Sheriff Says Cops Need MRAP War Vehicles Because America Is a “War Zone”

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In a recent article posted on Army Times, an Indiana sheriff justified his department’s purchase of a discount mine-resistant ambush-protected (MRAP) military vehicle because, “The United States of America has become a war zone.”

Pulaski County Sheriff Michael Gayer, who along with 7 other law enforcement agencies across Indiana recently acquired MRAPs from the Department of Defense’s 1033 military surplus program, went on to say, “You are seeing police departments going to a semi-military format because of the threats we have to counteract,” and “It’s a lot more intimidating than a Dodge.”

The whole of Pulaski County, it should be noted, has a total population of less than 14,000 people.

The MRAP is a $700,000, 60,000-pound, heavily armored bulletproof monster with a gunner’s turret originally designed for war in Iraqi battlefields. Now local law enforcement agencies across the country are getting them for next-to-nothing (or even free in some cases) to “police” American streets.

To give you an idea, here’s a small smattering of other departments that have received an MRAP thus far:

Most every state in the nation has at least one MRAP, many have more. Many receiving towns have less than 30,000 people and far below average crime rates that hardly justify or necessitate the need of a tank.

According to The New York Times, 432 MRAPs have been doled out to departments thus far. (At least the turrets get removed.) The Pentagon reportedly plans to offload some 13,000 MRAPs. In addition to MRAPs, over $4 billion in surplus military equipment has also been handed over to U.S. law enforcement agencies through the Pentagon program.


Article after article has pointed out that many of these police departments do not even have protocol in place to define under exactly what circumstances the MRAP can and should be deployed.

USA Today obtained Morgan County, Indiana’s MRAP application through a public records request which said the vehicle would be used for “active shooter, barricaded suspect, emergency response, critical incident, hostage rescue, natural disaster rescue, drug search warrants and felony arrest warrants”.

In Lewisburg, Tennessee, the MRAP was rolled through a neighborhood to serve a warrant on someone considered a violent suspect, for example.

Other justifications? Our veterans:

“You have a lot of people who are coming out of the military that have the ability and knowledge to build I.E.D.’s and to defeat law enforcement techniques,” Sgt. Dan Downing of the Morgan County Sheriff’s Department told the local Fox affiliate, referring to improvised explosive devices, or homemade bombs. (source)

Of the MRAP his department received, Albany County, New York Sheriff Craig Apple told the Associated Press, “It’s armored. It’s heavy. It’s intimidating. And it’s free.”

It’s been noted that the MRAP intimidation factor might lend to departments finding more and more reasons to use them on American Streets in the future, leading to even further militarization of our nation’s police (on top of what $35 billion in Department of Homeland Security grants to fight “terrorism” has already accomplished in that regard).

In addition, The Rise of the Warrior Cop author Radley Balko says that those Homeland Security grants have also created a new industry where military contractors market themselves to police departments — furthering the cycle of police militarization:

“A new industry appears to be emerging just to convert those grants into battle-grade gear,” Balko wrote. “That means we’ll soon have powerful private interests, funded by government grants, who will lobby for more government grants to pay for further militarization — a police industrial complex.” [emphasis added] (source)

Once a town gets a SWAT team, Balko has noted that of course they want to find reasons to use it. One hundred to 150 SWAT raids occur in this country each day now.

More than 90% of towns with 50,000 people or more have SWAT teams in America — teams which look more like military units going to battle than police officers fighting city crime — and they are being deployed more and more, sometimes for seemingly ridiculous reasons. In Florida for example, The New York Times reports that SWAT-style teams have been used to raid barbershops, resulting only in charges of “barbering without a license” (wooooo).

So if America is a “war zone,” does that mean our police departments are going to war? Because they’re certainly gearing up for it.

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  • lan

    Recall any sheriff that plays this game.

    • Cracker122049

      How,they own the courts and judges too!

      • lan

        Sad but a lot of truth to that. A massive overwhelming petition to recall is hard for them to ignore. You need heavy participation that they can’t run from or spin.

  • Manny Buggers

    Great, now the police are conspiracy nuts!! They all look like scared kids with deadly weapons. Fox in the hen house!

  • Dan

    But but but it’ll look cool in the town parade.

    • matism

      Especially with a dozen cocktails on it…

  • jps73

    You have a lot of people who are coming out of the military that have the ability and knowledge to build I.E.D.’s and to defeat law enforcement techniques, He like our government are now are calling veterans terorrists.

    • Cracker122049

      If they are returning vets that like to kill they are hired as cops and sheriffs.If they are returning vets that love their country and believe in what the Constitution says they are called Terrorist. The feds have said this for a long time especially with their actions but even with their words!

    • Undecider

      The people who will be doing the building of IEDs, at least initially, will be the false flaggers. The veterans would likely be doing it defensively AFTER being pushed.

  • matism

    Piggy might want to take a look at Las Vegas and understand what happens to corrupt “Law Enforcement” maggots. They don’t SLEEP in these MRAPs, do they?

  • SEKPrepper

    Just trying to intimidate the unwashed masses! I don’t think its working!

    • JeesseeJ

      IDK, history says otherwise and since our unwashed masses cant read or write… I don’t think they know much about history. They already grovel at the feet of their masters and the ones that don’t are shown as the enemy. I think the masses are owned lock, stock and barrel. Just ask Thomas Parker, he’s a perfect example of the tools in the shed being a little dull.

      • SEKPrepper

        Great point, @JeesseeJ:disqus. I should have said “it is not working on the Patriots/Preppers/Thinkers!”

  • John

    LOL Willimantic Ct. is in the middle of nowhere

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    That my friend is the facts of life as they really are.

    If you ride in the get away car you are still a thief!

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    Glowing red with fire would be nice Andy,sticky fire with Styrofoam in it would be best.

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    Good MAN Dave!

  • crazy2medic

    The government is prepositioning these things when the first shot is fired in the American Revolution II they will take these back from the police dept’s

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    Also look up EFP, better know how!

  • Mamzer-11th generation

    Make the sheriff have to pay for all fuel and maintenance for that vehicle out of his pocket

  • Undecider

    As sickening as it was to stay, America would be better served if you forced THEM to leave.

  • charlie tango

    They consider trampling our rights and property an act of war.
    They aren’t totally stupid.

  • Rick E.

    It’s a “war zone” only because law enforcement makes it that way! (by their actions, reactions, and their own perspectives).