Sh*t Just Got Real: Source Leaks Surprise Election Military Drill — DHS Prepping for “No Rule of Law” After Election Day

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Boston-Martial-Law is exclusively reporting that the US military, DHS, and FEMA are gearing up for a huge, officially unannounced martial law drill set to start Oct. 30 and running through to 30 days after the election.

By the sound of it, this has nothing to do with foreign invaders but with quelling potential mass civil unrest in American streets:

This tip came through the back channels; its implications are astounding.

If there is any truth to it, the 2016 election could be a kick-off for total tyranny.

According to an unnamed source – who has provided accurate intel in the past – an unannounced military drill is scheduled to take place during a period leading up to the election and throughout the month after.

It appears that the system is gearing up to handle outbreaks of violence, chaotic rallies and poll stations, and the possibility that the people of the United States may become very dissatisfied with the outcome by using military force and martial law.

The drill could, of course, go live at any time; Homeland Security and the military are prepared to contend with a period of unrest, and restore order to a divided and broken country – regardless of whether people like their new leader or not.

As you know, DHS is already monitoring this election and prepared to take over its ‘critical infrastructure’. The scope of this drill would, of course, take things much further:

Hi Guys,

I got some gouge from a former military colleague who is in contact with active duty personnel and he received an email about an upcoming drill.  We need confirmation on this, but if we put it out there we might get a leaker to come forward and confirm:

Date:  October 30th – 30 days after the election
Suspected Region:  Northeast, specifically New York

1st Phase:  NROL (No Rule of Law) – drill involving combat arms in metro areas (active and reserve).  Source says active duty and reserve service members are being vaccinated as if they are being deployed in theatre.

2nd Phase:  LROL (Limited Rule of Law) – Military/FEMA consolidating resources, controlling water supply, handing out to public as needed.

3rd Phase:  AROL (Authoritarian Rule of Law) – Possible new acronym or term for “Martial Law”.  Curfew, restricted movements, basically martial law scenario.

Source said exercise involves FEMA/DHS/Military

So far this drill has not been confirmed outside the single source, but maybe now that it’s in the alt. media, others will come forward to verify it.

However, with everything else going on right now geopolitically, this makes sense. Obviously with this election between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, large masses of people are going to be pissed off either way no matter who wins. The government must recognize that fact.

The first phase of the drill refers to “combat arms in metro areas”. The second phase is about controlling the water supply. The third phase is martial law without saying it.

By the looks of this, the system is gearing up for a fight with the people on election day. Could the system’s consolidation of power behind Hillary and her ascension to the US throne have something to do with it?

No matter what, it’s never too late to be prepared… until it is too late.

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  • Rudy Campilii

    The sheeple will get quite pissed when they realize Hillary stole the election. I hope no one is under the delusion Trump will be allowed to be president. The owners of this country will not allow Trump to make the swear in on January 22 (or whatever day president gets sworn in) even if it means Americans will have to be shot in the streets. Make no mistake.

    • Jae Sea

      I’m planning a trump celebration party at mi casa. There’s going to be dancing, good music, chips n dip, and some desserts. It’s gonna be a great time. Are you saying I should send out cancellation notices to the friends who have already rsvped?

    • ExecutorOffice

      The shareholders of USA INC certainly don’t want the Don as CEO.

      • junktex


        • disqus_XGyr91lCAy

          Then Trump’s a shoe in.

    • RMS1911

      You act like we don’t have guns. They will be outnumbered. They won’t do jack.

      • Don’tTrust’em

        Lol, it would be like bring a knife to a gun fight. You do realize most Americans are pampered douche bags. In the Great Depression many people died and that was without a McDonald’s and Walmart on ever corner. If it real came to the point of picking up arms, the Feds understand that they are out numbered. Why would they risk personal who might not follow thru with orders, when they could use chemical agents to control a population or just take down the power grid along with the water supply. They don’t need boots in the streets when the sheeple will first fight each other .

        • Jas

          Exactly, that is why the words of the left who say they are against guns cause a rush to buy guns, they want us to be heavily armed, 2 weeks without power and water and your neighbor will kill you for that last box of Cheerios.

          • Ugotta_B_Kidding

            And in 3 weeks they will kill you to eat you.

          • redhorse1969

            they can come on down the price will be lead

        • LuckySOB

          Do you not know that many Americans, more than you think aren’t armed with FORMIDABLE weapons? Believe me, they will not win! 100% You should have a little more faith in your fellow neighbors my friend. I am a pacifist and I am VERY eager to fight right now to keep our constitution and the integrity of this country intact! Believe me my friend. It will NOT happen here. 100%

          • Sallie Dodd Butters

            Same here SOB and I’M rounding the corner to 70!

        • GenEarly

          Grid down, food disappears within a day from stores and within a month from most homes.
          Feral gov can then just let the populace starve off or offer them “food” in a “camp”.
          Hilarity loves us “Deplorables” so! …… and those “Useful Idiots” that voted With Her will be in the same fix and/or camps too.
          Lot’s of options for the NWO oligarchs to subdue the “Masses” Comrades…..economic will kick in on any triggering event:

        • RMS1911

          You must live in a city If your so worried about electricity. For them to be effective they would need to use an emp. Chemical agents as ineffective in the countryside. Besides to
          Control an area you have to occupy it. It will be a lot like deer season except they won’t be walking through heavy brush. Now don’t get me wrong I don’t expect much from grown men who
          sit around wearing jerseys of some dude they have a weird fascination with.

      • LuckySOB

        AMEN !

    • GAZOO

      Keep dreaming .

    • redhorse1969

      hope they try lock and load

    • Dennis B Anderson

      If that happens it will be NATO troops coming at us they will get a face full, and that will be our fake governments biggest mistake.There was a conversation between Raul Castro & Obama? It was at Mandellas funeral about 35,000 cubans coming our way. with green cards. Could this have been a smoke screen for uninvited guest? They were over heard saying something they shouldnt have? Our countrys army would never go against its own. About the rest of it bring it on its time they were exterminated for good.

  • fgt4urights

    • Red Tick Alert

      4-17 mins – all senators know full well and have sold their soul.

      • fgt4urights

        They absolutely do and the 1% who don’t would show how out of control, corrupt and treasonous all this is as it would prove a government overthrown with no oversight or control. Both situations are equally bad.

  • Cracker122049

    DHS is simply another acronym for traitor. Pompous pigs feeding at the trough!

  • obadiahorthodox

    BullFukinShit, The Alt right has been saying the same thing since Bill Clinton, Martial Law, Fema Camps, Etc. Etc. Ad Nauseam. It’s the same fear mongering. Why don’t you guys get another job instead of promoting fear.

    • Rudy Campilii

      Oh yea, right, no need to worry. Everything is fine. Plenty of jobs, lot’s of freedom, free health care, the politicians are practically saints and only have the “little guy’s” interest. The cops aren’t really shooting 1,500 American citizens a year, the cops aren’t stealing our money, homes, cars, boats under civil asset forfeiture, we aren’t bombing hospitals and killing innocent wedding goers in six different countries. The CIA isn’t secretly controlling the heroin trade in Afghanistan and flooding the world, our boarders aren’t really wide open where anyone from a third world country can just walk across the boarder get free healthcare, college, welfare…The big banks and major corporations don’t really own the Congress. America is all unicorns and fairies and the keebler elves are real also.

      • RMS1911

        Leave elf team 6 out of this how do you know about them anyways?

        • Tatiana Covington

          Snap, Crackle, and Pop said so. So do the Smurfs. So there!

      • randy wellman

        EXCELLENT summation, rudy!

      • Linda

        Apocoloptomist….Even when everything is going to shit someone still feels it will be okay!

      • bsroon

        rainbows are unicorn farts of course.

    • JJ

      In the last eight years under Ovomit, our Constitution has been shredded. If Trump wins, all these liberal free thinkers will be rioting, looting, and burning their own neighborhoods, as we have seen in Ferguson and Boston. If KILLary wins these SAME asshats will be rioting, looting and burning their own neighborhoods- to CELEBRATE.

  • ExecutorOffice

    What rule of law is in place now?

    • Rudy Campilii

      Obama’s rule of law is in place now. Didn’t you know that? He just makes an executive order and presto we have whatever law Obama say’s we have and Congress backs him up on it. We have never been at war with Eurasia………War is peace…..

      • ExecutorOffice

        AHA !! It did seem like the ” authorities ” do whatever the hell they want and get away with it.
        How will it be if Hitlery is Gestapo Leader of USA INC?

    • Helluva3ngineer

      Seems like we have a couple of different ones depending on who you are.

    • Seed_of_Albion

      Bingo! Look up “anarcho-tyranny.”

  • Mike Little

    Nobody is goin to do nada, you people will lay down and take it like good little sheeple.

  • Utterly Deplorable

    Nothing is going to happen. The media has the whole thing sewn up, and the interwebs will be blocked to dampen any bad news that would cause angst. Now just drink your Koolaid and STFU.

  • thomas jefferson

    WE’LL see how this goes,THEY ARE PLANNING AN ABSOLUTE BLOODBATH ATTACK ON “”BLACK FRIDAY””you’ll have the police gangs,UN MILITARY and that says nothing of the MUZZIES and chinese coming across the southern TEXAS & MEXICO BORDER and just slaughtering the texans who live along that border…Their planning to attack the US MILITARY bases,and BLOCK the freeways,and go down the lines of traffic shooting everyone in their cars,WHO ARE TO STUPID TO BE ARMED,americans think everythings OK in america,THEY’LL be caught dead……

  • Obviously, there is no rule of law right now: rule of thugs in the US government maybe, but not rule of law.

  • breakawaymotorsports .

    We haven’t had an executive branch of the government for almost 8 years and if The Beast gets in,another 4 years. I will continue to hunker down waiting for a change.Our poor country…

    • GraceViaFaith

      We haven’t had a federal government since at least 1933 when it was dissolved permanently due to insolvency and bankruptcy and in its place a foreign corporation was created. Under this corporation called UNITED STATES OF AMERICA 4 CORP (we’re already on our 4th incarnation of it due to further insolvency), we are also incorporated as our “individual fictitious legal entities”, which means we are nothing but possessions and franchises of the de facto (without real authority) “fed”.

      This creation of the mind, illusory “power” (corporation) is masquerading as our government and is “de facto” – its only authority is under “color of law” which has the appearance of law but without real authority (please look those terms up in Black’s Law dictionary). The only way it works is with our consent (contract) as we are now only corporations dealing with one massive foreign corporation. The Crown Corporation owns USA4Corp, and the Vatican owns the Crown Corp. What a racket, huh? This is the stuff they’re trying so desperately to keep hidden, but there it is.

      “It is an established fact that the United States Federal Government has been dissolved by the Emergency Banking Act, March 9, 1933,” 48 stat. 1, Public Law 89-719; declared by President Roosevelt, being bankrupt and insolvent. H.J.R. 192, 73rd Congress in session, June 5, 1933.

      Joint resolution to suspend the Gold Standard and Abrogate. “The Gold Clause dissolved the Sovereign Authority of the United States and the official capacities of all United States Governmental Offices, Officers and Departments and is further evidence the United States Federal Government exists today in name only.” United States Congressional Record, March 17, 1993, volume 33.

      “Therefore, the U.S. citizens residing in one of the states of the union, are classified as property and franchises of the federal government as an “individual entity” Wheeling Steel Corp v. Fox, 289 U.S. 193, 80 L.ed. 1143, 56, Supreme Court 773.

      • breakawaymotorsports .

        ^So true..and so sad…

      • Jas

        True, but don’t forget that the original USA that went bankrupt in 1933 was also a corporation existing under the Laws of the Sea, it had to be in order for the King to transfer the contract to provide ‘governmental services’ from the Virginia Co. to the newly formed government. It has always been a trick and we have always been crown subjects, we were just given the illusion of self governance.

        • GraceViaFaith

          You are absolutely correct, especially about the illusion of self-governance! Everything about our “government” is illusory. It is “de facto” only, and this whole set-up is nothing but one massive masquerade.

          We also can’t forget freemasons made up most of our founders and DC is absolutely filthy with their monuments (DC being a separate sovereign nation from the rest of the states or “estates”, just like City of London and Vatican City). Freemasons run or have infiltrated just about every organisation and institution here.

          Freemasons are Roman Templar Orders, and our constitution, which we are neither protected by nor even party to, was simply a list of grievances to the crown only (signatories knew what they were doing), much like the Magna Carta. Rome conquered Great Britain, and it conquered us along with it. We’re nothing but slaves on a Roman plantation, and as you know, slaves own nothing, not even their children. We only have privileges for which we must pay (contracts via licenses, registrations, certifications, etc.).

          “No private person has a right to complain by suit in court on the ground of a breach of the United States constitution; for, though the constitution is a compact, he is not a party to it.” [A compact is a contract, or treaty, usually between states or nations.] Padelford Fay & Co v. The Mayor and Alderman of the City of Savannah 14, Georgia 438, 520.

  • cynic

    For whatever it’s worth, some astrologers are predicting that Hillary will be made President, but only for one term.

  • Mike

    Bring it on big brother and the streets will run red with the blood of tyrants and patriots. They know we have awakened people to the fraud of US elections and they don’t like it.

  • Airb0rne4325

    The People’s vote means little. The Electoral College traditionally votes the way of the popular vote but they are not bound by it. My guess would be the popular vote is going to be vastly different than the Electoral College vote. Trump wins by a significant margin by We the People but Hillary wins by the Electoral College and gets into office.

  • Freespirit

    Does anyone remember this from me, about a week or so, ago:

    “Well here is some more and coming proof of “Divide, Conquer and Rule” : NEXT
    Time you see IMAGES, in the Atmosphere, water or even on land, such as
    strange Creatures, UFO , Aliens, Demons ……or soon the MESSIAH, ( when
    the Zionists or Freemasons want you to believe the END TIMES or WAR with
    Aliens is coming) Remember this – “PROJECT BLUE BEAM” :

    AND also this ” Analysis of “Project Blue Beam” and “Manchurian Candidate”, by ANONYMOUS” :

    Well, according to INTELLIHUB, it could be about to happen ….. an “Alien”,
    invasion false op. called “Firesign”, using REAL weapons will be used
    to prepare Americans for complete SUBMISSION to the UNITED STATES:

    Are Hillary and her Zionist/Freemason psychos insane enough to try???

    Thanks to Michael Rivero of “What Really Happened” for this information

    • freedixie

      Yes, we Freemasons have been plotting for decades to fool the masses into thinking we will be at war with space aliens. We plan to take over the world.
      Put your crack pipe down and crawl back into your mother’s basement.

      • Freespirit

        Thank you for your input. I welcome all rebuttals, even those of TROLLS.

      • jaguar

        You’re a dummy…they’ve been planning a Prometheus invasion for decades… educate yourself ignoramus!!!!

        • Freespirit

          He or She is a troll. They think they are on the winning side. THAT is why I responded to him,/her the way I did

          Intelligence is NOT in their character.

          Discussion, with them IS a waste of time and effort.

  • Freespirit

    We can only hope BUT only by MARCHING on Washington and arresting ALL of them, especially the DUAL CITIZEN,Israeli Firsters.

    Those psychos are trying make us fight each other, instead of them. THAT we DO NOT want.

    • Seed_of_Albion

      The problem as I see it is the nature of power in the modern world. It is so diffuse that it is simultaneously everywhere and therefore nowhere. It reposes in judges and lawyers and bankers and bureaucrats, etc., so the problem is that there is no central power or no central locus of power that can be attacked and neutralized because power is so diffused throughout the system and throughout the country and the world. So WHERE and WHOM would rebels attack?

      • bsroon

        The rich and their political whores – including the “legal” system members of the BAR – British Accredited Registry…

        Set up local support groups and do what you can to harvest, grow, protect etc local food sources… Even if that means pigeons, rats, cats, dogs, whatever – and i hope not humans…

        Learn the edible weeds. Look at the infrastructure – where are the water valves to control the system yourselves when the police thugs shut it down and turn the cities into disease vectors. Learn HOW TO POOP SAFELY so that you don’t increase disease. Get your aquaponics system going YESTERDAY. Fish and veggies – protein and nutrition…

        • Seed_of_Albion

          Thanks for an interesting reply. We are on the same page. And I’m way ahead of you. I’ve been growing veggies from heirloom seeds for several years, preserving some with traditional methods (drying; lactofermentation; in vinegar; etc.) instread of freezing or heat-canning. And I even sell some fresh produce at a “locally grown” market. ANd I’m teaching people how to do the same. ANd you don’t even need soil for it. And no, i’ts not aquaponics. IT’s a German/Austrian method that uses wet wood for the roots, covered with a thin layer of soil. Anyway, I’m with you. And best to you!

          • bsroon

            Sounds like a variation on hugelkulture. Wife and i do only heirloom seeds – for over 5 yrs now – and we pretty only use Baker Creek seeds from US companies because they’re the only ones i know that actually check genetics to verify non-GMO contamination.

            We don’t intend to do much farmer’s markets – county is really poor and people can’t afford the higher costing veggies/etc often. But we have heritage hogs, heritage chickens, and mixed goats since we aren’t worried about pedigree – we want good homestead/sustainable farm animals.

            We raise heritage Sonora White Wheat grain – ’bout an acre last year – and Blue-tinged Ethiopian Emmer – about an acre and a half. Our heritage blue Zapatista corn is getting close to harvest – good thing – i need to build a corn crib, so holding off is a good thing. Just picked up a seed cleaner….

            i think we’re ahead of each other, lol – but i’m very lucky to live in a rather remote county which is MILES away from any city – Santa Rosa is two hours away – around and over mountains. All the access in here is through mountains. We have our own acquifer and a LAKE so the morons can’t drain it like they do the reservoirs…

            We’re pretty fortunate here – long growing season in N Cal – just hit 80 today…

            Probably the world’s best aquaponics guy lives about a long hour north in Willits Ca. He takes aquaponics and turns it into permaculture. The “expert” everyone refers you to flushes his water and filters every day – with about the same volume of water as the tanks hold. Max can go SIX MONTHS before he has to dump a coffee can for a pretty large system…

          • Seed_of_Albion

            Double Bingo! It is Hugelkultur and Baker Creek seeds! I’m in the SE–GA/SC. Savannah River valley. You live in beautiful country. I livedin California for a while–my daughter was born in Monterey in 1982. She has three kids of her own now. Time flies! Thanks for your note and BEST WISHES with your farming. And you might know this publication, but just in case, I’m including a link to what I regard as he best farm magazine around:


            ALWAYS excellent!


          • bsroon

            Thanks for the magazine review. Never heard of them so i have to check it out! Exciting to a (i confess) reading addict like me. You have a pretty good climate there too, better rain in summer than we have – we hardly EVER get ANY rain in summer. And the variation in spring wet can be extreme – you may get a mid 70s spell for 3 weeks in February like about 6 years ago, then have rain until June the next.
            My first was born 8th generation Lake County in 81, second sixteen months later with midwives in our apartment in San Fran. They both live with us because in this farcical society it provides consolidation and cost-sharing allowing us to all live much better than if we lived separately and paid the rich maggotry separately for housing, food, utilities, etc.

            Best wishes back at you. My wife is now taking the on-line Geoff Lawton permaculture course, and we have signed up to take a permaculture FARM development course from a guy. It is looking good. Permaculture gives you tons of tools and approaches plus principles and assessment to decide how to go about it, but it’s usually geared for personal impact/production. For a farm or large work – this guy’s course outlines how to plan the system from the get-go. i’ve heard of too many people who came in, thought about their new property, and laid a row of multi-species tree guilds with nitrogen, fruit, nut, berries, bushes, and supporting cast – then had to build their greenhouse RIGHT THERE, lol. Ouch.

            Glad to see people like you and i connecting to degree. It has a lot of value in my (tiny little, lol) mind.

          • Seed_of_Albion

            Ah, we have similar stories! IT’s great that you have deep family roots in the place where you live. Same here. Mother’s family to Jamestown, VA, in 1619. To Georgia (where she and I were born) in 1759. I was a student in California when my daughter was born in 1982. Anyway, PLU (people like us) are vanishingly rare these days, as you know. “Real Americans” as I put it.

            I really really really recommend this book to you:


            Only caveat is to order only from vendors with a 5-star rating. Satisfaction is guaranteed. Refunds promptly and with no questions asked, but that won’t be necessary. The book will be as advertised; it will arrive promptly; and you will love this book. It’s in English, but is the translation from the original French. There’s an organic co-op in France called “Terre Vivante” (living earth), and this book is all about preserving food in traditional ways WITHOUT canning or freezing. These ancient methods preserve all the vitamins and enzymes, etc., and flavor, which freezing or canning so often destroy or at least reduce. I recommend it very highly. Drying; burying; preserving in sand; preserving in vinegar, or sugar, or oil, or salt; lacto-fermenting, etc. They even teach you to preserve in honey! Fascinating to read. Very useful, practical, easy-to-use information. Delicious and healthful results. And it gives you many ways to preserve food for long periods without electricity, should that unhappy eventuality appear on the scene–and the way the lunatics in Washington are behaving, that could easily happen–and sooner rather than later, God help us!

            And all the best to you and yours! I’m delighted to have cyber-met you!

          • bsroon

            Whoahhhhh. i’m getting boogled out here.

            My wife is operations manager of Real Goods in Hopland Calif – you may have heard of them. They cut the corporate umbilical about 3 yrs ago and my wife made it possible with her insane assortment of peak skillsets.

            We own this book, and it is the one she may recommend the most to people looking for any sort of prepper/back to the land living…

            Are you me and i just don’t know it or something……..

          • Seed_of_Albion

            Its gettin’ downright creepy, aint it now! But I’m pretty sure I’m still me. But we are clearly cut from the same cloth. Fortunately, I live on the GA/SC state line, and it is lawful in SC to buy raw milk at retail–either from stores or “at the gate,” as the law puts it. You can buy straight from the farmer. Cow and goat milk. So I make my own yoghurt and cream cheese–probiotic. I buy supplies from the Cultures for Health website. My daughter does, too. Georgia law permits the sale of raw milk “for animals but not for human consumption,” but that basically means Georgians can buy raw milk “at the gate” but not at retail the way Carolinians can. You just tell the farmer it’s for your 800 pet cats. Nobody asks questions.

      • Freespirit

        The House of Rothschilds and/or the British Royal Family and/or The Vatican

    • RMS1911

      We need an amendment no dual citizenship allowed for government jobs of any kind.

      • Freespirit

        You already have “it” – The PEOPLE

        If you wait for a “paper” amendment, you’ll be in slavery

        • RMS1911

          How’s that Working out so far? Most can’t be bothered it gets
          In the way of keeping up with the lardassians. Or wearing some dudes Jersey(it’s not weird for a grown man to wear a jersey of
          Some guy that plays a sport)

  • whole2th

    The biggest impetus for an “up-wising” is the re-discovery of 9-11. provides a non-violent, ‘rule of law’ solution.

  • Don’tTrust’em

    Do you know how many of these comments get read by the Feds, lol! They are using the information from sites like this to build algorythems for just that purpose. The are very aware of the number of deplorables with guns. They have and are training for every type of situation that could arraise, what about you. Have you every worked while having large caliber bullets zipping past you head, a lot of people crack! Good luck and God bless.

    • Jas

      and the 72 categories of domestic terrorists the DHS put out makes every single American a terrorist of some kind, they literally don’t have enough uniformed people to deal with it, even with bringing in UN troops.

      • freedixie

        And the UN troops are already here, and have been for a while. To me, that constitutes an invasion by a foreign power. Blue helmets will be targets.

        • Sallie Dodd Butters

          A friend ‘met’ 6 Chinese Foreign Nationals with a big nasty dog on an isolated beach on the Kenai Peninsula in Alaska last year and they were very intimidating….though not in uniform they were distinctly military

    • JJ

      !00% right. The Gov. already has a list of whom they are going after first. If you have ever gotten a CWP, a hunting license, bought a gun (just about anywhere) subscribe to survival sites, like this one, you are on the list of first to be visited. They won’t come and knock on your door. They will kick it in at 4:30 in the morning. They read your Facebook posts, even though they say otherwise, the list is already made!

      • ezekiel22

        No kidding! I even made sure of that by downloading their docs. The rest of it was to make myself a target and a warning. To old to run.

  • ImajWalker

    They’ll use the ‘ILLEGAL SYRIAN REFUGEES’ (ISIS) they shipped in and planted and weaponized ‘right before your eyes.
    Wonder where they’ll get their arsenal? Hmmm

  • Tin Foil Hat

    Scum planning for bitter clingers and freedom lovers, surprise, Obama loves us.

  • freefall

    It’s all part of the script. If they can turn us against each other through election fraud revealed it could justify implanting Martial Law. The dollar will collapse soon thereafter thus ensuring massive chaos.

    As with all collapsing empires, a pretty horrific future awaits us unless enough wake up to realize that we are being played.

  • Tiger

    We realized and understood this long ago and have seen all that has been put into place for it they knew that if H won, which they will make sure she does this would happen. OK bring it on. Not a problem. You can’t hit or get us all and if we get hurt you better believe you will also. Shoot we shoot back and die rather than lay down on our bellies.

  • freedixie

    Well, the libtard anti-gunners will be SOL because patriots are armed, heavily armed, and have mass quantities of ammo. Bring it on.

    • juskom95

      Too many Liberal/Leftists own firearms . . . they function from the belief they will be the ‘privileged’ class.

  • Bolt Upright

    I’m stocking up on toilet paper and cigarettes for bartering purposes.

    • Jas

      Good choice, I would suggest hard liquor too, lotta people are going to want to drown all different sorts of sorrows…..

  • LieutenantM

    My heart hopes but my mind agrees with this guy below me here–Rudi Campilii

    Dennis Morrisseau
    USArmy Officer[Vietnam era]
    Lieutenant Morrisseau’s Rebellion
    POB 177, W. Pawlet,VT05775
    802 645 9727

  • bsroon

    Well – if Hillary gets elected there will be MANY very dissatisfied people – we may refuse to obey her dictates – i surely intend to. i also intend to disobey any EOs from Trump that are unconstitutional. i’m an equal opportunity anarchist i guess.

    Having Hillary steal the election because the psycho liars that believe they are “elite” when they are the antithesis of that term – want her to be their dictator…. Well, some of us are going to be passively non-compliant.

    Phukkum. They can shoot and enslave me, but they intend that anyway – what is there to lose once the election and country are stolen?

    • 67N20 Army

      She WILL NOT be “Elected”, IF, she is “installed” in the RAINBOW House,, It WILL be because she was “SELECTED” by the global elite to finish destroying THE UNITED STATES(corporation)!!!

  • bsroon

    The UNAZIED States of America. Coming to YOUR NEIGHBORHOOD! Soon.

  • I C Black Racists

    FEMA is absolute scum. In Seminole County Florida, a few years ago, they decided they would close the St. Johns River to boat traffic. ( A federally navigable waterway ) They paid the Game Commission two and a half times their salary to keep all boat traffic off the river in one little county only. The entire rest of the river remained open to boats and tour operators. This was a test to see how far they could push their weight around.
    I feel I will get a higher place in heaven if I take care of business when they do this for real and close off all transportation. FEMA is the scum of the earth, just a notch from DHS, and worse than ISIS !!! These people are home grown terrorists who need to be treated as such. ( And they will be ! )

  • Jean Langford M.


    • Freespirit

      The Government has already been “seized”

      • Jean Langford M.


    • juskom95

      No, they will not. We, as a society, lack the moral conviction to act on our beliefs.

      • Jean Langford M. are dead wrong..It only takes 3% of that 83 million to do the job…Veterans, militia, and active military, NONE of them are chicken shits and they are far smarter than you think…We know that 41% of the population has gone the wrong way (voters for Killery)…So if they get in the way….So be it.

        • juskom95

          The 3% need the support or at least acceptance of more. That is for logistics at a minimum. Without logistical support (which is NEVER mentioned in the mythical 3% number) that ‘army’ cannot march. So, as I started with, it requires, at a bare minimum acceptance or ambivalence for them to proceed.

          But hey, don’t let my multiple combat tours and decade of experience get in the way. I mean hey, not like I have been in combat or anything . . .

          • Jean Langford M.


          • juskom95

            Boy, from your response you have no clue how the military operates. I’ve been in Cuba, Iraq twice and Afghanistan.

            You have also never dealt with the politically oriented officers and/or generals.

            You are either a troll, or someone who never left the states but thinks they served the same as a combat soldier. You are a ‘keyboard commando’.

  • jaguar

    What do they know that we don’t know???!!! I don’t trust this government at all….

  • It is not Paranoia

    Drills have a tendency to go live…

  • Freespirit

    Have you ever been to Africa ???

    One of the MAIN reasons your country will fail is your BIGOTRY. NON- whites are in the GREAT majority and they are fed up with people like you and unfortunately the GOOD white people will also suffer because of jerks like you

    AND YES I have been to Africa MANY times

    • Ken N Judy Campbell

      Why don’t you stay there on your next visit . I have lived in Black Neighborhoods and it is You the “Black Man ” who are Prejudice and Violent and Racist ! Greed has destroyed our country and Greed is Color Blind !

      • Freespirit

        Thanks for PROVING my assertion

  • Mmal Zal

    Michele has a stick…
    bill should have been sucked in that ge turbine while Loretta watched from her window…

  • JustMe2

    The headline is behind times…. “SH*T” has been happening for quite some time now… Those of us that recognized such were called “conspiracy theorists” even tho the facts have always been there.

  • JustMe2

    Tell that to the Donner Party…… if you learned anything in history, you will know about this incident from the 1800s

  • AD Curtis
  • Kim Lane

    There was a bit online recently claiming UN /NATO sending a large number of troops to U.S. for drllls, training. I posted it to my FB page Kim Lane , about 3 days ago.

    Source was unfamiliar , not sure of it. At same time, they claimed Turkey issued warning to travelers to stay out of the U.S. and stated Germany advised citizens to stockpile food.