Shock: Unsealed Court Docs Show How Prosecutors Tried To RIG The Bundy Trial

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Unsealed court documents detail how the team of prosecutors tasked with convicting Cliven Bundy and his sons of crimes relating to a 2014 armed standoff failed to turn over potential exculpatory evidence to the court, The Oregonian reports.

The Bundys’ case ended in a mistrial Dec. 20 after Judge Gloria Navarro ruled that prosecutors violated the civil rights of the defendants by withholding evidence supporting the Bundys’ case. Navarro is considering dismissing the case “with prejudice” and blocking prosecutors from retrying the case. Her decision will come Jan. 8, according to The New York Times.

“There were approximately 3,000 pages that were provided to us only after we started trial,” Bundy lawyer Bret D. Whipple told TheNYT. “I personally have never seen anything like this, especially in a case of such importance.”

Those 3,000 pages include the Bundys’ requests for multiple federal assessments that showed the Bundy family was likely not dangerous. Prosecutors calledthe requests part of a “long list of frivolous and vexatious pleadings,” until a government witness, under cross examination, revealed knowledge of the assessments in court, The Oregonian reports.

Defense attorney’s asked federal prosecutors to hand over Inspector General reports on Bureau of Land Management (BLM) agent Dan Love, who directed the BLM raid on the Bundy ranch to seize the family’s cattle over decades of unpaid grazing fees. Love was fired from the agency in September for corruption and unethical behavior.

Prosecutors had dismissed the allegations and investigations of Love as an “urban legend,” but ended up handing over 500 pages worth of reports on Love in December, according to The Oregonian.

The Bundys’ lawyers made two requests to Navarro for a special “discovery monitor” to ensure that all relevant documents were being turned over by the prosecution. Both requests were denied. Attorney General Jeff Sessions, however, launched an investigation into prosecutorial misconduct after the mistrial.

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  • Serenabit

    Every alphabet agency … FBI, BLM, CIA, DOJ, etc. under the previous administration is proving to have been corrupted and weaponized for use against the American people. “Draining the Swamp” is a catchy phrase, but unless there is a major change and the rule of law is applied equally to everyone, we will continue to turn into a 3rd world tyrannical society.

    • Jas

      The alphabet agencies were created to be just that, it didn’t start under Obama, it has always been that way.

      • John

        This all started in 1848 when the federal government stopped ceding public lands to the newly formed states and at the same time our courts stopped hearing cases utilizing Constitutional Law (both acts were unconstitutional.) It has only gotten worse since that time.

        • The Constitution has no authority in administrative law courts.

          • John

            It did up until 1848, after that time the court system began using case law (not based on our Bill of Rights or our Constitution) leading to very corrupt judicial system.

          • The Constitution has no authority in administrative law proceedings. Never has, never will.
            Until you understand the difference between administrative law and constitutional law, all you can display is ignorance of both.

    • darkhorse

      Donald is a Zionist

    • The rule of law has always applied to all who traverse to it.

  • rouge1

    Nothing will happen to any government criminal. Nothing.

    • darkhorse

      unless the People male it happen… if and when they get fed up enough

  • Cynical Old Bastard

    Why is this a shock? It’s how the adversarial system works. The prosecution prosecutes and the defense defends.

    • The adversarial system isn’t used in administrative law courts.

  • Cracker122049

    Exposing the kangaroos in the kangaroo courts is suppose to be news? What else would you expect from these government parasites! Pigs of all kinds feeding at the government trough will eat anything that is put in front of them.

  • John C Carleton

    Where you been all your life?
    The sheep are just now figuring out Washington DC is the butcher?

  • frankw

    Navarro’s 180 deg. turnabout after blocking the defense throughout most of the trial couldn’t have anything to do with investigations into the Reid cabals underhanded dealings with the Chinese acquisition of the Bundy land, could it?

  • It was rigged from the time when it was convened in an administrative law court instead of an article 3 court.

    • G’ma G

      It would be helpful for the newbies for you to provide a brief explanation of the difference. I’m not the one to do it because my experience has been it doesn’t matter what court you are in when the players are corrupt.

      • Anyone who had not studied and thoroughly understood the Constitution should be deciding what is corrupt in their ignorance.
        An article 3 court is one created pursuant to Article 3 of the Constitution. Administrative law courts are created by executive branch agencies to clarify and certify the operation of Codes of Federal Regulation, which have no authority over anyone who demurs from them. Navarro is not an article 3 judge, or triple jeopardy and unlawful incarceration of the Bundys would have impeached her. Their attorneys are grossly guilty of malpractice.