Shock Video: Kuwaiti Woman Finds Maid Dangling From Window; Films Her Instead of Helping

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Last Thursday, one of the most shocking and depressing videos was posted on Twitter. An as yet unnamed woman from Kuwait apparently stumbled on her Ethiopian maid dangling from her window. But instead of helping her, the woman filmed the maid with her cell phone until she lost her grip and fell several stories. The woman proceeded to post the shocking video on twitter. If you can believe it, the maid survived with a broken arm among other minor injuries.

No one is sure how she came to be stuck outside of the window. Local media outlets have claimed that she may have attempted to commit suicide before changing her mind, which wouldn’t be a surprise. There are 600,000 foreigners working as maids in Kuwait, and they frequently suffer abuse at the hands of their employers. The woman who filmed the incident has denied that she abused the maid.

She has since been detained by Kuwaiti authorities, though strangely enough, not for the reasons you might expect. She was charged with filming and publishing the video without the maid’s consent. She claims that she filmed the incident so that if the maid died, she wouldn’t be accused of murder. In addition, the woman has told authorities that she thought the maid was too heavy, and she was afraid she might fall out of the window if she helped her.

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  • Makes one wonder about the relative values of intellectual property between Kuwait and America. Maybe she didn’t want the video to show how the maid came to be dangling…

  • Clementine

    That’s disgusting! I say shoot the bitch that was filming, she’s a waste of space!

  • It is not Paranoia

    People who don’t help other people should just FUCK OFF.

  • Mike

    ah muslims, they don’t care about life at all.

  • Steven Hawk

    if I were a judge, I would hold that woman accountable for her death – NO EXCUSES! And I feel the same way about someone who does not help a hurt animal.

  • Pierce

    People are disgusting.

  • TrevorD

    She maybe feels like an `Elite` or maybe she is. Thats the respect they have for their slaves. Disgrace to Humanity, all of them

  • Uncle Sham

    it’s ok because if she dies she gets party with Allah!

  • cabowabo78727

    Disgusting excuse for humanity. And just think, we went over there to rescue Kuwait from Iraq. Should have stayed home….both times!

  • A damn shame. It is only a matter of time before our technology exceeds our humanity.