“She is lying”: New Wikileaks Clinton Revelations as Early as Next Week, Assange Says Hillary Knew “C” Meant “Confidential” on Emails

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by Stefanie MacWilliams

In an interview on Fox News show Hannity, Julian Assange of Wikileaks has finally given a more definitive timeline to long awaited further “significant” information they will be releasing on Hillary Clinton before the November election.

The information will be released in “batches,” and Assange says he is “confident that the first batch will be released reasonably soon”. He goes on to state that “teasers” may be available to the public as early as next week.

When asked by Sean Hannity whether or not it was difficult to hack these documents, Assange took the opportunity to go on the offensive, stating that it was “absolutely incredible” for Clinton to lie regarding not knowing that the bracketed (C) stood for a classified document. He repeated emphatically that “She is lying”.

Assange proceeded to hold up a document on air showing which showed Hillary herself sent a document with such a classification marking, stating that it was only one of thousands of examples.

The interview also included an allegation by Assange that the Obama administration has prosecuted more journalists under the Espionage Act than all other administrations in history combined.

These words of indictment from Wikileaks come on the heel of a difficult start to the week for the Clinton campaign, where a major CNN poll has revealed she is losing her lead over Donald Trump, as Planet Free Will has previously reported.

Watch the full interview below:

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