Sheriffs Prepare to Abandon Citizens to Federal Gun Grab

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by Brandon Turbeville

In the wake of the highly questionable surge in school shootings and the long-awaited gun grabbing effort being promoted by the President, lawmakers, and the mainstream media, hundreds of American sheriffs have now gone on the record to state publicly that they will not enforce any new gun laws such as the ones being proposed in the halls of the U.S. Congress.

While the fact that such grassroots political pressure exists in an amount that would warrant such statement by sheriffs all across the country, the fact also remains that many of these public officials are merely cashing in on an exploitable situation to score political approval from their constituents – political approval for a stance they never intend to honor. This much is apparent to anyone who is even a casual observer of political discourse or the development of the overarching agenda inside the United States and elsewhere in the world.My case in point is Kershaw County Sheriff Jim Matthews.

Sheriff Matthews has been the subject of my articles several times in the past; once after he declared an activist to be a “domestic extremist” after the individual had merely “liked” an article on Facebook and then again after Matthews developed a program of round-the-clock checkpoints in Kershaw County, South Carolina.

Matthews’ conversion of Kershaw County into a virtual police state, as well as his continued attack on all things free, should thus have raised the suspicions as to the sincerity of many of the sheriffs who had attached their names to the “Will Not Enforce” list regarding the latest attempts at eliminating the Second Amendment.
Yet, considering the positions and statements made by so many other sheriffs, Matthews own position was much more tepid when it came to actually defending Constitutional rights, a task which is clearly not the strong suit of his department and administration.

Indeed, Matthews’ position was that he was not “going to take your guns,” is an eerily similar claim which was also made by Barack Obama.

Matthews stated, “I’m not going to get rid of mine. I don’t have a problem with assault weapon owners who follow the law. My problem is with thugs who should be in jail who get their hands on guns.”

Of course, at issue is the fact that if new gun laws are passed banning assault weapons, assault weapons owners will no longer be following the law. This is why Matthews and other sheriffs were asked the question as to whether or not they would enforce such laws to begin with.

Matthews went on to ask South Carolina Attorney General Alan Wilson for his opinion on the coming Federal gun grab. Essentially, Matthews requested AG Wilson to explain to him his responsibility as Sheriff when faced with an unconstitutional law.

Still, Matthews stated that he does not believe sheriffs can stop federal agents from enforcing these laws in his jurisdiction.

“A lot of sheriffs want to be able to fall back on what the AG says on what we lawfully have to do or don’t have to do,” Matthews said.

That opinion has finally arrived. Unfortunately, it confirms the weakness of state governments as well as the complete disregard for Constitutional, civil, and human rights at the federal, state, and local levels.

According to Attorney General Wilson, if federal law enforcement officers attempt to enforce unconstitutional gun laws or even confiscate existing weapons, then neither state law nor state law enforcement officials can stand in the way. Going further, Wilson suggests that, if state or local law enforcement officials do attempt to impede federal assaults on the rights of South Carolinians, these state law enforcement officials would themselves be subject to criminal prosecution.

Yet Wilson’s opinion goes even further than stating that state and local law enforcement are unable to actually protect the rights of their citizens from federal assaults, it claims that federal agents are granted a type of immunity from state prosecution even if they are clearly violating Constitutional rights.The opinion states that “federal agents are immune from state prosecution even when their conduct violated internal agency regulations or exceeded their express authority.”

This is quite a concerning statement to say the least. As the Kershaw County Patriots (KCP) wrote in the article, “SC Attorney General: Come Get The Guns!

This means that an agent could come to your home, break into your home, ransack the place, seize anything, all without a warrant and he would be immune from state prosecution or even interference with his ransacking.

KCP continues by writing,

Instead of protecting citizens sheriffs, with the AG’s blessing, will stand down and let it happen. Matthews has been quoted saying ‘I’m not going to take your guns’ but he did not tell the people he will instead stand by and watch as federal agents seize weapons. In fact if a citizen was to refuse to give up his weapons to federal agents the sheriff would be forced to protect that federal agent from any action impeding the enforcement of federal law.

Yet, where Wilson’s opinion truly falls apart is his statement “…that the Department (Kershaw County Sheriff’s dept.) should neither interfere with nor otherwise attempt to impede federal law enforcement officers as they perform their lawful duties to enforce federal laws, and who act necessary and proper within federal authority.”

Simply reading this statement out of context would not ordinarily provide any reason for concern. Indeed, no department should interfere or attempt to impede federal law enforcement simply attempting to perform their lawful duties. However, this is precisely the issue.

Are unconstitutional gun laws “lawful duties?” Are gun confiscation programs “lawful duties?”
KCP asks the same questions. The organization writes,

Again, would some sort, any sort, of gun confiscation at a state or federal level be ‘lawful’? Think about it like this, if the federal government passed a law requiring every American to sign over their property would federal agents coming to remove you from your home be a part of their ‘lawful duties’ and would that be ‘necessary and proper’?

Even when discussing the repercussions of interfering with federal law enforcement agents who are carrying out unconstitutional laws, Wilson, citing the Supremacy Clause of the United States Constitution, states,

…under the Supremacy Clause of the United States Constitution, neither state law nor state law officials may interfere with or otherwise impede federal law enforcement officers as they perform their lawful duties. We further advise that conduct intending to impede the discharge of the lawful duties of federal law enforcement officials may expose such persons to criminal liability.

Indeed, while Wilson and sheriffs like Jim Matthews have interpreted, heard, and repeated exactly what they wanted to hear, the operative phrase in this statement is “lawful duties.” What is so concerning here, is that elected officials who are supposed to be well versed in the law and who are tasked with evaluating and enforcing that law for the benefit and protection of the citizens of South Carolina can interpret the passage and enforcement of laws eviscerating the Second Amendment, even to the point of gun confiscation, as a “lawful duty” of federal agents. Thus, one must ask themselves if these agents of the State are truly as interested in upholding the law as they may pretend to be.

Of course, as I mentioned earlier, no one who was even vaguely familiar with Sheriff Jim Matthews was truly fooled into believing that he ever intended to stand up for the rights of Kershaw County residents.

Indeed, Sheriff Matthews and the overwhelming majority (most likely all) American sheriffs are enforcing unconstitutional gun laws on a daily basis. While the cries of the need to “enforce the gun laws we already have” may seem reasonable, the fact is that these gun laws are themselves unconstitutional.

Unfortunately, while many of these sheriffs may very well have the best interest of their citizens at heart, and may very well mean what they say in regards to their refusal to enforce any new federal gun laws, the reality is that they have no problem enforcing similarly unconstitutional gun laws today or even caging an entirely peaceful person for years simply because that person is in possession of a harmless plant.

As KCP state in their article,

The sheriff, duly elected by the people, has as his one and only job to protect the individual rights of every person within the county. That is his only duty. Everything he is supposed to do is an effort to help residents protect their rights. Sheriffs should be training residents and promoting that every citizen be armed and ready to defend themselves and their neighbors from violators of those rights. These duties do not however stop when the federal government comes knocking, in fact that is when the sheriff is needed most. If your sheriff says he cannot or will not stop federal agents from coming for your guns he is not performing his duty and should be removed, by force if necessary, and if he won’t, go get out the tar and feathers and make a chicken out of him. County residents will be left with little choice indeed if their sheriff will not stand to protect them. South Carolinians should be very concerned as this opinion, statements by many sheriffs, and the strings that now tie sheriffs hands, leave them without any protection from a tyrannical government save what they can provide for themselves.

The writing is on the wall, tyranny is coming like a storm on the horizon. The battle lines are being drawn. Your sheriff, if he is like these, is not your friend — in fact, is now a partner with the despotic federal government.

We must always support law enforcement when they choose to make the right decision. We must express our support for any sheriff that truly intends to stand up to the federal or state governments in the event that they attempt to use their own agents for the purpose of violating our rights.

However, let us not fool ourselves into believing we are witnessing a law enforcement revolution of freedom. Make no mistake about it, we are alone in this fight.

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Brandon Turbeville is an author out of Florence, South Carolina. He has a Bachelor’s Degree from Francis Marion University and is the author of three books, Codex Alimentarius — The End of Health Freedom7 Real Conspiracies, and Five Sense Solutions and Dispatches From a Dissident. Turbeville has published over 190 articles dealing on a wide variety of subjects including health, economics, government corruption, and civil liberties. Brandon Turbeville’s podcast Truth on The Tracks can be found every Monday night 9 pm EST at UCYTV.  He is available for radio and TV interviews. Please contact activistpost (at) 

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  • Cymro

    At the end of this article the statement is made or implied that we are to still rely on an elected official, ie the sheriff to protect us and our rights. The fact is you better plan on doing it yourself with the aid of like minded people you have come to know and trust.

    • CYMRO,I heard a very sad story the other day,a DHS was saying they would go to the schools and kiddnap all the children,move them to a different location,THEN call the parents and offer to trade the children for the parents weapons,and then when the parents showed up to trade they were going to arrest the parents and take them to a fema death camp,and keep the children for food for the camp guard dogs,make no mistake about these government agents THEY CAN NOT BE TRUSTED,if this really happens,when you go to the schools,HIT THEM HARD AND FAST,then hang all of them,OH don’t forget to take rope………………….

  • What these Constitutional mental midgets forget is that any legislation passed into law that violates the original Constitution is null and void by default. See: 16 Am Jur 2d, Sec 177 late 2d, Sec 256

    Many will argue that it is the duty of the courts to decide if the law is Constitutional by interpreting the law itself against the Constitution, not the other way around. There is no interpretation of the Constitution, that has been decided long ago and much precedence has already been set. This should also force the Justices hearing the case to place an injunction on the new law until a court decision has been made.

    With that being said, if the courts make such a decision in favor of a blatantly unconstitutional law, then it falls to the states, counties, townships and ultimately, We the People. If the states fail to uphold the 10th amendment, as do counties and townships, then it WILL BE THE DUTY OF THE PEOPLE TO NULLIFY EVERY CASE BROUGHT TO COURT. When our government fails us, it is OUR DUTY to make it right.

    This is where 16 Am Jur 2d, Sec 177 late 2d, Sec 256 comes fully into play and no judge, politician or sheriff can impede the decision of the jury without becoming a criminal themselves. Of course they can try and railroad the people and probably will. However, we must exhaust all peaceful avenues first. We are living in the pretext of war, yet We the People must do our best to avert hostility until there are no other options left. At this point in time, we have to keep our heads clear and remain vigilant to the cause of liberty.

    You can start helping by learning the Constitution and Bill of Rights, inside and out. Thoroughly read the Federalist Papers and know how we came to be with the Constitution we have. Research precedence and bolstering legislation such as the Dick Act. You must wield knowledge of what you fight for. Otherwise, you’ll be nothing more than a useful idiot. Tread carefully, the enemy is inside the wire and has you surrounded. Only a thoughtful and concerted effort to push them back will find success. The time to organize is now.

    • John Gould

      Thank you. You are right

    • Rick45

      You people want to rely on a fascist court system paid off jurors. Much luck with that. I’ll spill blood thank you so much.

  • ncjoe

    What all you constitutional idiots dont seem to realize is that no matter how big the piece of paper is you are holding it will not stop progress. The constitution has outlived its purpose and you can wave it until your arms fall off but it will not stop the advancement of common sense and progress.

    • True wisdom is eternal and only an idiot would deny that. You appear to be either a complete fool or a deliberate traitor. The stripping down of natural rights is NOT PROGRESS, it is a regression into feudalism. Progress would be the expansion of individual rights, not the contraction. No matter though, for now, we’ll see your kind in court.

      • David B

        Joe republic , I couldn’t have said it better!! Your two nice though!!

    • David B

      Hey joe!! What does the nc stand for?! Neo-communist?!!!

      • billyjoejimbob

        it actually stands for No Conservatives and he aims at removing the plague from society before it ruptures Americas soul.

    • RickE.

      No, you are most definitely incorrect. The constitution is needed now more than ever! To protect us from political pussies like yourself old Nero.
      Communism and socialism are not “common sense” and progress. They are SIMPLY repressive bullshit designed to CONTROL morons like yourself.

      You go along with any “progressive” ideology despite whether it is inherently or overtly right or wrong!
      You exemplify and illustrate the phrase SHEEPLE.
      Usurpation and destruction of our gun rights is not progress, it’s tyranny.

    • unknown suspect

      ncjoe- why don’t you say that when you’re staring down the barrel of a 12 gauge? I hear when you’re on the receiving end, it looks like it’s 10X the size. When I exhaust my 1st amendment rights, I’ll use my 2nd amendment rights to back it up.

    • Patrick henry 2013

      The liberties contained in the constitution are inherent and not attached or guaranteed by paper. Whether there was a piece of paper or not your right to self -defense from thugs, government or private, supersedes man’s written infringements on those liberties. Common sense is exactly what progressives are lacking….who will protect you when tyranny knocks on your door because of your beliefs or opinions?

    • billyjoejimbob

      NCJOE I salute your stand and effort to educate the fools who are running so scared right now that they are willing to resort to violence. If they really believed in freedom and the constitution they would not be so quick to deny us our freedom of opinion and choice to not be victims of their bad habits and hobbies. They are hypocrits for sure. They only believe in freedom as long as it fits into their narrowminded views. They are the flat earth crowd for sure.

      • billyjoejimbob

        Wait I retract my earlier statement. After giving ncjoe’s comment some serious thought I realized I went full retard for a second and thought he made sense.

    • ncjoe is an idiot

      and what you “progressive” idiots fail to understand is that YOU do not have the right to change me unless I am hurting you.
      Start trying to change me by force and THAT will change. Get it?
      Prick me and YOU will bleed.

    • ncjoe is an idiot

      …and what you “progressive” idiots fail to understand is that YOU do not have the right to change me unless I am hurting you.
      Start trying to change me by force and THAT will change. Get it?
      Prick me and YOU will bleed.

    • ncjoe,have you ever considered what it might be like to be standing on the tailgate of some rednecks truck while they sliped a rope around your neck,and then drove off and just left you hanging there?????

      • ncjoe

        I’m sorry guys I didn’t know what I was talking about earlier, I must have been high when I wrote that, but can you blame me? All I do is sit around my house getting wasted and waiting for my welfare check to come in so I get bored sometimes.

    • OurFutureBegan200+YearsAgo

      My protection will be aimed at you and your kind first.

  • Michael Michaels

    I don’t appreciate how the article says “Sheriffs” (plural) and the opening statements make broad generalizations about all Sheriffs who have come forward to say they won’t allow Feds to confiscate guns, but then just goes on a rant about 1 Sheriff that doesn’t know what side he’s on or is a deliberate liar.

    This is sensationalism in the mass media that I condemn and I will condemn it here, too. Let’s not talk about “Sheriffs” when all you mean is 1 Sheriff, mm’kay? Otherwise you sound like you need to go write for CNN…

    But you are right to shed light on this Sheriff Matthews’ shenanigans.

    • Feel free to post a list of all the Sheriffs that will stand by the people and defend their rights to own guns. Go ahead. The feds are not stopping you.

    • Anonymous

      I live in New York State. Many County Sheriffs have recently come out in opposition to anti gun legislation that was just passed and that has given many encouragement. Unfortunately the Governor of New York has the power to replace any County Clerk or Sheriff even though they are elected officials. I’d check out South Carolina’s laws before I invested too much more energy on this issue.

      Hey Sootch!

    • michael michaels,shenanigans??TREASON is a little more then a smoking pot crime,THE only punishment for treason is “SUMMARY EXECUTION” and this lying piece of shit sheriff is guilty as hell,along with any oath taker for not arresting him years ago,THE DICK ACT OF 1902,forbids any and all gun laws,it can’t be changed,it can’t be repealed,and goes no forever,and ANYONE VIOLATING THE DICK ACT is considered to be commiting TREASON,this applies to all government officals,reguardless of who they are!!!!!

    • JON ROLAND,you sound like a nice guy,BUT you need to quit smoking that shit and come down out of the tree,because these terrorists running our government don’t give a shit if their alive tommorrow or not,they all suck each other off every chance they get,and no amount of dreaming will change their plan to strip americans of their freedom,BUT THEY GOT TO GET OUR GUNS FIRST!!!!!!Now you don’t need to be a rocket science prof. to know they will keep on till theres a rope around their neck,and then they scream I was just doing my job,same thing the NAZI’S SAID…………….

  • Patrick henry 2013

    Yet Wilson’s opinion goes even further than stating that state and local law enforcement are unable to actually protect the rights of their citizens from federal assaults, it claims that federal agents are granted a type of immunity from state prosecution even if they are clearly violating Constitutional rights.The opinion states that “federal agents are immune from state prosecution even when their conduct violated internal agency regulations or exceeded their express authority.”

    May be not but that’s why we included the liberty of right to bear arms, so the final say is at the end of the barrel in dispatching tyrant that would seek to destroy God given libery

    • LOL! We keep waiting for y’all to do that: dispatch the tyrant that have destroyed your imaginary god and taken our very real liberty away from us. What are y’all waiting for? A sign from above, perhaps? Oh, no, I know, as soon as they start sexually molesting people at the airports you’ll draw the line and show them what those 16 guns are really for (hint: not just to shoot squirrels).

  • Oh, the horror! How could the Sheriffs do this to we the people when they have always been there to serve and protect us just like they did with Chris Dorner? What is this world coming to when the Sheriffs are no longer on the side of the people and let them to their demises? Dunno about y’all but I’ll be crying myself to sleep over this one tonite.

  • ncjoe…You are free to leave the protection of the constitution any time you please. Perhaps North Korea would be more to your liking as it sounds like you would be a good fit. Just don’t expect any TRUE American to follow you.

    • billyjoejimbob

      All you ‘true’ americans fold and fall apart like a wet napkin in a wind storm. if you all really were right you would be winning right now. deny it all you want liberal common sense is winning not conservative idealism.

      • RickE.

        “LIBERAL COMMON SENSE” you say?? Sounds more like liberal communist sense! YOU WILL fall along with the many other sheep/Obamanistas

      • David B

        Are you ncjoe’s inbred half cousin?!! Put the pipe down and back away slowly!!

      • billyjoe,have you ever considered life hanging from a tree limb,you and ncjoe might want to make yourselves really scarce when the shooting starts,and it will,cause you see theres a few of us who don’t plan to live on our knees or give you our six year old kids,so you might consider how a 3/4 rope would feel around your neck………….

  • stoopid amerikan….your name fits you very well. Wait! You ARE American right? Can’t say as i can be sure you are but i AM sure about the stupid part.

  • John Gould

    It is on the way.

  • Anonymous

    I keep hearing about the supremacy clause this and that and how it trumps.If that’s the case whats the point of state laws?
    Seems all a would be king would have to do is sit back and dictate.

    • Anonymous

      The operative phrase in the Supremecy Clause is “in pursuance thereof”. In other words, the laws passed by the federal government are only “supreme” if those laws fall under the powers delegated to the federal government by the Constitution. And federal law or act that is not “in pursuance thereof” the delegated powers is unconstitutional and the Tenth Amendment gives the people and the states the power to nullify it.

  • c

    WOW- It is hard to believe that this is actually being discussed in the United States. There is such blatant disreguard for the Constitution. And that should concern all citizens because without it we have no rights except what the thugs in power choose to allow us. And why should they allow us anything?

    • C… thats what grabbing guns is all about,them taking everything you have,including your children,and I personaly believe the children are who there really after,they just got to get the guns so we can’t stop them………………

  • nammarine

    Wake-up ! The Feds do NOT have enough people to enforce Squat!