Sleep Soundly, America: 81-Year-Old Lady Jailed for Feeding Birds

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That’s right.

An elderly woman violated her probation by leaving bread crumbs out in her yard for crows and will remain behind bars.


Eighty-one-year-old Mary Musselman was first arrested last month for feeding bears in her backyard. One of the bears was euthanized over it because the Fish and Wildlife Service said the bears might learn not to be afraid of people anymore and then get aggressive.

The judge in the case warned Musselman not to feed any more wild animals of any kind:

A judge gave her probation at the time, and made it clear: Do it again, and go to jail.

She did, was arrested in January, and the case ignited controversy when Musselman was held without bond.

Apparently where it got really serious is when officers recently went by to check on her home (as they reportedly did over and over) and found bread crumbs in her yard one day:

Her attorney, William Fletcher, told FOX 13 that officers issued a new arrest warrant after checking on her home and seeing that she was leaving bread out for crows.

That violates her court order not to feed any wild animals.

Yep. An elderly lady was caught leaving out pieces of stale bread for the birds.

This is a clear violation of her probation not to feed any wild animals — even birds, apparently.

(What is this, an Alfred Hitchcock movie?)

She was arrested and put back in jail.

Her attorney has argued that his client is mentally ill, suffering from Alzheimer’s and Dementia, and should be allowed to live with her brother under supervision. The judge instead ordered that Musselman remain in jail until she receives a more thorough mental evaluation.

It’s a good thing we live in such a complete and utter nanny state that we now have Fish and Wildlife Service officers serving and protecting us all by repeatedly checking people’s yards for bread crumbs and making sure to reserve our already overburdened criminal justice system and jails for those who pose the absolute biggest threat and are most dangerous to society at large…

Sure, this lady may have mental health issues, but being left in jail for the crime of…feeding birds? Is that really in her best interest (or that of, well, anyone else including her elderly husband who is ill and now all alone)?

So the mega banks are too big to fail or prosecute, and the lobbyist-bought politicians and criminals on Wall Street can roam free to continue to wreck the country hand over fist, but we’re jailing elderly people for sprinkling a little stale bread in their yards for the birds?

Wow, America. Wow.

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  • Musashi5000

    Is there anything left worth saving in the former United States?

    A reckoning is long overdue.

    • Yeims

      You got that right!! Already way too many things have been forgiven, overlooked, or forgotten. The offenses against us are increasing every day. It is operant conditioning a la BF Skinner, and the sheeple are responding admirably.

      • Musashi5000

        The time has come to decide where one stands. When this kicks off we’re going to find out who’s who pretty quickly.

        I’m good with that.

  • R Bauer

    First the milk police, now this??

  • Joe2D2

    Shit is way past due. My grandmother lived way out in the country and fed all the animals in the area that came around her house. Didn’t matter, squirrels, birds, turtles, stray cats, stray dogs, she fed them all. I can’t say what I’d do if she was ever arrested for feeding animals on her own property, but I know it wouldn’t be pretty. These fuckers need corrected and soon. Way the fuck out of control.

    • Chris G. Foltz

      they need a good old time ass beating …

  • concernedRN

    there’s got to be an ulterior motive to what these SOBs are doing to the American citizens, but I just can’t figure it out. And what does the fact that she may have dementia have to do with anything? Demented people should be free to feed the birds as much as anyone else. This is so messed up I don’t even know what to say

    • Rick E.

      What’s happening here friend, is tyranny and an attempt at total control of the populace.
      They’re not even attempting to hide it now. It’s blatant, and for all to see. (well those with their heads out of the sand, that is).

      • Ken, Megapolis

        Hi once again Rick. This is NOT Law and Order, its insanity. Further, this woman is not my Babooska or Grandmother but she may be someone’s friendly neighbour, Facebook friend, chatty old lady at the bus stop etc.
        Try this sort of thing on any elderly person I know and I can call upon no end of friends to turn up with baseball bats and a few skulls will crack before the bat breaks.
        You must be getting tired of this LOL, but help me God.

  • berrybestfarm

    It is not power that corrupts. It is the lack of accountability that corrupts. This is a clear case of violating an individuals property rights as this occurred on private property. The high courts have ruled over and over that we do not punish people for what might happen (the bear maybe might do a bad thing to a member of the public). It would be nice if more attorneys would grow a set and start telling these judges they are personaly accountable if they continue to violate individual rights. Here in Washington our state Constitutions first article protects individual rights and we have a state court rule allowing any citizen to file misdemeanor and gross misdemeanor charges directly which includes official misconduct which is defined in state law as public officials deliberately violating a persons rights. Check out the laws and rules in your state–you may also have this untapped power to make accountability real to these tyrants and bullies.
    Dennis Patterson–Deer Park,WA

    • Kim G

      It does seem rather odd to hold this woman accountable for the potential actions of a bear.

      • SLN

        Why doesn’t this law apply to domestic violence cases..When a drunk or angry person could “possibly” hurt someone? The cops wait until the crime actually happens and then it is too late!

  • Sonokar

    In a healthy society that woman would have a job at the zoo. Instead, we’re so depraved that we call her mentally ill and throw her in a cage. I hate this place sometimes…

  • Cracker122049

    It could have been much worse you know,it could have been children selling lemon aid without the proper licensing and permits! How does law enforcement even look at their little pig faces in the mirror when shit like this happens every day in this country now? Paid goons that will do whatever they are told to do for the most part,

    • berrybestfarm

      Unfortunately in all of history there has never been a shortage of goons to pay.
      Dennis Patterson–Deer Park,WA

    • Rick E.

      Law enforcement drools and has wet dreams over these kinds of interactions! My guess is that they’re kind of like a couple of folks on here-“the law is the law”, be damned with common sense and logic! (not when LE can go hog wild on someone).

  • James Jagermeister

    What if there’s a bad winter? Birds and homeless may starve. Besides, some of us like helping others as part of a religious duty.

  • abinico

    I guarantee you that the cops and judges behind this have felony level skeletons in their closets and the bother this old woman over feeding birds. When will people wake up and revolt.

  • Chris G. Foltz

    DNR = Do Nothing Rangers…. nothing but harass citizens… seems to me they have too much time on their hands…. how bout cutting the work force & save some tax monies… 🙂

  • raven

    Bankers commit fraud and launder money for drug cartels and get a slap on the wrist. Now you know who really runs the country.

  • John Steam

    When you get that old and so near death you should consider doing the rest of the younger people a favor. When a bureaucrat or a jack boot approaches you, warn them that, because the police kill so many people by accident, that you are in fear for your life and then defend yourself until your clip is empty.

    Seriously, at that age what do you have to lose? How many jackboots would tumble before the began to learn to stop fvcking with people?

  • Kent Shebelut

    Obozo feeds illegals…………. this should count , also( time to Leave Obozo)

  • oldranger68

    Seems to me that she should be remanded for 72 hour mental evaluation not put in jail. Have people taken leave of common sense?

    • Kim G


  • Femghazi

    Publish the judge’s name. In big bold letters.

  • chrism12743

    So much for her “Golden Years”!

  • Jonathan
  • derekwardlies

    the bears and birds are hungry as the law has determined they are invasive species on their own planet.i would like to see a law forbiding the feeding of corporations and politicians as they are the true invasive species ,invasive and destructive is their definition of “progress”.level a forest to make a parkinglot,with free microwave spectrum wifi for all you biocide needs

  • william ackerman

    The birds are a health hazard. End of discussion.


  • ac287149

    The problem is that laws and their enforcement can actually turn around and bite good or even innocent people in the rear end.
    Your slow-n-go at the stop sign can turn into “resisting arrest” at any given moment depending upon what the officer does and how you react. Have you seen the story about the OK State trooper chasing down an ambulance on the way to a hospital, with a patient inside, and beating up and arresting the driver? Or the CHP trooper who arrested the fireman in Chula Vista, CA at the scene of an accident? The officer told firefighters to move three fire engines from the fast lane. Two complied, but one firefighter refused that request and continued giving aid to the crash victims….and was handcuffed and arrested.

    Once it becomes official, the legitimacy of the original problem is moot. An arrest is an arrest is an arrest. A trial is a trial is a trial. Probation is probation is probation– all regardless of how ridiculous the “offense” is or how mindlessly robotic the officials must really be for allowing this to go so far. If they really are so mindlessly compliant, then we’re in serious trouble.