Shock Video: The Government Locked These Kids In A Gas Chamber And Filled It With Deadly Organisms To Test Gas Mask Effectiveness

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For those who think that the U.S. government would never put Americans in harms way, we direct your attention to the following video.

Recorded in the 1960’s, it shows government scientists outfitting children with gas masks, putting them in a gas chamber, and then filling the chamber full of deadly organisms so they can test the effectiveness of masks.

A chilling video showing gas masks being tested on schoolchildren by government scientists using deadly organisms paints a disturbing picture of life in the Cold War.

The unsettling footage, which was taken in 1960, shows a classroom full of children no older than 10 being given a lecture about the biohazard safety devices by a visitor.

The youngsters, who are the children of soldiers, are then led into a chamber where the mask’s effectiveness is tested using a potentially deadly mix of microbial organisms.

The children stay in the chamber for 10 minutes before being removed, with the narrator noting that ‘a concentration much greater than could be reasonably expected during any biological attack’ is being tested on them.

If you think this was a one-off, consider that the U.S. government has performed vast testing on the human population.

Chances are they are doing it right now, perhaps on your children or family members.

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  • RandyJ/ProudSurvivor

    The entire planet has become a giant Petri dish for the elites.

    • It became such long before bleeding was removed from the list of routine therapies. Edward Jenner did similar things to what Dr. Mengele did.

    • Bad Santa

      the word you were looking for is not ‘elite’ (positive meaning), but psychopaths and sociopaths (negative meaning). other than that, agree with you 100%


    what would they do if one of the kids removed the mask. dont say it couldnt happen. kids are impulsive and dont understand the risk. it would take only one itchy nose and it would mean exposure.

  • Phil_Ossifer

    Sloppy reporting. The video does not say that “deadly organisms” were used, only “organisms.” Most airborne organisms are benign to humans and researchers would know which ones could be safely used. Also, notice that both gas masks and particle masks (“paint masks”) were used, providing a double layer of filtration. The Sheeple headline writers, as usual, value sensationalism over accuracy.

    • LocalHero

      You. Are. Fucking. Insane.

      • Phil_Ossifer

        Another respectful, reasoned reply from the troll brigade.

    • junktex

      Yeah we know our benevolent government would never knowingly hurt children like they do regularly in the bogus war on terror.

  • SP_88

    It would. Not be necessary to use deadly organisms to test gas masks, on children or adults. I don’t know if that’s what happened here or not, all I’m saying is that it wouldn’t be necessary.
    I worked in an auto body shop, and once in awhile OSHA would come around and test our paint masks to ensure that they fit properly and that we weren’t breathing in paint fumes. They made us put on our masks and then exposed us to something that would irritate our breathing if our masks were leaking.
    If they did this to the children, it would be much more effective at making sure the gas masks were fitted properly, and they would get immediate feedback if they didn’t. How would a deadly organism let them know if the mask was leaking? Are they gonna sit around and wait until one of the children dies from exposure to it? If one of their masks leaked, the child might not even know. It doesn’t make sense to use something that you wouldn’t even notice. At least with a respiratory irritant, there would be immediate feedback. And it wouldn’t cause any permanent harm.
    It just doesn’t make sense to use organisms to test these gas masks. If anything, they probably told the children that they were being exposed to something deadly, but it was actually just an irritant or something that smells bad.

  • PuzzlingAlienFrequencies

    Sandy Hoax


    Holy Pressure Cooker, Batman!

  • jhwarner1

    “Mengele? Mengele? Paging Doctor Mengele.”

  • Sam Nelson

    The author of this article must realize the people are insane, but, for good reason: the idea of blood sacrifice has destroyed the minds of people.
    That is the problem: blood sacrifice. Like a cancer the idea just destroys the body and the mind. Really, consider just how insane it is to worship something called a god that has for all of its made up existence demanded blood sacrifice, sacrifice, of the innocent, at that. How terribly insane this is. As if there is no other way, as if the final one (blood sacrifice) makes all the others okay, as if the crazy money making, people, controlling religions, governments, have any sense at all. How crazy, a loving god that demands the murder of the innocent, the spilling of innocent blood, for what? For something I or you did, something done when we were first invented, what a terrible joke on the whole world, none of us do anything bad enough to ever warrant the murder of the innocent, animal or human, never have. The ones who do bad things, and the only bad thing worthy of a life retribution is murder; the murderer should/must be put to death themselves, by the society and so the society does protect itself from the killer. Not the killing of the innocent, the destruction of the murderer, makes sense. In fact a lot of our trouble began when first our species forgave a murderer of his murder, from there the gods got in on the act and, here we are today, totally crazy. To say the final killing of an innocent makes all the other or it alright, how crazy can it get? One sacrifice of blood, the blood of anything, especially, the blood of the innocent, which the gods through their preacher’s demand, well, that is murderously insane: leave religion today while you still have a chance of ever thinking right again. One sacrifice of blood, the blood of the innocent making it a trillion fold worse, one blood sacrifice is way too many, far too many, involves ludicrous mental gymnastics, something humanity must come to terms with and disdain. From this brain twisting, mind boggling, idea of blood sacrifice remedying wrongs committed by people, this almost humorous in its insanity way of thinking, have every bad leader, religious figure, and murderer, found refuge from the real and truly terrible wrongs they do. One thing that will really flip the killer’s world upside down, and I mean flip it, like bam-o, is the realization that the demand for blood sacrifice from anything or organization, especially a god, completely disqualifies the person, place or thing from any real consideration as being anything other than completely insane. End of story. Whoever reads this will if they even give the reality of truth a small passage into their mind will know, the whole deal, the gods, the religions, the politicians, the judges, the wars and all we are as a species is wrong, wrong from the very instant of ever conceiving of blood sacrifice as a remedy for anything other than, good mental health. As destructive to the mind and body as cancer, the idea of innocent blood, sacrifice, is absurd in its form and presentation. We, are so above this, yet we cling to it. Why?
    From the religious idea of the sins of the father being passed on to the children, this insanity has devalued/devoured our precious children to a point we actually refuse to protect them from the filthy rich creeps who do want to kill them, now or later, vaccines, experiments. Oh please, just try to understand, the mind, your mind, will find the truth if you just give it a rational starting point to work from.