Sheriff’s Deputy Who Was Sent to Ebola Victim’s Apartment On Route to Hospital…with Ebola Symptoms

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Remember when Thomas Duncan‘s family was forced to stay in their Ebola-contaminated apartment for several days?

They were forced into quarantine by Dallas County Sheriff’s officers.

Some of those officers actually ENTERED the apartment.

On October 2, WFAA reported:

Five members of the Dallas County Sheriff’s Department who were briefly inside the apartment where a man with Ebola stayed have been temporarily put on leave.‎

The three deputies, a sergeant, and a lieutenant accompanied the head of Dallas County Health and Human Services Department and a doctor into the apartment late Wednesday night. They had gone there on the orders of Sheriff Lupe Valdez to get the people inside to sign a court order forbidding them from leaving the apartment.

Then, this afternoon, this was reported:

Crews transported a patient exhibiting “signs and symptoms of Ebola” from a Frisco CareNow to Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital Dallas.

Hmm…I wonder who that might be?

The patient was identified as Sgt. Michael Monnig, a deputy who accompanied county health officials Zachary Thompson and Christopher Perkins into the apartment where Thomas Eric Duncan stayed in Dallas.

This is particularly alarming:

The deputy was ordered to go inside the unit with officials to get a quarantine order signed. No one who went inside the unit that day wore protective gear.

It will take 48 hours for Monnig’s Ebola test results to come back.

Oh, and now two others are reportedly being observed too, for their possible exposure at the clinic:

Chuck Moreno, who went into the CareNow center with his 15-year-old son to get a flu shot, said he saw a patient whose skin was flushed enter the clinic with his wife. He was hunched over but walking.

Within minutes, police and fire units were there. Moreno said he asked a CareNow employee if the response was related to Ebola, and the employee nodded her head “yes.”

Moreno said he and his son went into an examination room, put on surgical masks they found there and sprayed disinfectant on themselves. Staff told them he and his son could not leave CareNow and would be transferred to a major medical center. (source)

Dallas County Sheriff’s Association President Christopher Dyer has repeatedly said that he did not believe that deputies should have been sent inside the quarantined apartment:

“This is a federal issue. The CDC should have come in and taken care of this. A local department is not equipped to deal with a virus that is potentially this deadly.”


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  • Sir TuberKopf

    The entire Dallas Ebola ordeal has been a huge Cluster Fu€k of enormous proportions.

    Had this officer just worn rubber gloves that I’m sure he has in his car, he’d likely be fine.

    Just a note on N95 dust masks, I’ve seen a lot of people put them down as little protection. That nurse in Spain believes she got Ebola from an instinctive urge to scratch an itch on her face. Without thinking she touched her face with a contaminated gloved hand.

    When I did work in the chemical industry, we often wore N95 dust masks, they’re not just for dust. 1. They kept us from touching our faces with contaminated (gloved) hands, as well as 2. protecting us from crap getting splashed into our nose and mouth. Add safety glasses and you have some decent basic protection. Don’t forget to pack some plastic bags to dispose of the gloves and masks when you are done.

    I prefer the masks that look like a bubble over a doctors style cloth mask, the bubble effect keeps any liquid splashed on the mask away from your skin.

    • Sir TuberKopf

      More…. A safe procedure:

      1. Take plastic bag, turn it halfway inside out. Attach it to your vehicle with two cheapo magnets.

      2. Put on mask, safety glasses, and gloves.

      3. If you need to operate a radio, put a snack sized plastic bag over the mike, so you can key the mike through the bag.

      Take care of your business.

      Return to car without touching anything but protective gear. Pull bag from mike (let mike fall), stuff in bag, dispose of glasses mask into bag as well, lastly gloves. Reach under folded disposal bag to grab it by protected area, pull it off the car let magnets fall in. Turn it right side out and seal. Have the department arrange disposal.

      Practice this several times until you can do it without self contamination.

      • pee and poop without touching anything, eat via osmosis, drink humidity, chop off your fingers and thumbs, toes and knees -so u don’t scratch anything. Enjoy life !

        • Sir TuberKopf

          The point of the exercise above was to present a whole picture, being issued safety gear is useless without the process to use it effectively.

          Having an exit plan is as critical as having the equipment.

          An officer or anyone responding to or helping someone who is unknown sick theses days needs to have a plan.

          An alternative to the magnets, take a tall kitchen trash bag, again turn it halfway inside out. Hang enough of it in your trunk to hold it secure, close the trunk. Use that bag to hold your stuff as you back out of your safety gear as described previously. In the event of a lack of disposal means, it all can be burned outdoors.

  • AbnDoc

    Who in their right mind would order a police man to enter a building and come in contact with someone to get a quarantine order signed? You just slap a sign up that says, “Quarantine” and then yell into the house that they will be shot if the leave.

    But, the point really wasn’t to quarantine them. If it was, they would have left guards and not allowed the little boy to ignore the quarantine and go to school.

    • Sir TuberKopf

      Standard procedure, police are always first on the scene when ever possible, when a medical emergency is phoned in. Yes this may vary in some locations.

      Who knew our government would be so careless as to let potentially infected people in.

      Most African nations that are Ebola free, have bans on travel from Ebola infected areas. But Obama seems to know better. Many European nations have bans on travel from Ebola infected areas, but Obama knows better.

      No problem, we’re America, sent your Ebola infected. The government will take care of everyone!

  • jimbow

    the fun is getting ready to start, the flu season is starting, and the flu and Ebola starts the same, so it should be interesting to watch, I think this year I will get a flu shot.

  • The TPTB like to keep the sheeple in a constant state of fear and confusion, and they get that from Ebola every which way. Is it a bio-engineered virus? Is it airborne? Is it even real?

    If it is growing exponentially, with a 20 day doubling time, then TPTB will have to take extreme measures with the quarantines and compulsory vaccinations. Before they can do this, they need to have a safe vaccine administered to health workers, police, National Guard, and any military units deployed to areas where the infection
    has arrived. So far, there has not been time to make this happen. If, indeed, there is no vaccine available until June, there will definitely be tens of millions of deaths at the rate this is spreading.

    In two weeks or so, there will either be enough infected people in Dallas to quarantine the whole city (including George W. Bush’s house) or the incompetent precautions taken will accidentally work and ebola will die out in Dallas, this time.

    Until there is a safe vaccine, everyplace bigger than a village, everywhere in the world is at risk of losing 80-90% of its people. Would you trust the vaccine? Given that the death rate may well be 70% or higher, what would constitute a safe vaccine – one that kills only 20% or 50%?

    It is clear that news management is a very high priority at the moment, which suggests that this virus is real, is very dangerous, and it is coming to your neighborhood.

    If the systems (food, water, sewage, electricity, trash collection, public order) break down due to panic, absenteeism, sickness and death among vital service personnel, then the deaths could be in the billions.

    The depopulation crew must be delighted.