Sh*t Liberals Say: Gun Advice from Someone Who Doesn’t Know the Difference Between a Magazine and a Clip

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California State Senator Kevin de Leon made a dramatic presentation during a press conference the other day, displaying an AR-15 that was carefully zip-tied to highlight its “deadly nature”.

Judging from de Leon’s speech, it’s probably a good thing it was mercifully disabled, for the safety of both de Leon and his hapless audience. He would probably be well-advised not to handle any type of firearm more deadly than a Nerf gun.

In less than 30 seconds after the politician opened his mouth, he successfully removed all doubt concerning his ignorance, just in case anyone had lingering questions previous to this. When demonstrating how deadly the “ghost gun” was, he confused magazines with clips, made a mess of the firing specs, and, incidentally, made several grammatical errors that were bad enough to make your ears bleed.

Here’s your state senator, California…the gun control advocates and voters who elected him must be so proud.

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  • Drdetroitdanchap

    Next time they “have” a war …. ALL you pro-gunners STAY HOME and let the ANTI-gunners fight it, because you pro-gunners are just shooting yourselves by preserving THEIR power.

  • Hammerun

    I’ve lived in California since 1973 and baby this pup has slid off bad.
    I’ve never heard of Kevin deLeon and couldn’t give a flying shit either. As fucking STUPID as he appears don’t forget just what and who the fuck voted his ignorant ass into office. De Leon didn’t apply for his job he was elected. Think about it ELECTED IN!!!
    Could you possibly think that his electorate could be educated, anything past a sixth grade education?
    If you are pondering a move to the quote “the golden state” keep this shit in mind as to what level of stupidity and ignorance you will be faced with once here and it’s getting worse.

  • Rick E.

    WOW! Liberalism IS a disease! Or, perhaps it’s a condition in which some unlucky sap is born into.

  • Jason Vega

    lol what an imbecile

  • fromaway46

    So tell me, what’s the difference between a “magazine” and a “clip”? I thought they were in common usage the same with perhaps magazine being the more proper term.

  • unclezip

    Morons R us. Gotta be Commiefornia.

  • Chris

    This guy and deSaulnier introduce about 80%

    of the gun-ban bills in Cal