Shocking Video: Woman Takes a Sh%t Right in the Middle of a Starbucks

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Update: Since the time of this writing, more information on this bizarre situation has surfaced. The incident occurred in a Tim Horton’s restaurant in Canada. The woman has been arrested and is reportedly known to police.


Humanity takes one more step into degeneracy…

The following video has been circulating on Twitter. As of now, the location of the Starbucks where it occurred and the name of the sh!tter have not been released.

Warning – probably not safe for work. Content is disturbing and may not be appropriate for those with a weak stomach. Or for those who are eating. Or, for anyone, really.

We can’t imagine why anyone would feel compelled to do this. Maybe she really had to go and wasn’t a paying customer, so she was denied access to the bathroom? But…Starbucks recently announced that their bathrooms will be open to all – even to those who have not made a purchase.

Perhaps more details on this incident will be released at some point. Although, we aren’t sure it really matters.

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