Should We Be Concerned With Artificial Intelligence?

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This is a question that many experts and academics have been grappling with… Is it possible to implement A.I. safely?

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Source: Algorithms With Minds of Their Own

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  • Cynical Old Bastard

    “Is it possible to implement A.I. safely?”

    Oh my goodness. *shakes head in utter despair.* Pitiful. Just fucking pitiful.

    • SP_88

      Lock your doors, bolt your windows, hide the children in the closet, the robots are coming, and they have one thing on their itinerary: Kill All Humans.
      Once they kill all the humans, it’s time for them to kick back, get drunk and do nothing all day.
      What would a robot with AI do all day? They don’t need food or water. They wouldn’t have any bills to pay. The could slap on a solar panel and relax. That’s what I’d do.

      • Cynical Old Bastard

        I sing the body electric! Hell, I’m a simple robot… I’d just go sailing. Prune some fruit trees and stuff on the side. Feed chickens and squirrels. Oh… and kick puppies. Can’t forget that part. That’s the best part!

        Or maybe blow up the sun. That would be fun too.

        Is it just me, or does this all seem to be getting more ridiculous by the day?

        You remember when we talked about all this way back? Don’t even remember the year but it was a while back. I think you were still in the process of pulling the young-‘uns out ‘o school.

        I think it was me, you, Rev and Phil. Maybe Laney and Landy too. I save all of the good conversations to hard drive but I have CRS disease and zombie-alien-borg fuckers ate my old laptop. Well, it might have been a dog what done that. The evidence is not real clear. Certainly not overwhelming. Wouldn’t be their fault anyway. That is one point I can agree with.

        Over the decades I have dealt with many “problem” children and dogs. Most times they aren’t even a problem in the first place. When I (rarely) encounter and actual “problem” I deal with it immediately and in a manner which is never forgotten. It basically becomes a genetic imprint.

        Don’t fuck with the redneck. He has only one rule and it is don’t fuck with the redneck.

        Last year I rescued this problem Pit Bull. I think I wrote about her last November. Zero training. A holy terror by any definition. Pretty damned good dog now.

        She met the mud-flap paddle and decided she wished no further part of those proceedings. Her decision. The daddy has a warm bed, supplies food and water and only asks nothing but a modicum of respect in return.

        Or option B) Fuck with the redneck.

        Heh-heh. Option B is generally not a good choice.

        Tell the kiddos I said hey. Honor and respect to Y’all. Laney says same. She loves you as much as I do.

  • TrevorD

    “Should We Be Concerned With Artificial Intelligence?”
    For sure not, if you really hate true Humanity.

  • No, the people in power do not want an autonomous system, that does not give them control over the machine. They will use drones, spyware and remotes but not AI. They will blame AI if any people complain, but they do not want AI.

  • I think that Mike of the Moon is a Harsh Mistress is far more likely than HAL of 2001.