is that permitted, especially in Pennsylvania?


My research into cell phones, which use the same radiofrequencies as Smart Meters do to collect, transmit and send back instructions to smart appliances on the Smart Grid, found the April 2013 Briefing Paper, “Campaign for Safe Cell Phone Use” [CSCPU] [1] in which some pretty interesting facts are supplied that everyone in today’s tech world needs to know, especially if you are having memory problems.

The CSCPU reports this:

Epidemiologist and found (sic) of Environmental Health Trust, Dr. Devra Davis, says FCC’s announcement may be a critical turning point in public health policymaking.

It’s gratifying that FCC is considering revamping mobile radiation standards and testing methods, as the same methodology has been in place for more than 15 years,” Davis said. “In a world where there are more mobile phones than people, and where cell phones are increasingly used by young people and children, it is essential that any new standards for cell phones or other wireless devices be based on protecting the youngest and most vulnerable populations.” [CJF emphasis added]

This was cited from the President’s Cancer Panel voicing its concern:

The 2009 U.S. President’s Cancer Panel pointed to cell phones and other wireless technologies as potential causes of cancer. In its recommendations, the panel stated:

Methods for long-term monitoring and quantification of electromagnetic energy exposures related to cell phones and wireless technologies are urgently needed given the escalating use of these devices by larger and younger segments of the population and the higher radiofrequencies newer devices produce.

Panel chairman, Professor Lasalle Lefall noted, “The increasing number of known or suspected environmental carcinogens compels us to action, even though we may currently lack irrefutable proof of harm.” [CJF emphasis added]

Then, there’s this cited from the U.S. Government Accountability Office (GAO) report, “Telecommunications: Exposure and Testing Requirements for Mobile Phones Should be Reassessed”:

The July 2012 GAO report found that:

By not formally reassessing its current limit, FCC cannot ensure it is using a limit that reflects the latest research on RF energy exposure.FCC has also not reassessed its testing requirements to ensure that they identify the maximum RF energy exposure a user could experience. Some consumers may use mobile phones against the body, which FCC does not currently test, and could result in RF energy exposure higher than the FCC limit. [CJF emphasis added]

Consider this in the CSCPU report:

The image below demonstrates the increased absorption of cell phone radiation within the brains of children. Studies show that those who begin using cell phones as children develop brain tumors at a faster rate. [CJF emphasis added]

Screenshot 2015-07-30 at 4.00.51 PM

Furthermore, CSCPU says this:

The published study, “Exposure Limits: The underestimation of absorbed cell phone radiation, especially in children,” (Gandhi et al, 2011), notes that the industry-designed process for evaluating microwave radiation from phones results in children absorbing twice the cell phone radiation to their heads, up to triple in their brain’s hippocampus and hypothalamus, greater absorption in their eyes, and as much as 10 times more in their bone marrow when compared to adults.

A major study found an eight-fold increase in brain tumors in 20-29-year-olds after only five years of cell phone use (Hardell et al, 2004). Children and teens will have a lifetime of exposure; a 2011 Pew Research Study found that eight out of 10 teens sleep with their phones under their pillows. [CJF emphasis added]

The ironic part about all those pushers and enforcers of electronic communication and/or gadgets – be they Smart Meters, cell phones, Wi-Fi, etc. – is they ALL use radiofrequencies that emit non-ionizing radiation to send and receive signals, voice, photos, etc.

Additionally, Dr Sanjay Gupta, a neurosurgeon and CNN medical consultant, is on record as saying,

The data showed people who used a cell phone 10 years or more doubled the risk of developing a glioma, a type of brain tumor. [1]

May I direct readers to page 8 of the CSCPU report to understand what really goes on when you carry a ‘live’ cell phone on your body! Page 9 tells about the deceptive consumer radiation exposure warnings. Page 11 cites “myths cooked up by the cell phone industry.”

Several pages at the end of the CSCPU report contain a “gold mine” of scientific reports and media information regarding the serious electromagnetic frequencies harms from ‘smart’ and cell phone technologies. Many thanks to the producers of the CSCPU report for an excellent job.

Equipped with this information, what will you do to protect your children’s brains, especially from Smart Meter RFs/EMFs “dirty electricity” coming into the house 24/7/365, plus their constant Wi-Fi exposure in just about every U.S. classroom?


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  • Gearmoe

    In out-lands where signal is non-existent and nearer the N~S poles. For the most part we are screwed.

  • Disciple

    This is another reason why I wear the tin foil hat.

    • It won’t help you if there’s a hole in it where the sound passes through to your ear from the cellphone pressed against it.

      • Disciple

        When I started wearing the hat my friends quit calling me.

        • lol, awesome!

        • I’ve always been the unrequited man. Most of my friends and none of my acquaintances are happy to hear from me, when they do, but they seldom, if ever, initiate the contact. I have two cellphones and seldom carry either one, unless I’m waiting for an important call. Neither one has it’s voicemail set up. They are used mostly as numeric pagers.

  • The first thing that is required to protect ourselves is to acquire an understanding of the inverse square law. Those who expose themselves to high intensity fields by holding their devices next to the most susceptible tissues to ionizing radiation will suffer the most damage therefrom. Unless you hold your body against a smart meter for minutes at a time, because they emit no more radiation than cellphone that you hold against the side of your head, they can’t possibly do as much damage.

    • David in MA

      Meanwhile, cell towers are slowly microwaving us…

      • Do you happen to have an academic background in health physics?

        • deannaM

          do you ? why are those with an academic background in health physics the only ones affected ?

          • Actually, yes I do, acquired during reporting on the radioactive releases from the Rocky Flats Nuclear Weapons Plant before they closed it and turned it into a wildlife refuge. No living thing is immune to radiation hazards or poisoning by geoengineering, which is, by far, the greater killer.

    • deannaM

      bull shit.i cant even use my bedrooms since the smartmeters came.they are pulsing microwaves and generate massive dirty electricity throughout the household wiring.bats fell from trees here when they activated them .the industry has been caught misrepresenting the amounts of these pulses in the courts of 3 countries already .people are reacting acutely in everyplace this infastructure has been deployed .mostly on the homes where the covert data collector meter has been placed that transmits chatter billions of times per second to communicate with the other 1000 meters in the neighborhood network.when they were finally forced to prove they “tested” them for “safety” they pulled a fast one,they used one isolated smartmeter that wasnt hooked up to the constantly communicating network.

      • The transmitted power from a smart meter is identical and impossible to exceed that of a smartphone, because they both use the same chip sets.
        Bats have fallen out of trees for as long as there have been bats, since they glide as much as they fly. Geoengineering is killing more living things than could ever be directly killed by all of the radio frequency transmissions that have ever been made in human history.

  • Meaghan Simpson

    How about holding your iPad in your lap? Any other tips for users of iPads? I have Earth Calm devices one plugged into my home circuits
    AC outlet, one on my iPad, one around my neck and one on my wifi modem router… They do seem to help a lot, but I can use all the healthy tips I can get. I am a little ol’ low-tech lady who can never sit still and hold onto a mouse so still and so many steps for a PC wow
    Unbearably tedious sedintary! I’d rather be walking/talking, dancing than sit sit sit!

  • David in MA

    Is this the reason for the way congress has been acting (or not acting)?