Watch This Protester Throw a Sex Toy at a Politician for Supporting TPP

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Despite being universally hated by almost everyone who knows about it, President Obama went ahead and authorized the signing of the TPP treaty this week. But it’s important to remember that this treaty isn’t just unpopular among Americans. There are just as many haters living in the other countries that are involved in the treaty.

For example, over a thousand people protested the deal in New Zealand on Thursday, despite the Prime Minister’s assurances that it “will enhance the prosperity of our people” and that “New Zealand is proud to be involved in this whole process.” But the most scathing rebuke of the treaty occurred the next day in Auckland, when Economic Development Minister Steven Joyce was being interviewed about the TPP.

A woman threw a pink dildo at the minister’s face, and cried out “that’s for raping our sovereignty” before she was hauled away by security. As silly as it may be, when everything we know about this treaty is considered, it seems like an appropriate response.

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  • We will only know something about this treaty when we have it shoved up our…

    • Reverend Draco

      sex toy receptacles?

  • Reverend Draco

    I wonder if there’ll be a kickstarter/gofundme for her defense?
    I’d almost donate to something like that, just for her having such big brass balls. . .

    • Smarty

      I’m volunteering to replace her dildo, with hands on operational instruction for the new one of course….

      • Reverend Draco


  • Razedbywolvs

    A hero is born.

  • Smarty

    Notice how the cops that arrested her didn’t have guns on them, and therefore didn’t have the inclination to turn her into Swiss cheese? In fact, there was no tackling, no tazing, just a simple cuff and stuff…. And everyone will live to see another day….

    • Mr Gadget

      Like England, they don’t trust the regular police with guns in case they try to stand up against tyrannical rule.

      • They don’t all open carry, but they all are required to be armed.

        • Mr Gadget

          When did that change, or is a stick considered armed?

          • Armed has always meant in possession of a weapon of current military utility, as is meant in the Second Amendment, as written by the writers thereof. Sir Robert Peel’s Bobbies were traditionally unarmed until late in the last century, and there are a number of them that prefer to maintain the appearance of being unarmed unless they need to equalize the fight by pulling out the handguns they are required to carry.

          • Mr Gadget

            I couldn’t find much quickly, but it seems armed bobbies are the exception and not the rule.

          • That is exactly the consciousness that they want to maintain among the sheeple, by carrying concealed. Many American LEOs are required to be armed at all times, even in plain clothes, that it is plausible. It is very easy to conceal a handgun under a suitcoat, not so much cowboy garb, but many who carry open here are not LEOs, just citizens exercising their rights. A LEO will wear his badge on his belt, next to the firearm.

          • Mr Gadget

            I think you are giving far too much credit to a conquered submissive cesspool on it’s way down. Maybe they can recover by rejecting the commie EU plans of a no borders easy to control impoverished toilet, but since the citizens have been disarmed I have my doubts.

          • I don’t see the connection between our last two posts.

          • I spent a week in London in december 2003, and I had an opportunity to speak to several of London’s best on the street. I asked all of them about having heard that they were required to be armed (then) and all who would talk about it, told me the same thing. They aren’t happy about it, but they are allowed to carry concealed, so they can live with it.

          • Mr Gadget

            i guess the bbc in 2014 is wrong then

          • The BBC is a propaganda operation like ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, Fox, MS/NBC, and CSPAN. The only difference is that they are part of the British government. They are never wrong. They tell us what they are told to tell us and move onto the next story. If you want to know what’s on the street, it is best to go look at the street for yourself.

          • Nexusfast123

            The UK has had roving response units for a long time that carry a range of weapons with police trained to use them. UK Police also carrying sub-machine guns at airports.

          • Mr Gadget

            I know about the “special” police units, which is kind of scary…federalized police. I spent many months traveling back and forth from Germany to the UK in the late 70’s through the 80’s it has always been in a constant terror threat state and they have brought the same to America…both using false flag operations. Nothing like traveling through the tubes reeking of fire and a little burn’t flesh after an attack. The airports literally had tanks and armored personnel carriers in the streets and they were checking bags like a police state back then. Truly, it was/is right out of Orwells “1984”. Being stationed in Germany, everyone knew someone that died over Lockerbie, because the UK was a central hub to travel back to the states.
            The same has all been brought to America….everything…and it is going to get worse and it’s all been planned.

    • Bobbies didn’t carry guns until very recently, and many of them refuse to open carry, still.

  • kirkpatrick

    Dildos for the cure!

  • breakawaymotorsports .

    Hitting a dick with a that’s funny!


    The treaty is not US law if and until the US Senate approves it. Obamacrap’s signature on it means shit.

    • The same sort of situation exists in the case of executive orders and CFR, as well. Most Americans are so ignorant of the law that they will believe anything written by a bureaucrat is a law.

  • disqus_tKUiAezKl2

    WE voted for the democrats and republicans who have betrayed us, again and again and again. Even now, we do nothing. The bravest person is a woman throwing a dildo. It’s on us.

  • Enhance prosperity of our people really means enhance prosperity of politicians

  • TanDaLayO

    I just spoke with several men, or heads of households in Australia. They assure me that they are not unarmed. You need a hunter’s license in Oz..and you can store your guns and ammo at home like normal people. Many are armed and ready to defend their families..if needed…