“Sex Jihad”: Top German Prosecutor Angrily Confirms Majority of New Year’s Eve Rapists WERE Refugees

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Cologne lawyer Ulrich Bremer angrily condemned false stories that only three of the men accused of mass sexual assaults in Cologne, Germany on New Year’s Eve were refugees.

The stories, like this one in known propaganda factory Think Progress, were reportedly disinformation spread online by proponents of immigration, including a senior United Nations official, to downplay the severity of the situation and take the focus away from asylum seekers.

Mr. Bremer blasted the lies, noting the “overwhelming majority fall into the general category of refugees”, the Express reports:

“They have various legal statuses, including illegal entry, asylum-seekers and asylum applicants. That covers the overwhelming majority of suspects.”

Breitbart noted that HuffPo also not only lied but called these lies “facts,” which isn’t all that surprising considering the outlet’s ties to pro-immigration billionaire George Soros:

The Huffington Post claimed: “two Syrians and one Iraqi had been detained by police as part of their inquiries, contrary to the hysteria caused by headlines which accused hordes of refugees of masterminding the assault,” while the Independent, which recently announced it was going “online only” due to a slump in newspaper sales, exclaimed: “Majority of suspects are of Algerian, Tunisian or Moroccan descent and none had recently arrived in Germany, police have reportedly said”.

The HuffPo’s tweets were titled: “The Facts Behind Cologne Sex Attacks Make Awkward Reading For Refugee-Bashers”.

But police said no such thing, with the Associated Press clarifying the statement from Bremer…

So much for the “facts”…

The cover up of this horrific event and others like it by European authorities and mainstream media outlets the world over has been nothing short of appalling, as the Express continued:

The city’s chief of police was unceremoniously sacked for his shocking incompetence in handling the crisis after it emerged that officers had stood by for more than four hours before intervening to help the desperate women being attacked.

For more than FOUR HOURS the police allowed this to happen and then everyone tried to cover it up afterwards, from the town mayor on down to the media. When that didn’t work, they tried to downplay it, blatantly lying about the numbers. Finally when that didn’t work, the media tried to only count refugees specifically from Syria and Iraq and no other refugees, which simply makes no sense.

Here are the numbers so far. A total of 1,075 criminal complaints have been filed in Cologne following the New Year’s Eve incident; of these, 467 involve sexual crimes. Of the 73 suspects identified, there are 30 Moroccans, 27 Algerians, four Iraqis, three Syrians, three Tunisians, three Germans, one Libyan, one Iranian and one from Montenegro.

Even if the media did decide to only count those men from Iraq and Syria, seven is still not three, and these are just the suspects they have identified so far. Investigation of nearly 1,100 complaints takes time. Only one of the men suspected of a sex crime that night is currently in custody so far, by the way.

This was a full-blown cover up. Sadly, as mass immigration is forced upon Europe and the rest of the world in the name of a New World Order to create “one world,” more stories like this are continuing and will continue to trickle out, despite an organized attempt at all levels to hide what’s really going on.

On the other side of the fence, protesters are referring to this as a “sex jihad” being waged against western women; Deputy-leader Tatjana Festerling of the far-right group Pediga which started the “rapefugees” protest, controversially said migrants trying to enter Germany “should be shot” in an interview where she warned that everyone should “fight the Islamisation of Europe”.

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  • frankw

    Festerling has the right idea, but unfortunately, not the means to carry out her wishes. Too bad Europe. So how is that “civilized” disarmament working out for you?

  • Zaphod Braden

    Great video — http://investmentwatchblog.com/refugee-resettlement-tool-to-dilute-culture-destroy-economy-screw-americans/
    Do NOT donate to any church. The Lutheran, Catholic, and Jewish “Social Services” are being given YOUR tax dollars to import these savages. Check out heir web pages, they BRAG about what they are doing.

    • not all Lutheran churches are for the jihadis. Mine for example is largely tea party…granted, my ancestors were huguenots, but still…the ones in europe, however? not surprising…SJWs

  • Reverend Draco

    If you can’t get your hands on a gun. . . baseball bats, cricket bats, tire irons, kitchen knives, hedge clippers, garden shears. . . all make excellent weapons.

    • Dunno y

      Machete. First and foremost. Acid sprays. Glass shooters.ball bearings.Monsanto in buckets. Your being to kind. Try living in a country without guns yet your police carry them on hips. You become very inventive. We got the incentive.

      • Reverend Draco

        I just figured things that the average person probably has around the house. . .
        Machetes are a great idea.

        • Dunno y

          I probably broke rule 101. Never give them our trade secrets. Yeah chlorine pellets mixed with some salt shake it up and run will make a nice little concussion bomb. Whip cables for big scale rioting. But yes around the home. There is heaps of brilliant stand off tactics they fear. Glass panels on the entry point roofs tied to a rope so you can slide them off the roof onto their heads. Molitoff coctails and Greek fire. And my fav poisons if they still get me I still have got them :))).

  • L Garou

    And while they’re at it, how about start calling those black African miscreants, cretins and goblins Africans, instead of Muslims.
    They’re about as Muslim as I am.

  • Jerry Hamilton

    Has anyone seen an actual sexual attack on youtube?
    I see lots of accusations but no evidence.

  • Dunno y

    Sex jihad lol. 30-40 dudes went on a rampage forming a one way grope path that girls had only one way to get through. A few spun off to the side but were bailed up oh no dare say other refugees. Police stood by did nothing. The heroes were the other refugees who were the ones with the help of other local lads that got it over these psychopaths. Robberies took place else where but thats common occurrence anywhere in the world. 1100 cases and only 7 suspects. Hahaha. So how many girls truly got sexually assaulted were long jail terms would apply.?? Anyway destabilization is sure doing its job. Really you got to admire such handy work..

  • fedup taxpayer

    the cult of islam uses rape to spread the peaceful message of their pedophile prophet. Any member of this cult is always loyal to the cult and will do whatever the teaching tell them to do.

  • Sadly it’s not only “backwards Muslims” although clearly this is a clash of cultures and civilisations. If it takes violence ( eg religious police in Saudi ) to prevent certain members of society from raping others, then you move people from that violent head and hand chopping culture to a free Western democracy, you will get a freak show of murder and debauchery as recently witnessed in Europe. It’s unavoidable as these people are taught morality is hiding your women, instead of respecting them as human beings. Uncovered women are “fair game” in certain eyes. Now consider Switzerland. Anyone foreign is fair game for rape and torture by the police. Unbelievable yet true. Read my story here before you set foot in that evil place, the Swiss government and ISIS are equally immoral. http://www.actionsuisse.com/story and some recent Swiss human rights abuses here http://www.areyouseriouslyinsane.com/swiss_shame/swiss_police_target_innocent_foreigners