Smart Dust: Are We All Being Transformed into Machines?

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Smart Dust is a new term to me, and quite alarming when you understand its purpose. According to our recent guest on The Liberty Brothers Radio Show,Deborah Tavares, Smart Dust is being sprayed overhead across America, and it is apparently one “legal” government experiment that is nearly impossible to avoid. When one understands the push towards a “singularity” between man and machine, it is not too hard to believe Deborah’s research into the attempted transformation from humankind into cyborgs.

Smart Dust is alarming, no doubt, but it is just one of the many topics that we discussed with Researcher, Deborah Tavares. Deborah, a home-builder for many years, began to notice the restrictions being placed on smaller builders, and the breaks being given to larger builders, in her home state of California. After being, basically, regulated out of business, Deborah began her quest for truth and started to peel back the layers of corruption that permeates our so-called representatives.

Deborah first covered the DOD chemical experiments on Americans, and moved on to Smart-Meters being used as weapons. That’s right, Deborah states that Smart Meters can be used to crank up the dial on uncooperative, and unsuspecting, households who may be considered problematic; making the people who live inside the home sick from microwave, or some other type of radiation.

As our interview progressed, we learned how much of a grip the Rothschild Dynasty has over the energy here in America; and how some of those same organizations, and the corporations that serve them, are pushing the “illusion of scarcity” as another means of control. We also covered the re-engineering of human DNA, and how the “green movement,” if successful, will require every house in America to be retrofitted to comply with UN mandates. The interview with Deborah covers a wide range of topics and is one not to miss. To get up-to-speed on Chemtrails, I encourage to watch our previous interview with Elana Freeland and Billy Hayes.

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Contributed by Jim White of The Liberty Brothers Radio Show.

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  • M Fr Nch

    Rather than worry about the problems we are unsure of, how about we solve the ones we are damn certain of. This will solve the reat by attrition. Greed, Greed, homicidal puppets, foreign influence on our society, unknown people in our gov, banks, all banks and bankers, GMO anything which does not need a label it needs done away with completely, those who will not look at he real problem are part of the problem.

  • Pelayo

    What will it take to stop this and all of the other completely unacceptable attacks on us?

  • Gil G

    “Repent! Repent! The end of the world is night!”
    And so forth.

  • J White

    You Might Check Here: It’s her EMF You Tube